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Project 2018-05-18 16:24:49 +1200

Hey guys, hope you like the clickbait!
Due to being unable to work (My spinal/nerve problems are back, not so yay!) I'm jumping back into making stuff happen in the community and getting my shop re-branded (Calling it the ZR Klub) and open again for people to come in and use!

Things I'll be offering is of course stuff for sale, but I'll also be turing it into a bit of a dry bar / hangout space, setting up a mini stage for the likes of open mic night, etc!

I need a little help to get it off the ground, so I'm making content on FB, YouTube and sound cloud, organising events, etc, and of course, I'm going to be running a couple of fundraisers, part of that is going to be cutting off my dreaded side plat (aka, the rats tail), or more to the point auctioning the cutting of it off to some wonderful person out there (who clearly can't appreciate my sense of style) !
I'll also be setting up a "Wall of Thanks" in the shop for the names of my supporters to go on, and other cool things like that.

Can you help me?
I've never properly done something like this before and I'd love to finally be able to do what I love, running a place where people can come in (espically young folks), chillout with a drink and have some good yarns!

If you want to know more about the ZR Klub and the Zealanida Rising project, please cheek out this note on our facebook page:

So! Details!
Where does the Money go?
Due to having to stop work suddenly in April, I have a collection of existing stock and expenses that I need to pay for that total around $1500.
Cost of re-branding, signage, sign writing is going to cost about $400-$600.
Cost of improvements that I want to finish making (the Bar, Stage, Seating, Shelving, etc) is going to cost around $1500-$3000 (as I already have a lot set up and paid for most of what is currently in there).
Costs for restocking (as most of the stock that is in there is either now dated or not in line with what I'm turning the shop into) is the most expensive at around $2000-$4000.
Then there are the Crowdfunding Fees and marketing costs which I'm estimating are going to punch in around the $500-$600 mark.
All in all, I'm gunning to raise a minimum of $3800, but ideally $6000.00 NDZ for this project!

Hopefully we raise more as the more that is raised, the more awesome stuff we can do with the shop, and then plus some!

Who am I?
In a nutshell, I'm Solomon Tor-Kilsen (Sol or TK for short), I'm 26 and I've lived in Timaru on and off since I was 16 and have really fallen in love with the place and the people that live here! Since I was 16 I recognized the need for somewhere for young people to spend time off the street, in the presence of Non-Judgmental adults that can be called on for guidance if and when needed.
And since the age of about 20 I have worked on and off to get some sort of a Hangout or Youth Centre up and running in Timaru, unfortunately due to being young myself and having a lack of resources and time (outside of a number of public events), it all come to very little success.
However, now being a bit older and a little wiser with an unlimited amount of time (due to my spinal health issues) and the fact that I already hold the lease for a shop, I am now giving this project another go and I'd really appreciate your help!
The project will be run through the company that I hold the lease under, the Timaru Youth Initiative Limited (To be Trading as the "Zealandia Rising (ZR) Klub" ), of which I am the director.

Who are we reaching out to?
The 14 to 35 year old's of Timaru, South Canterbury and those who support them (Parents, Grandparents, Support Persons). However, as we are working on making Zealandia Rising a New Zealand wide organisation,
we eventually want to reach anyone under 35 around the Country!



The People Behind Help Solly Get a Hair Cut!

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Solomon Tor-Kilsen Project admin

I've been involved in working to make the world a better place since I was a teenager, be through setting up community activities or events, to mentoring Youth struggling with navigating the new life of "Adulting".

My passion is for New Zealand, its families, its youth, its environmental and its future!

I want to help make a lasting difference in the world, and be part of a growing army of people, seeking to make it a better place and a place we would want to leave to our children and grandchildren!

I look forward to walking this journey along side you!


    Update on the work done so far, but we're now out of money to go further! NEED HELP!

    08:41PM Sun 03/06/18 on Help Solly Get a Hair Cut!

    Hey folks! This is where we've got to, but we've pretty much run out of funds to go further at this point!
    If you want to see this happen, please share this page around and consider cashing into one of those rewards on the right >>>
    Love you all!
    The Bar
    Seat and StageSeatStage

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    We re live!

    11:28AM Fri 25/05/18 on Help Solly Get a Hair Cut!


    Hey folks! we are offically live and I would really appricate any help to promote this campagn! Please just hit the share button and pass it around! You guys are awesome!

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