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Project 2018-05-03 10:29:16 +1200

We are The Whiskey Show, a hard rock band from Wellington and we need your help to make our debut record (as yet untitled but more on that later) a reality.

We have put a load of our own money, time and energy in to getting this project off the ground. Check out our single Vengeance above, which we produced separately as a teaser to show the level of production and quality we are putting into this project.

‘Cool’ I hear you say.. ‘But what do you want from me??’

That’s easy.. We want you to get on board and pre-buy the record.

We are running this crowdfunding campaign as a way to presell our record and have some fun along the way with some cool rewards, which will not only let you hear the music before anyone else, but also a chance to be a part of its creation!

Our goal (simply) is to sell 225 hard copy limited edition CD’s for $20 each for a total of $4500.

The money will primarily go into studio recording sessions and distribution of the EP when it is released. Any extra will be routed into promotion and possibly production of a music video.

So please consider supporting the blooming NZ music scene and us, The Whiskey Show on our quest to release a damn fine rock record.

Thanks in advance for supporting us!
Halden, Dene, Will & Scott
The Whiskey Show


The People Behind The Whiskey Show - Debut Record

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Hey! Thanks for checking out this project. We haven't made any updates yet, follow us if you want to be notified when we do.


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    Christine Jeffery
    2018-05-04 15:45:39 +1200

    Christine Jeffery has pledged on 4 campaigns

    Jax Goss
    2018-05-04 13:59:47 +1200

    Jax Goss has pledged on 5 campaigns

    “Raven pledge below was me. Forgot to swap accounts. Also, I know it's Whiskey. Also, yes, I just pledged $5 more just so I could say this.”

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    The Patchwork Raven
    2018-05-04 13:51:32 +1200

    The Patchwork Raven has pledged on 1 campaign

    “Go Whisky Show!!”

    2018-05-04 13:24:13 +1200

    Jem has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Woohoo!!! I wanna be on your CD! 🤩😎 Good luck with the campaign, love Jem (FIIN, Mojo Alice)”

    Josh Hiroti
    2018-05-04 11:39:14 +1200

    Josh Hiroti has pledged on 1 campaign

    “Gobbies 4 everyone”

    Liam Yuile
    2018-05-04 11:35:25 +1200

    Liam Yuile has pledged on 1 campaign

    “This pledge only counts if you fire Will.”

    Kirsten Eriksen
    2018-05-04 11:15:10 +1200

    Kirsten Eriksen has pledged on 7 campaigns

    “I think i'll gift my reward to Greg... :) ”

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    Ant Mudgway
    2018-05-04 10:54:40 +1200

    Ant Mudgway has pledged on 1 campaign

    Jonathan Beaver
    2018-05-04 10:41:36 +1200

    Jonathan Beaver has pledged on 2 campaigns

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