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Project 2018-04-26 15:52:49 +1200


First of all, cancer sucks. 


Everyone has a connection with cancer. My connection is that I have lost two Grandmothers to cancer, and know many people in my community that have suffered from the disease.


Something that has been a huge part of my life, along with my family's, is music. I have grown up in a family of musicians, my parents being both music teachers and performers themselves. Right from their childhood, they learned to play instruments under the guidance of their own parents. 


Music is something that has been passed down to me through family, and I think it’s an incredibly special gift to inherit, as music has the ability to heal and connect others.



Cool, but what actually is this?

To support families and patients affected by cancer, I am creating a short album of 5 songs surrounding the theme of hope. I will be writing my own songs, as well as collaborating with well known and respected kiwi musicians to bring this project to life such as;


Jamie McDell, Jordan Luck, Rikki Morris and Kaylee Bell


My goal is to work together with the Cancer Society to improve the well-being of all those affected by cancer and bring light to the amazing work the Cancer Society do in our communities. 


There are so many sad, but also joyous stories that need to be told. So a huge feature of this album is the stories I have collated from those who have had experiences with cancer.


Stan Walker, Jake Bailey, and Lorraine Downes just to name a few!



Where is this pledge money going?

As you can imagine, an album like this comes at a cost.


Every cent raised here will go on to help me fund the following;

- Hire of recording facilities

- Travel expenses to Auckland for writing and recording

- Album design

- CD mastering, duplication, etc.


Along with so many more niggly little costs that all come into the creation of an album.



An album of hope, to inspire joy, faith, and happiness.

I would be thrilled if you were willing to donate even the smallest amount, as every cent is going towards supporting this passion of mine and the Cancer Society.



Hope is grief’s best music.


Caitlin Joy


The People Behind Album of HOPE for Cancer

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    Mark Reeve
    2018-06-21 22:06:42 +1200

    Mark Reeve has pledged on 1 campaign

    “Great initiative Caitlin! Awesome work, great cause!”

    Graham Balfe
    2018-06-20 19:07:35 +1200

    Graham Balfe has pledged on 5 campaigns

    “Good luck Caitlin, gonna be an awesome project :)”

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    Anonymous pledger
    2018-06-18 18:31:07 +1200

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    Felicity Jane
    2018-06-18 18:29:48 +1200

    Felicity Jane has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Such an awesome idea Caitlin! Great cause to raise funds and awareness for. Well done and good luck with the album! Miss Caldwell ”

    Ann Hough
    2018-06-18 17:47:03 +1200

    Ann Hough has pledged on 2 campaigns

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    Jane Sullivan
    2018-06-17 21:19:23 +1200

    Jane Sullivan has pledged on 1 campaign

    “I love what you are doing Caitlin. All the best and I’m sure you’ll reach your target. Go Girl ❤️”

    Rose Regenvanu
    2018-06-17 21:08:52 +1200

    Rose Regenvanu has pledged on 1 campaign


    Hannah Rowan
    2018-06-16 18:53:02 +1200

    Hannah Rowan has pledged on 18 campaigns

    “Great project - I hope you get your Funding!”

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    Sugrue Family
    2018-06-15 16:08:53 +1200

    Sugrue Family has pledged on 3 campaigns

    “All the best! ”

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    Cheryl Blanchard
    2018-06-14 18:49:00 +1200

    Cheryl Blanchard has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “So honoured and delighted to be part of this Caitlin....Cheers CB”

    Cindy Perry
    2018-06-14 17:39:12 +1200

    Cindy Perry has pledged on 2 campaigns

    Michael Quinn
    2018-06-14 16:35:19 +1200

    Michael Quinn has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Wishing you all the luck in the world Caitlyn you bring so much happiness into so many lives keep it up 😊”

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    Anonymous pledger
    2018-06-14 15:57:16 +1200

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