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 God is doing exciting things in our Diocese, and as a God who promises to keep transforming us, we know the best is yet to come!



A number of people in our whanau of the Anglican Diocese of Wellington have felt the prophetic call to engage deeply in prayer, and to encourage others to pray regularly. We believe as part of this call that God is asking us to provide a vehicle for anyone to borrow which can act as a mobile prayer room across the Diocese.


A few weeks ago, that call came to reality when a converted ambulance became available to us in a miracle way. There is deep beauty in the idea of a vehicle used to treat people’s bodies being repurposed to a vehicle that will feed and nourish people’s souls and continue to be a place of healing. It is our hope that this will provide both inspiration and a safe space for those who are new to faith to explore prayer as well as being an opportunity for seasoned prayer warriors to embed prayer in their places of mission, and together to grow more deeply as the family of God.


We have named our new vehicle the Prayer Ambulance and we see it being available for free hire by you and your mission unit in two ways:


1.      As a temporary, mobile 24-7 prayer space for your parish or group. We have been totally inspired by the 24-7 Prayer Movement and believe God can work powerfully through this type of prayer. 


2.      As a vehicle for your parish or group to provide intercession for your community at local festivals, hospital, school fair, university, or just outside your church for anyone passing by. You’ll also see it in action at festival faith-based events such as New Wine, Easter Camp etc. 




The ambulance will be free to borrow (though you will need to cover fuel costs). It will be kitted out with prayer resources so that when you borrow it, you can find what you need to set up easily. It is already booked in to be launched outside our Mother Church, Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, on Thursday 10 May, which is the start of our global Anglican church’s ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ week of prayer.


So…. to get this project underway, we need to cover the cost of the purchase and fit out of the vehicle. We are looking to raise $20,000 to cover the ambulance purchase, minor repairs, design and sign writing work and providing of prayer resources. Legendary artist Joe McMenamin will be painting up the exterior with some awesome, invitational designs - check out his stunning design concepts in the photos.


We really value your prayers for this project, and encourage you to book the ambulance for your parish or event. But...if you also feel called to contribute financially, we would be so grateful! There are a heap of great rewards we have put together, as well as the incentive that if we reach the full amount, both Bishop Ellie and project coordinator Richard Apperley will do their own 'leap of faith' sky dive together! 


We are so happy to talk through the project with you and give you more information or answer questions. Please feel free to be in touch via email at [email protected], via our Facebook page, or phone Richard on 021 0200 7113. 



Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to seeing what God has in store as we deepen our prayer lives together!



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    We're nearly there!

    10:08PM Mon 28/05/18 on Prayer Ambulance

    Hey guys! We are getting pretty close to our target - only just under $6,000 to go. Here's Bishop Justin encouraging you to help get this ministry over the line (even if he did get the total sum wrong!). Thank you so much for your support - we'd be grateful if you could share as widely as you can to help us reach the target.



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    Lord's Prayer - Carissa Corlett

    03:28PM Wed 23/05/18 on Prayer Ambulance

    This is the stunning artwork of the Lord's Prayer we're offering as a reward - yet another reason to donate! Many thanks if you have donated already. We're still quite a long way from reaching our target, and only have 8 days left. Please share this campaign with your friends to help this exciting new ministry!


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      “An ambulance is an essential part of all good Health services.”

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      “wish you all the best for the campaign, and if you don't make it on time, the money is for the prayermobile anyway xx ”

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