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The Tiny Window app.  A realtime community of support app for people struggling with internet porn addiction.

Internet pornography is no respecter of social position.  From prison inmates to church pastors, road workers to solicitors, beneficiaries, school teachers, police, and politicians, men, and woman, young and old.  It seems to thrive on a pervading hunger to fill a growing emptiness and feeling of powerlessness which can affect anyone, anywhere and its outcomes can be devastating for families and businesses.  We know that there is no one “silver bullet” to help solve the problem but we believe that we have found something new to add to the arsenal which will help many people who struggle with internet pornography.

Why “The Tiny Window”.

Other than being just a curious sounding name The Tiny Window is based on a theory born out of my own personal experience and battle with internet porn.  As a professional working full time online, I have often found myself tempted to go places I would rather not go.  At times this has unleashed what I’d call “addictive-like” behaviour.  I’ve spent a lot of time unpacking the thought patterns which take place just prior to an episode and I’ve discovered that there’s a few seconds when the “moral and rational me” battles with the “base and impulsive me”.  My belief is that during those few highly charged and emotional seconds (what I like to call The Tiny Window) is a place where behaviour change can take place. 

Many are vulnerable.

Many people work all day long on their computers and often in secluded environments. This might be at a church, a business place, or for those like myself from a home-based office.  Much of this work time is unsupervised and therefor there is a great deal of freedom.  For a certain percentage the temptation can be overwhelming and the consequences devastating. 

The mobile device app. 

It is our aim to build the desktop app first (that's why we've called this campaign "phase one") and then move quickly into the mobile device app.  Any additional funds raised over and above the $25k target will automatically be channelled into the mobile app build.

How it works.

The Tiny Window app once dowloaded will appear on the users desktop as a simple icon. If at anytime during the day the user feels tempted to view explicit materials, instead of clicking on one of those site links they simply click on The Tiny Window app icon.  Clicking on the icon opens up a chat box on the users desktop and corresponding chat boxes on the desktops of other active members.  The other members will recieve a message saying like "Mr Tee (usernames recommended) needs a little help".  That's an opportunity for those other members to jump in with text messages of support and encouragement.  This community support represents a new and real reward and can lead to lasting behaviour change.  

The Tiny Window app has the potential to help thousands live with integrity, hope, self respect and dignity.  Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
Rob Greaney


The People Behind The Tiny Window App (phase one)

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My background is in creative design.  My wife and I develop learning materials and experience so that the learner has a positive and often wildly fun time as they learn new stuff.  Often this stuff has been around lifesaving key messages so it's critical to help those messages remain firmly in the minds of those learners.  One example was a 30 minute film for children in Fiji to learn how to prepare for cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis etc.  We produced the film in a classroom over a week and then set about creating some animated characters which we insterted into the classroom along with the children.  The effect was stunning and the Ministry of Education decided to increase their initial order of 500 DVDs to 1500 so that all the schools in Fiji coulld have a copy.

We love to try to get into the minds of the learner and see what makes them tick and what gets them excited.

We're super excited about the Tiny Window because it offers an opportunity to change behaviour during that Tiny Window of indecision.  We're capitalising on the very mechanics which make using porn easy to offer a better option.
The science is good and the results copuld be spectacular.


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