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Project 2018-02-07 10:14:50 +1300

Error 2.0 Beta is a short film based on a film, I made back in high school named Error 2015, That was based off 2 brothers and their best friend, the older brother decided to download some illegal software to his laptop. Little did he know that that software would come out of the computer in a murderous rampage. It killed both the brothers then the best friend killed all 3 with his phone. 

Error 2.0 Beta has been upgraded so you could say, There is now a gay couple Cory and Sam and their best friend Marnie, Cory and Sam get drunk one night before Cory has to go to class, Cory wakes up the next day feeling crappy and awful but he heads to class anyway, he has trouble paying attention and makes plans to hangout with Sam and Marnie after class but he gets in trouble and has to stay behind and complete some work, Sam and Marine decied to stay behind and help by getting drunk but really arnt much help. Cory downloads some software onto his laptop and it infects the school server and the virus becomes airborne and infects the school janitor, The janitor makes his way down to the classroom were he kills Cory and the janitor and Cory chase Sam and Marnie through the school. Marnie gets injured and Sam has to drag her outside, Sam gets so upset by seeing Cory like this and asks Marnie to Kill them both together as Sam cannot live without Cory.


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