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Nano 7

The professional coffee roaster. For your home.

The Kaffelogic Nano 7 lets you roast artisan-quality coffee at home, and it can be as simple or personalised as you want it to be. 

Nano 7

Our story

The secret of great coffee is great beans, roasted to perfection.

Unfortunately, roasted coffee beans stay really fresh for a week at best, and even the best grinder and coffee maker can’t compensate for a lack of freshness. 

Green coffee beans stay fresh for six months. The best coffee houses know that if you roast your beans as and when you need them you are assured of freshness. But what if you want to roast coffee at home? 

Coffee loving engineer Chris Hilder couldn’t find a home roaster that gave him the control of the roast he needed, so he did what all true enthusiasts would do: he made one himself. In fact, Chris has spent the last four years developing and refining a home roaster that delivers perfectly roasted coffee beans at the touch of a button. 

When the roasted coffee exceeded even Chris’ stringent standards, it was time to bring his professional grade home roaster to the thousands of coffee professionals and coffee lovers out in the world. 

Pouring out freshly roasted coffee



Kaffelogic is based in Otago, New Zealand. Our products are hand assembled in our Dunedin factory, ensuring the best quality and durability possible.

A microprocessor controlled intelligent roasting system allows using the Nano 7 to be as straightforward, or as precisely customised, as you want it to be: world-class roasts at the touch of a button. 

Kaffelogic designed for daily, hassle-free use in the home 

Pouring beans into the roaster

the production machines will have black trim, not white as shown here

Easy to use

Use is as simple as pouring a measure of your choice of green coffee beans into the roasting chamber, choosing your roast level according to how dark you like it, and pressing start. The pre-set roasting profile does the rest and in 15 minutes you will have a batch of gorgeously aromatic, fresh-roasted beans - 100g, enough to make around 6 espresso double shots or 10 cups of plunger coffee. 

Green coffee beans, ready to roast, are readily available in NZ from a number of suppliers. See our FAQ for links to supplier websites.

If you want to take things further

A roast profile is like a recipe that tells the machine exactly how and when to heat and cool the beans. The built-in roast profile makes an excellent job of most types of green bean, but when you are ready to take the next step you will start looking for the optimal profile to go with your latest purchase of green beans.

You can begin by trying out some profiles that come from the green bean supplier, or the Kaffelogic website, or our on-line community. You can download profiles from the Internet and transfer them to the coffee roaster on a USB memory stick. This lets you invest in some of the more expensive specialty beans with confidence that you can roast them correctly first time. The Nano 7 uses a profile to replicate the same roast time and time again - it is the hi-fi of coffee roasters.

Screenshot of profile editor software

For the true enthusiast, the Nano 7 comes with powerful and easy to use software tools. If you wish to do so, these tools allow you to create your own roast profiles and customize every element of time and temperature in the roast’s complex thermal and chemical process. The accuracy with which the Nano 7 follows the profile means it can be a professional tool for sample roasting and teaching - but it’s equally at home in your kitchen.

Be one of the Nano 7 initial early adopters and be part of Kaffelogic’s future development

An ongoing enhancement programme for the Nano 7 is planned. Firmware upgrades will be available for free download, and hardware upgrades will be available from the factory. The roaster is designed to be fully serviceable, all components are replaceable, and spare parts will likewise be available from our factory in the unlikely event they are required. 

If you participate in this offer, beyond claiming a superb roaster for a great price, you will be contributing to an exciting New Zealand start-up company designing and manufacturing niche home appliances in Dunedin. 

For the technically minded, you can read the product specifications here.

The FAQs about the performance of the Nano 7 are listed here

The deal

Kaffelogic is offering the first 150 of the Nano 7 roaster to the public at a price substantially below the anticipated recommended retail. 

As an early adopter you will be funding the final stages in the preparation for manufacturing. 

What your money will go to:

  • Standards compliance certification. We have already had a preliminary assessment, so we are confident that the product is compliant, but the mandatory certification process is costly.
  • Making tooling - like the injection moulds being made by JTech in Mosgiel.
  • The purchase of parts including electronic components, motor, heating elements, and the beautiful stainless-steel case, being made by Farra Engineering in Dunedin.

What you get as backer:

  • The Nano 7 coffee roaster. To be shipped in September 2018.
  • A collection of roasting profiles, created by world-class professional roasters.
  • The software tools to create your own roast profiles, if you wish to
  • Access to the on-line community of Nano 7 owners. 
  • The opportunity to take part the development of the Nano 7 by giving feedback on the product.
  • As an initial early adopter you will get special pricing for upgrades and enhancements. 


electronics design to control heat and fan


development of PID control software
user interface design

roast profile development
production of research prototype

beta testers
design for manufacturing

January/February - user evaluation
March - PledgeMe launch
April - order components
May - tool making
June/July - assembly

August - electrical certification

September - shipping to early adopters


Consumer NZ

Paul Smith, Head of Testing, Consumer NZ

“I trialled a prototype and found it amazingly simple to use. ... With little knowledge of coffee roasting, I was able to create my own variations and no undrinkable or even mediocre brews. It’s a simple entry to the world of coffee roasting.” Read full article

Paul Smith, Head of Testing, Consumer NZ

Ripe Coffee Roasters, Petone

Ripe Coffee Company

Chris from Kaffelogic came to Ripe Coffee last week to demonstrate his coffee roaster. Ripe Coffee was the perfect test ground for the Kaffelogic Coffee Roaster as we have a solid background in coffee roaster development and coffee evaluation. We are amazed at the potential of this little roaster. The 4 years of development has produced a high-tech roaster that anyone can use. The ability to produce profile roasted coffee in a home roaster has always been a challenge; the Kaffelogic Coffee Roaster has set a new benchmark for home roasters.

Jason Hall, Owner and Director, Ripe Coffee

the award-winning Artisan Roasters, Kuala Lumpur

Michael Wilson

The Nano 7 gives me a way to test profiles for a coffee more consistently and at 2% of the cost of my smallest roaster - I’ve thrown away coffee from a single test roast that cost more than this roaster. With the Nano 7, I can put a coffee through 10 profiles and have only used a little over 1 kg. We get enough roasted coffee per batch to cup over several days or brew several times using different parameters. Now I can experiment with profiles that I’ve never dared try on a production roaster.

Michael Wilson, of Artisan Roast UK, Artisan Roastery Malaysia, Seniman Kakao Malaysia. Author of 'Coffee for the Mildly Obsessed - the Barista Manual'. Roasters: 2 x Diedrich IR5, 1 x Toper TKM-SX30, 1 x Loring S15, 1 x US Roaster Corp Millennium 12kg.

Vanguard Coffee, Dunedin

I had the pleasure of being at this demo and testing the capabilities of this little machine, let me say I was incredibly impressed and won't hesitate to get my own one.

Jason Moore, owner and operator, Vanguard Coffee

The Team

Team photo

left to right

Chris Hilder - product designer and programmer. Chris has been writing software for microcomputers since the halcyon days of the Apple II computer in the early 80's. Then he could get the computer to do anything but make the coffee. Now he has mastered the coffee making part too.

David Cohen - production adviser. David's background includes in excess of 25 years in product development, operations and project management in the electrical and electronics manufacturing industries. After that long in product development and engineering, an interest in good coffee was inevitable.

Rachel Elder - marketing adviser. Rachel was part of the team that seeded the successful OCHO PledgeMe campaign. She is also a Dunedin City Councillor. Rachel is part of the strong support network for local manufacturing in Dunedin. Her mantra, even before the first coffee of the morning kicks in, is “yes, we can!”

Our manufacturing partners

Farra Engineering, Dunedin – laser cutting and sheet metal

JTech, Mosgiel, Otago – plastic injection moulding

 Coffee on Sunday morning


The People Behind Kaffelogic Personal Coffee Roasting System

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Kaffelogic Ltd Project admin

Kaffelogic are manufacturers of a fully automated coffee roasting system for home use, designed and engineered in Dunedin, New Zealand.


    Last orders please

    02:16PM Tue 08/05/18 on Kaffelogic Personal Coffee Roasting System

    Campaign closing soon, the time remaining is


    All of the early adopter rewards have gone, but there are still rewards available so be in while you still can.

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    New rewards added

    12:01AM Thu 19/04/18 on Kaffelogic Personal Coffee Roasting System

    Kaffelogic Nano 7 Personal Coffee Roaster

    We've added some firepower to our rewards

    The new 5-pack "Mates Rates" and 10-pack "Igniter" rewards are a great way for you to get together with a group of friends and support this project, or, for potential retailers, a way to get a feel for retailing our product. If you want to talk it over before making a pledge phone or email me (contact details on our website).

    Kaffelogic Ltd are a group of New Zealanders committed to delivering a quality product. In addition you will receive advice, training materials, roast profiles, software updates, and servicing if required, all at no additional cost. Whether you pledge for one roaster or 10 you will be part of our early adopters group and we will work with you to ensure success with our product.

    -- Chris Hilder

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    Progress update

    08:23AM Sun 08/04/18 on Kaffelogic Personal Coffee Roasting System

    Since campaign launch our team have been busy.

    • Chris and Eryn were at the NZ Coffee Festival on March 23rd roasting coffee, talking with potential customers, and giving out around 100 samples of freshly roasted coffee.
    • We have been confirming exact dimensions of parts so we can can speed through final sign-off on the drawings for our NZ manufactured parts once this campaign closes.
    • We now have a licence to use the "NZ Made" kiwi logo.
    • We have added a new feature to the software that lets you record first crack and display development time ratio live during the roast. This feature was requested by a user earlier this year.
    • We will be in Christchurch 12th and 13th April doing demonstrations - contact us if you would like to see the Kaffelogic in action in Christchurch. 


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