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Project 2017-11-03 10:02:05 UTC

We are expanding our environmentally progressive business to go nationwide. We want all New Zealanders to have the ability to reduce and ultimately eliminate single use plastic from their life style so that together we can all live more sustainably. Our vision is to help make New Zealand an environmentally sophisticated society that sets an example to the rest of the world. We are changing the world by making waste free shopping stylish and convienient. 

GoodFor was started by James Denton early in 2017 out of frustration at how our society creates such an extreme amount of waste and no one seems to take responsibility. James was amazed that even in his own efforts to eliminate waste and more specifically, plastic waste from his life that there was not an easy, convienient and cost effective way to actually do so. So, James created GoodFor wholefoods refillery where shopping sustainably is easy and normal. Prior to opening, James' brother Paul joined him in the quest to clean up the planet and is now an integral part of expanding the business.

GoodFor was essentially designed by James who has really high standards and wanted to feel normal shopping in a sustainable manner. The store is really stylish and designed for bringing your own packaging and being able to get all your pantry needs in an easy, clean and fun manner. Customers are encouraged to bring their own jars and bottles to refill and GoodFor has an easy system that doesn't make you pay for the packaging weight. After being open since March, it turns out that the public loved the idea too as GoodFor has already had 30,000 customers through the door.

The fact that people have really got behind the concept urged James and Paul to move slightly quicker into expansion than originally planned but not to the point they think they will be under to much stress. It was always James' plans to expand throughout New Zealand so that everyone has access to waste-free shopping and now they are making their move to both setting up their second location and also offering franchises to people all over the country. 

The money that is raised from PledgeMe will first go towards helping getting Parnell up and running, including the signage, warehouse shelving and a garden out the front of the shop. The remaining amount of the money will help pay for the franchising set up expenses which are a huge cost to develop. 

The more money raised from the PledgeMe campagin, the faster these stores will be plotted all over the country and the sooner our society beings to reduce its plastic consumption.

GoodFor doesn't want to just take your money, they want to give you something of equal value in exchange, so the rewards are of equal value to the money pledged.

Lets change the world.





The People Behind GoodFor New Zealand.

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    2017-11-23 21:30:10 UTC

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    “GoodLuck! ”

    Tracey Creed
    2017-11-23 07:11:39 UTC

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    Deb Seddon
    2017-11-23 06:02:34 UTC

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    “Good luck .!!! Hope you get there !! ”

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    2017-11-22 22:38:35 UTC

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    Sarah Martin
    2017-11-22 19:21:42 UTC

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    “Best of luck with your venture!”

    Sophia Cuttriss
    2017-11-22 18:15:55 UTC

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    Angela Ford
    2017-11-22 11:11:19 UTC

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    “Good luck lads. Your doing a fantastic job at being above average humans ”

    Ben Kerr
    2017-11-22 09:43:56 UTC

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    “Good on ya mate ***”

    Alice Lipski
    2017-11-22 09:21:29 UTC

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    Hazel Rolston
    2017-11-22 06:37:00 UTC

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    “Keep up the good work”

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    2017-11-22 05:23:12 UTC

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    2017-11-22 00:15:02 UTC

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    Ashleigh Brown
    2017-11-21 23:32:56 UTC

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    2017-11-21 23:28:49 UTC

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    2017-11-21 21:43:56 UTC

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    2017-11-21 21:13:55 UTC

    Meegan has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Keep up the good work guys”

    Mishael Coulter
    2017-11-21 18:07:03 UTC

    Mishael Coulter has pledged on 6 campaigns

    “I've been shopping here for a few months now and I love that it allows me to cut my waste, and the staff are great. Love your work!”

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    Sharleen Kelly
    2017-11-21 12:33:47 UTC

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    “Keep up the great work!”

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    Michaela Johnstone
    2017-11-21 08:49:45 UTC

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    Paulina Giraldo-Perez
    2017-11-20 22:07:38 UTC

    Paulina Giraldo-Perez has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “Thank you for making this happen! You lot are amazing and I wish you (and all of us!) all the success to make this country waste free”

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    Ian Taylor
    2017-11-20 21:41:02 UTC

    Ian Taylor has pledged on 2 campaigns

    Mark Neal
    2017-11-20 19:50:05 UTC

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    “Keep the mojo flowing guys!”

    Phillip Hutchings
    2017-11-20 07:05:25 UTC

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    2017-11-19 20:19:21 UTC

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    Tissi Hendl
    2017-11-19 00:20:04 UTC

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    “Well done Jimmy! Love P&T x”

    Helen Harris
    2017-11-18 21:59:13 UTC

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    “Thanks for making 'real' change happen - keep up the awesome work!”

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    Stacey Beveridge
    2017-11-18 20:36:51 UTC

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    “Can't wait to see GoodFor in many more communities ”

    Scott D Mercer
    2017-11-18 18:58:09 UTC

    Scott D Mercer has pledged on 2 campaigns

    “It would be great if u could set up a store in Wellington! ”

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    Caitlin Murray
    2017-11-18 13:33:21 UTC

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    Reece Witters
    2017-11-18 10:23:34 UTC

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    “Love your work team!”

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