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the hot sauce 

We would love to travel back with the mighty trailer in tow to fill your bellies with the old classics of GUNPOWDER PORK, FOREST & FIELD and of new creations THE GRILLED REUBAN (new, as in we've never had it on the menu in Christchurch....not a new sammie we invented!)

We also have a few ideas where to pop up before Buskers gets underway. To make sure we are covering alot of land mass in Christchurch so all can eat.....think kitchen takeovers, farmers markets, city center....

All we really want is to see and feed you all again cause we miss you and your super powerful loyality and following : )

And cause how fun is Busker festival?? Christchurch you rock!!


What your money will go towards:


I wish we could put the trailer onthe plane and fly but alas no...

This is return for the cheapest one thats not sold out already!



Hopefully diesel...we're about to buy a new truck and well be travelling about 1000kms!



Driving the trailer is tough work. Well need to rest our heads one night on the way down so Rob can stay in Mantrol and drive rested.  


  • 'RENT' $600 (200 per week)

We're going to be bunking with friends and will offer them some money for power useage etc



We understand this cost we would normally cover as a usual event. But asking for help with it means we can make more sammies for you, have more time to prep extra tastie treats (like the brownie) and have that relaxed feeling that everything is going to be ok!


Some of you know us already...


Theres ROB the flavor saver who makes all the food and tweeks all the spice mixes so they tickel your tounge and dance in your bellies. He also gives pretty good banter right??



There's LAURA (thats me) who does all this organising, typing, email, organising, bill paying, organising and of course the kid rearing. Oh and remember when I used to take your orders?? Id like to do that again.

Then there's that Kid ATTICUS who gets all the likes on the facebook posts and keeps us all on our toes.

And last and never least will be our wonderful staff that help us make the sammies for ya bellies and put up with cooking kinda like were camping all the time : )



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    “How could we not help our fav people out! :) xxoo”

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    “Can't wait to have you guys back in Christchurch!”

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    “Can't wait!”

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