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About Running NZ Barefoot & Barechested

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My name's Dejay Davison. I'm 17 years young and I'm passionately and resolutely training towards running the entire length of NZ barefoot and bare-chested! Including detours through Arthur's Pass and Milford Sound. I hope to embark on the journey January 1st, 2013 and have it last 100 days. I don't want it to be titled as an 'feat of physical prowess', more so an adventure. I dream to inspire, illuminate and most importantly illustrate the beauty of adventure, physicality, nature and freedom through film, public speaking and journalism! Pollinate this perception and plant that seed of wonder, appreciation and adventure in all ages! That is my absolute dream, my burning desire, my purpose in life. I've just been down to Queenstown doing promotions and stunts with 'NZski' and the 'Minus 5 Ice Bar' obtaining content, association and publicity. Exemplifying my body's trainable tolerance against cold I had my 30 minute interview with Otago's 'Southland Times' in the Antarctic themed 'Ice Bar', which sat at -8 degrees; I had melted the ice chair slightly and was warmer than the people outside! I also had an interview with MoreFM explaining the scientific aspects of it all! The pledged money would go towards equipment for the run as I am hoping to spend as much time 'in the wild' as possible!

My agent has kindly got me in touch with journalists, filmmakers, reporters, event managers and photographers so i'm at the stage of advertising the feat for sponsorship and publicity to reach out and inspire as many people as possible! 


I strongly believe that being a teenager will allow me to inspire and induce the teen's of New Zealand and the world to appreciate life and nature! I will be taking pens, paper on the run to journalize the journey on a deep, creative and intellectual level while also capturing as much of it on camera and film. There will also be outside crews in certain parts capturing the experience from an outside perspective. I would love the element and experiences of the adventure to be portrayed and illustrated beautifully and powerfully in film and writing to really inspire and plant that seed! There's still a few logistics to get sorted in terms of publicity and sponsorship but I'm well on my way. The route's finally done! Failure cannot cope with persistence right?! This is of course, a journey of inner exploration - but communicating my learnings and my experience is just as important. I really feel in our modern times we are overlooking the true significance of looking after our bodies - they're the only place we've got to live! I am also a strong believer in humanity's innate connection with nature; the very indefinable, ingenious 'artist' behind our very existence, I think it has a lot to teach us physiologically and psychologically! I have obtained a TEDxYouth license to host a Youth orientated conference/event with the purposes of inspiring and inducing deeper thought and understanding. TED is a non-profit organization dedicated to 'ideas worth spreading'. 

I have always been a runner, for recreation over competition, for exploration over fitness. Sometimes topping 100k a week and invigorated at the sight of a mountain's solitude. This is my dream, this is my burning, torturous desire and passion to show the world that nature has much beauty, and much to teach! I full-heartedly appreciate any contributions in any form! 

"Look deeper into nature, and you will understand everything better"

- Albert Einstein 


The People Behind Running NZ Barefoot & Barechested

Avatar square Allen Sheehan Project admin

Hi, my name is Allen and I'm an ardent believer in the human spirit. 

I love that rare quality that drives some to challenge and confront, to endure and overcome by summonsing their ultimate strength and capacity. 

I believe in individuality and non-conformity in that it invokes others to think and asses their attitudes and efforts and hopefully inspire them to greater achievement, pushing us all to our next level. I also fervently contend that whatever your ability, unless you give everything, disappointment and discontent result.

I am from a corporate background in transport, management, photography and promotion but unfulfilled, I left and moved south to accord with nature, think clearly, find contentment, live healthily, love often and create impulsively. And it so works!

Peace :)


    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

    11:39PM Fri 30/11/12 on Running NZ Barefoot & Barechested

    Guys and girls, I want to thank you from the deepest crevasses of my being for taking time, money and thought out of your lives and offering me a part of you. Without your help this adventure wouldn't be possible; it has fueled my motivation and my strength and I thank you all tremendously for this opportunity. 
    Exactly one month until I embark... it seems surreal. 
    I've started seriously ticking off the equipment list (left a bit late I know!) but now I can really get to work with the finishing touches of what needs to be bought and done.
    I would love to arrange any Pledgeme promises with the pledgers; contact me at: 

    Thank you again, I promise, promise, promise, PROMISE I will not let you down. 
    I believe that a POV film in a country like this, with passion like this, with a TED talk like that, WITH A COUNTRY LIKE THIS.... that I can plant the seed and continue to find my path on this introspective journey. 

    Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary.

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    Approaching Sponsorship !

    02:07AM Wed 07/11/12 on Running NZ Barefoot & Barechested

    Just been back in Queenstown finishing through the final logistics of the run; getting a sponsorship inquiry folio and also making up some posters to advertise the feat and my Pledgeme! 

    Time explore what is possible and get as much contribution as possible!

    ((Passion x Talent) + Association + Action) + Faith = Success! 

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    Route Complete!

    02:09AM Wed 07/11/12 on Running NZ Barefoot & Barechested

    The route is completely finished! 

    It's very... VERY 'bushy' and challenging which is absolutely wonderful - that's what New Zealand all about right?! 
    Starting at Bluff, straying left the moment I reach Invercargill towards Fiorland, through some of the most scenic and renowned tracks of not just New Zealand, but the world! 
    I'm having some issues with uploading a photo of the planned route to this Pledgeme but I will try and get a URL or photo up shortly!

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