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Christchurch, we have an incredible opportunity to have our very own work by world-renowned sculptor, Ron Mueck.

Sandwiched between two earthquakes, Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu hosted the most popular exhibition the city had ever seen – over 135,000 visitors were wowed by an astounding collection of Mueck's sculptures...

Ron has only made 40 artworks in his life – and he's now agreed to make one just for Christchurch. The kicker? We don't know what Ron is making for us yet – and it may remain a mystery until the piece is complete. 

Ron Mueck Wild man 2005 Fibreglass resin, silicone, nylon, synthetic thread. Collection of McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery. Purchased by the Elisabeth Murdoch Sculpture Fund and the Balnaves Foundation

You're invited to get on board with the rest of our city to raise $207,000 in pledges. We've only got five weeks to make it happen. It's a big job – but if any city can do it, it's this one. 

Pledge big or small from 30 September until 5 November. We've got rewards for everyone who gives – from your name in The Press, Three Boys Brewery riggers, lapel pins, t-shirts and the opportunity to be one of the first to encounter Ron's sculpture as it emerges from the box.

Our mission is to raise a total of $1 million and we're already over halfway thanks to some remarkable supporters. Join our gang of frontrunners and pledge big or small to finish off the job.

This is where the real fun begins. Make sure you head over to our Facebook page and join the online cronversation. We’ve got lots planned, including Labour Weekend sausage sizzles, pledge parties and so much more. It’s going to be out of crontrol. 


Ron Mueck’s super-realistic sculptures are mind-blowing. Strikingly real-looking and emotionally powerful, they hit the heart in a way a lot of contemporary art doesn’t. His sculptures – most of which show the human figure – focus on universal experiences like birth, life and death, and on emotional states such as isolation, fear and tenderness. Some are larger than life, others much smaller – his startling manipulations of scale are key to our experience of his work.

The son of German-born toy-makers, Mueck worked as a model-maker and puppeteer for film and television in the UK before moving into fine arts in the 1990s. He is now undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous and best-loved sculptors.

The massive queue for Ron Mueck's exhibition at Christchurch Art Gallery in the summer of 2010/11





The People Behind Our Own Ron


    Less than five days to be On for Ron!

    04:23PM Tue 31/10/17 on Our Own Ron





    Thanks to your generous pledges we are up to $160,894 and look what dropped in to our lap…


    For one lucky pledge (and one lucky pledge only!) we have released a ONE OF A KIND Our Own Ron Vespa Sprint.


    Thanks to CMG Motorcycles and Vespa, and styling courtesy of Mod’s Hair, you’ll be the talk of the town in your new RONabout.


    We’re relying on you generous souls to spread the word and get your friends to give, whether it’s the $20 pledge to get their name in the paper or $15,000 to take ‘Ron’s Ride’ home.

    Please spread the word! This is nailbiting stuff...

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    We've hit $100,000 - but we still have a way to go!!

    03:26PM Wed 25/10/17 on Our Own Ron





    Dear Our Own Ron pledgers,


    Thank you. Thank you for coming on early to get us to over half way on the PledgeMe campaign! 


    As of today you are part of 228 pledges that have pledged have pledged $101 785 towards our $207 000 total. This is an incredible effot. We need to double that in 10 days! It's nail biting stuff…


    With any campaign of this magnitude, there is always a lull around this time. To make sure everyone knows about Ron, we've been planning RONdezvous all around town:


    Labour Weekend Sausage Sizzle

    We were sausage sizzling over Labour weekend to build support and momentum among our Gallery community. We met some great people and #onforron supporters.


    Thanks to our friends Hellers, Three Boys, Fulton Hogan for their BBQ, Wainoni PAK’n’SAVE for the condiments and bread, St Martins New World, and Karma Cola for making it all happen.


    We raised just over $5 000 – and had a lot of fun behind the BBQ!



    What have we got in store for you and your friends?


    Hotel Montreal are On For Ron - Thursday 26 October (tomorrow)

    Hotel Montreal are On For Ron and will be hosting a Pledge Party tomorrow night. Bring your friends down for a NegRONi from 4.30pm - 7pm to pledge their support.


    RONdezvous with us at Dux Central - Sunday 5 November

    We’ll also be at Dux Central Sunday 5 November to see out the end of the campaign. It's a $25 ticket, with bands, food and of course Dux Lager. Keep any eye on Our Own Ron Facebook for more details 





    We are now on the final countdown. You’ve already pledged, but we do still need your help!  


    We’re relying on you to share any Facebook post posted by Our Own Ron or from Christchurch Art Gallery. You can email your friends to tell them you’ve given. Let people know that they can be part of a PledgeMe record. Remember– every pledge goes into the draw to win return flights for two to Singapore thanks to Singapore Airlines.


    Unless we reach our $207 000 total, our dream of owning a Ron Mueck work won’t be realised. We have to reach it by 5 November.


    If you have any other ideas or people you would like us to get in touch with on your behalf – please contact Jo or Hannah


    Thank you for leading the way.


    Our Own Ron and Christchurch Art Gallery Foundation


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    Thanks being ON for RON!

    08:23AM Wed 04/10/17 on Our Own Ron

    We've hit $20,000!


    Less than a week in, and we're already well on the way to our very own Ron – thanks to all you early frontrunners! Expect to see your name printed in The Press this Saturday. It's the least we could do.

    As our very first generous pledgers, we've got a special mission for you to help us spread the word about Ron.

    In this online folder, you'll find a few Ron images that you can download and share on your social media channels to let all your pals now that you're on for Ron – and that they're invited to get on board as well. 

    Don't forget to keep your eye out on our Facebook page as we release exciting details of our pledge party and Labour Weekend sausage sizzles (the Ron adventures don't stop once you've pledged!)








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