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Can you help us to produce Kai and culture: Food stories from Aotearoa? 

Food tells a story. It contains the expression of a place and the way the land, people, ideas from elsewhere and webs of activities intersect. It is a great connector - we all share in the experience of food, albeit in very different ways. 

A contemporary New Zealand food identity is emerging (and constantly evolving) – one that helps us to understand our place as a Pacific and multicultural nation, celebrates our ingredients and alters ideas from elsewhere to articulate this time and place.

So we think it's time for a book (with writing, images and recipes) that takes a look at how our food impacts our culture and the people involved in creating local food identities. It also explores some of the larger contemporary issues that gather around it. A cultural cook book, if you will.

Freerange Press – the small, independent and cooperative press that published Don't Dream It's Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa NZ and Once in a Lifetime: City-making after Disaster in Christchurch - is making a book about our local food cultures in collaboration with writers, chefs, producers and others in the food industry

We are asking you to order this book to help us pay our printing bill (we are printing in New Zealand) and make sure this beautiful book of essays, lush photos, recipes and profiles gets made. You will receive yours hot off the press, as well as one of our classic publications. (See budget below).

It will be published mid-November - just in time for Christmas.

(But we have also included some other rewards if you feel like supporting us, but don't feel to order the book)



We have gathered a range of knowledgeable people from this inherently open and innovative industry, to tell their stories, share their recipes and their views on food's potential for social and environmental impacts. Contributurs include Jonny Scwhass, Dr Siouxsie Wiles, Giulio Sturla, Fleur Sullivan, Alex Davies, Angela Clifford, Rachel Taulelei, Monique Fiso and many more (full list below).

Food involves simple physical processes; it can promote engagement. Through essays, profiles and recipes, Kai and culture canvasses a range of views and stories from local food cultures: food resilience and resourcefulness; questions of access, security and sustainability; how creativity, innovation and appropriation can play out in food; food sovereignty and the desire to reconnect with where it comes from; land use; quality as opposed to commodity; waste minimisation; proximity to source and ideas of terroir; how we get our food information. And how these are all interconnected.

Why pledge for this book?

We are a small and independent press, we work collaboratively and often operate on the goodwill of many. Our size and independence means that we can make books about how global issues play out in New Zealand in a unique way. But we have difficulty with our cashflow. Printing in New Zealand is expensive, and we need money to help us pay for the large printing bill.

We are asking you to support this project by ordering the book- not only do you receive a beautiful book, you are also helping us to ensure it gets made. (Plus we are throwing in another of our classics to thank you for the early support).

The budget

We have some great sponsors who have contributed funds that are being used to pay our contributors (writers, designers etc) something for their hard work (a few have even generously waived their fees). As you will see in the budget below, the printing bill is the largest component. And we need to pay the printing bill well before we have sold all the books! We have a cashflow issue.






Contributor fees, editing, design, photos, proofing, marketing etc.

12, 500

Direct sales (Freerange sells to buyer - this is if we sell lots directly!) 


Printing fees


Trade sales (Freerange sells to bookstores at discount)


Sponsorship: AUT School of Hospitality and Tourism, Meadow Mushrooms, Pegasus Bay Wines and Harraways




Total Costs

21, 930

Total revenue if we sell all the books



This issue for us is cashflow. To pay the big printing bill, which we need to do before all the books are sold, we need to cover $16930. The Freerange membership are investing $12000. So we now need:

  • to crowdfund for pre-sales to make up the difference on the printing bill of $4930.

Once we have gathered these funds, we can print the book! Then once it is released, we will sell it through bookstores.


Bookstores buy books at 60% of the retail price, that’s how they survive! This means that if we sell all the books – after providing contributor and review copies, and having paid loans back - we would make approx $9100. This might take a year or so.


This ‘profit’ money will be invested into future Freerange collaborative projects on other important topics. (We will be launching a new book series early next year, with the first title looking at death and dying in New Zealand.)


More about the book 

Contributors and essays

From identity and social challenges through to environmental concerns, the essays give historical context and look to the future, and talk about who eats what and why, how we share and grow our food, and how food culture shapes our nation. With contributions from:

  • Alex Davies (Gatherings, chef)
  • Dr Siouxsie Wiles (Auckland University, scientist)
  • Jonny Schwass (chef)
  • Fleur Sullivan (Fleurs Place, chef)
  • Mark Revington (Ngai Tahu, journalist)
  • Rachel Taulelei (Kono, entrepeneur)
  • Dr Tracy Berno (AUT, culinary arts)
  • Daijang Tai (Cheshire Architects, architect)
  • Monique Fiso (HiaKai, chef)
  • Angela Clifford (Eat NZ, The Food Farm)
  • Aaron McLean (Stone Soup, food writer and photographer) on Giulio Sturla (Roots Restaurant, chef)
  • Peter Langlands (Wild Capture, forager)
  • David White (MEAT, filmmaker)
  • Brie Sherow (food and wine writer)
  • Henry Hargreaves (food photography)
  • Elizabeth Dean (Cornell University, CALS global fellow) & Dr Ann Brower (Lincoln, environmental management)
  • Nik Mavromatis (Greystone wines, marketing)
  • Ivan Donaldson (Pegasus Bay Wines, pioneer)
  • Fiona Summerfield (Think Different, food writer)


These combine beautiful images and narratives from creative producers and projects that create identities and contribute to our food culture. These are examples of the ways some of the ideas contained with the essays are being applied. These include:

Ahika Kai, Anteater, Black Estate Winery, Cultivate, Food Innovation Network, Garden to Table, Harris Meats, Kaibosh, Kai Pasifika, Kai Ora Honey, Koanga Institute, Lewis Road Creamery, Otakaro Orchard, Pomegranate Kitchen, Residential Red Zone Rehabilitation, Stone Soup, Yellow Brick Road.


A recipe tells a story, says something about the person making it and what we like to make and share. This is the DIY component of food culture, an immediate way to engage with our food culture through the simple physical processes of food. The recipes have been sourced from contributors and form part of this book’s food web, in an effort to celebrate our ingredients and tell stories through food. A potluck!


About Freerange Press

Freerange Press publishes books and journals about cities, design and politics. Freerange loves making beautiful books and we are getting really good at it.  

In 2014 we published Once in a Lifetime: City-building after Disaster in Christchurch (which Will Harvie of the Press said was 'the most important earthquake so far' – it features Helen Clark, Kevin McCloud, Sally Blundell, Raf Manji, Rebecca Macfie and a range of others) and in 2012, Christchurch: The Transitional City Pt IV, which Graham Beattie called 'an inspiring piece of publishing'.

Last year we released Don't Dream It's Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand. We had great coverage in the media with reviews/interviews and features on RNZ, Pantograph Punch, the Press, Scoop and The Spinoff. The Spinoff also named Freerange as one of the top ten rising stars in t on the NZ literary scene and described the book as 'a thoughtful, powerful collection of essays on the state and prospects of New Zealand journalism'.Find out more about us here


The People Behind Kai and culture: Food stories from Aotearoa

Freerange bw full Freerange Press Project admin

We have published Don't Dream It's Over: Reimaigning Journalism in Aotearoa, Once in a Lifetime: City-building after Disaster in Christchurch plus Christchurch: The Transitional City Pt IV. We are very proud of these titles – Graham Beattie called the Transitional City book ‘an inspiring piece of publishing’ while Will Harvie from The Press called Once in a Lifetime ‘the most important earthquake book so far’.  Don't Dream It's Over was described as 'a thoughtful, powerful collection of essays on the state and prospects of New Zealand journalism' by The Spinoff.

A board of directors has been sailing the Freerange Press boat for the last few years. Let us introduce to the core crew and their areas of leadership:

Barnaby Bennett - Treasurer, publisher

Emma Johnson - Editor

Joe Cederwall - Goverance and Business Systems; Secretary

Byron Kinnard - Caretaker and Communicator; President

Catarina Gutierrez - Start-up and comms expert.


Freerange Press is cooperative and we have opened up our membership. So if you would like to be a part of this good ship and participate in all sorts of publishing projects and how this ship runs and looks, read more here.

To find out more about Freerange Press, please click here.


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    One book away from our target! Time for a wee look behind the scenes....

    07:37AM Thu 12/10/17 on Kai and culture: Food stories from Aotearoa

    We thought we would take you behind the scenes, now that we are so close to target!

    We are about to finish our cover this weekend. Juliet Arnott of Rekindle, the Christchurch-based social enterprise that transforms undervalued materials through craft, is making woodcuts for us. 

    These will then be printed at the Ferrymead Printing Society by our wonderful designer, Cameron Ralston. He will then scan them into the computer and place them on the cover!

    We can't wait. 

    Anyhow, a big thank you to everyone who has supported us to date. Keep your ears open (or rather, your eyes peeled), for the winner of the draws.

    And this campaign is running for a few more days - so still a great chance for people to pick up a brand new book and get another one, for FREE!

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    6 days to go, go, go!

    01:56PM Mon 09/10/17 on Kai and culture: Food stories from Aotearoa

    We are 6 days out from our target and want to thank you all again for the support you have shown. 

    All of you are in the draw to win a collection of Freerange journals (as are the next 6 people who pledge - we are offering this competition to the first 50 pledgers):



    And the first 60 pledgers go into the draw to win some other Freerange goodies (which also includes all of you!):


    We want to thank you all for the early support, and if you can, please do keep spreading the word.

    Pre-orders of Kai and culture:Food stories from Aotearoa not only mean a copy straight off the press, but also one of our classic publications by way of thank you, and a chance to go into the draw for more goodies.

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    Thanks to all our early supporters - we are at 40% of our target!

    07:38AM Mon 02/10/17 on Kai and culture: Food stories from Aotearoa

    We have got off to a roaring start and want to thank you all for your early support for Kai and culture: Food stories from Aotearoa.

    Please don't forget to spread the word - we have two weeks left to reach our target, and this is an all or nothing effort.

    This book, along with a 'thank you' copy from us of one of our classic publications (either Don't Dream It's Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa NZ or Once in a Lifetime: City-building after Disaster in Christchurch) will arrive in time for Christmas!

    As promised, we have a wee recipe from one of our collaborators on the book, Kaibosh Food Rescue. They work to make sure that quality surplus food is not thrown away (thus reducing waste) and that it reaches those in the community who need it most.

    Image by Peanut Productions

    Uncle Ben's Bone Broth

    Serves: 5-50, depending on how much is made and how much is used.


    Prep time: 10 minutes


    Cook time: 12–36 hours




    2k–3kg of chicken or beef bones


    2–3 tablespoons cider vinegar


    Water (enough to cover ingredients)


    Garlic, oregano, thyme, salt and pepper to season


    Leftover vegetables (you can store these in the freezer until you are ready to use them). Suggested veggies include:


    ·       Left over carrot sticks (and peelings)


    ·       Zucchini ends


    ·       Onions – including skins.


    ·       Green Onions


    ·       Broccoli and Cauliflower stalks


    ·       Celery ends


    ·       Spinach


    ·       Kale





    1. Place the bones, vinegar and vegetables in a slow cooker or a large pot. Cover with water and allow to simmer for 12 to 36 hours. The longer the better for fuller flavour!


    2. Drain the broth, removing the meat and vegetables, and pour into a large container. When it is cool, scoop any fat from the top of the broth.


    3. Pop the broth in small jars or other containers and store in the fridge or freezer. Add any desired seasoning or ingredients before eating. Yum!




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