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We want to buy an Infrared Thermography Camera. Why? Our aim is to create a a solid research base to give clincians the confidence to make better decisions using infrared thermography. Unfortunately government funding for new ideas such as this is scarce and difficult to come by. 


Please help us buy an Infrared Thermography Camera to build up a body of evidence to convince government funding agencies to fund larger and more robust trials into the use of this technology in health care.


Why do we need this camera?

Physiological processes in the body become active often prior to an injury becoming painful. These processes can cause changes in skin temperature over the affected structure.

Medical infrared thermography provides a non-invasive and non-radiating analysis tool for analysing physiological functions related to the control of skin-temperature. An injury is often related with variations in blood flow and these in turn can affect the skin temperature. Inflammation leads to rise in temperature, whereas degeneration, reduced muscular activity and poor blood flow may cause a decrease in temperature. In fact, a cold skin pattern around ankle sprains indicates a poor prognosis and a long recovery time. 

This technology can fill a need for personalised medicine to better screen for, prevent and manage injury and disease on an individual basis.

Government research funding is finite and is aligned with government priorities. This makes it very difficult to explore new avenues of research without a significant body of evidence to support future investigations. Help me build up a body of evidence to convince government funding bodies to invest in more efficient management of illness or injury.


Who is behind the project?

I'm Steve Tumilty, a Registered Physiotherapy Specialist (Musculoskeletal) and one of the few clinician-scientists in Physiotherapy World-wide. I am an experienced researcher and enjoy pushing the boundaries of new knowledge in health care. I have contributed to over 70 article and conference presentations to the musculoskeltal injury knowledge base, and have won awards at many conferences.


Our planned studies (to start with):

I already have students ready to start researching. These are the initial studies we will look to complete with the camera:

  • Study 1 – Establishing “what is normal temperature” of an area?
  • Study 2 – Adjunct diagnostic tool – screen athletes throughout a season (runners, rugby players, soccer players etc)
  • Study 3 – Relationship between skin temperature and state of the autonomic nervous system
  • Study 4 - Heating for health in arterial disease.
  • Study 5 - Do cold feet prevent sleep?

Do you have research you need done?

If you help us purchase our camera, we can look to prioritise research that you need completed. Please contact me direct to discuss. 


Any surplus money raised from this campaign will go towards completion of the projects listed above.


The People Behind Disruptive Innovation in Health Care

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    Be in to win

    09:29AM Thu 05/10/17 on Disruptive Innovation in Health Care

    Have you noticed the new reward? Any pledges over NZ$100 go in the draw to win an iPAd mini. It will only take less than 250 people to pledge NZ$100 or more to reach my target; pretty good odds of winning this iPAd mini I think.

    Reduce your coffee intake for a couple of weeks, research says it will do you good, and donate to my project.

    You know it makes sense.:) 

    Tell your friends too.

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    Turn this into an avalanche

    11:48AM Wed 27/09/17 on Disruptive Innovation in Health Care

    Thanks everyone for the huge show of interest on social media around my project. Colleagues in New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, and Japan have kindly spread the word. For the competitive people out there, New Zealand, Japan and Canada have led the way with donations; I’ve even had a couple of $500 pledges from very generous people. That being said, every little counts, and another 1,169 pledges for NZ$20 will see me hit my target. Feel free to pledge more if you are able.

    NZ$20 =          USD 14.42

    GBP 10.72

    SGD 19.54

    CAD 17.80

    AUD 18.29

    JPY 1,618.87

    I know the academics among you will spend more than that on coffee each week J

     A couple of willing pledgers have had difficulty actually registering their donation, and they have promised to send me a personal cheque instead. Honestly, I would prefer that all donations go through the PledgeMe website; please follow these instructions:



    Go to: https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/5361-disruptive-innovation-in-health-care

    Click the reward you want

    Create PledgeMe log in or sign in if you already have an account

    If your address is required, enter postal information and click continue

    Choose direct deposit, or credit card (if direct deposit, click "I agree to pay by direct deposit')

    Enter credit card details

    Tick "I have read and accept terms and conditions"

    Click pledge


    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the Physiotherapy profession could get behind this avenue of research funding and show that we can take responsibility for our own growth and development. Please don’t be hesitant, be part of the avalanche and start the ball rolling.

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    08:11AM Fri 15/09/17 on Disruptive Innovation in Health Care

    Thank you to all the people that are retweeting my project, and to those of you who have asked teh question...

    I am seeking funds for my own research programme and doing this as an individual. Donors/pledgers will be supporting me to conduct investigations into the use of infrared thermography for the management of any conditions allied health practitioners may deal with on a day to day basis.

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      2017-10-13 03:45:47 +1300

      paul has pledged on 1 campaign

      “good luck with the fund raising! ”

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      2017-10-03 11:22:38 +1300

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      “All the best with the project!”

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      “hope this would help your research.”

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      Hemakumar Devan
      2017-09-28 17:18:56 +1300

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      “Always a big fan of applications of health technologies to improve health outcomes. Wishing you best for your research initiative Steve.”

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      Brian Mulliga
      2017-09-28 13:05:19 +1300

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      “Good luck Brian Mulligan”

      Takayuki Miyamori
      2017-09-25 20:15:29 +1300

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      “Good luck for your research project maybe I can help to follow subjects of Japanese athletes.”

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      Rebekah Little
      2017-09-22 21:45:38 +1200

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      “If the evidence is there then there is no reason this shouldn't be implemented.”

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      Augustine Joshua
      2017-09-20 09:20:00 +1200

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      “All the best!”

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      Jane Scoular
      2017-09-19 19:30:49 +1200

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      “Thanks Steve for your hard work and enthusiasm. You're totally right that as physios we need to be more proactive.”

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      “Truly inspiring of you to do this Steve. My best wishes for your future projects. ”

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