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"Better to try and fail than never to try at all."

- William F. O'Brien


"Cricket is a game full of forlorn hopes and sudden dramatic changes of fortune and its rules are so ill-defined that their interpretation is partly an ethical business."

- George Orwell


Last Chance 100


This is a campaign to pay for batting lessons for an aging cricketer who seeks the sport's equivalent of scaling Everest - scoring 100 runs at one turn at bat.

While I could pay for training myself, I wish to share, through the writing up of this experience, the humour, humiliation, and (hopefully the highlights) of attaining a century...with some insights thrown in for good measure. 

I'm hoping that never-before-in-my-life coaching lessons will iron out my deficiencies, and add a degree of competence to allow me to advance beyond two previous highest scores in the 80s.

I totally realise that the first component of this campaign will only marginally add to the world's happiness. (It's not as if I'm going to solve world hunger, or bring North Korea to the negotiating table).

Wait...there's more

So wait...there is more. Any funds over and above the $1500 will go towards gear for a cricket team who otherwise mightn't be able to play. That's right, I want to encourage the development and growth of cricket tragics who are aged 18-24 by providing the kit which would allow them to turn up and look the part - and therefore go a long way to performing the part of cricketers.

Campaign funding outcomes

So, in summary, this is a campaign raising funds to:

1. Pay for cricket batting coaching lessons to help me achieve a maiden score of a century (100 runs) at one turn at bat. And

2. Any campaign funds over and above the $1500 target to be directed at supplying kit for a team for that otherwise wouldn't have the means to play.

By running this as a campaign, where the base reward is, at the very least, a weekly update of progress (towards the 100), as a writer, with an audience, I will be 'forced' (in the best possible sense) to write on progress. 

This is a quixotic goal which aims to be a humourous and vicarious experience for pledgers.  

It is mostly about fun, with a few insights thrown in, a shared struggle where the only failure would be not to have tried at all.

A note about the rewards

Many of the higher value rewards link back to Punchline (Million Dollar Messages). Punchline specialises in an organisation's first 2-10 words - a heart and soul and value proposition, the first thing read on a website, an answer to "what do you do mate?"

We also carry out other writing and storytelling work, succinctly providing persuasive messages for websites, social media and longer format white papers.

My science and technology writing skills (available as another of one of the rewards) links to Stick (an acronym for science, technology, innovation & technology knowledge). Modesty aside, I know how to explain 'stuff'. 

The Wellington Biz Dojo (at the corner of Vivian and Tory Streets), which Punchline operates out of, is a very cool co-working space. 

I was 'midwife' to the writing of Harry Mills book, Secret SAUCE - How to pack your messages with persuasive punch. I use these ideas in my own writing, and would be delighted to pass on some of Harry (and my) knowledge around seduction with words.


Finally, the wonderful caricature is by Larissa Banks. Any of you wish to hook into her talents (cricket players will get the pun) can contact her on Instagram @lmbyeahyouknowme

Some of you may wish to discuss how my writing skills might best be used in your own particular case. Feel free to contact me directly on 021 0696 040, or


I'd love the opportunity to help you better tell your own particular story.





The People Behind Last Chance 100

Close up  cricket shot Peter Kerr Project admin

Since becoming a relatively late in life cricketer (didn't have much of an opportunity to play when growing up on a Southland sheep farm), I've never managed to score 100 runs at one turn at bat.

As a writer, having both an audience, and a reason and obligation to tell a story is a great privilege.

By combining these two themes, I hope to entertain and inform, obtain and give some insights in the pursuit of an unfulfilled goal.


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    “But you're only 60!”

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    “Good on ya Peter. That'll be one of the BHAG list! (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)”

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    “Watch out for 'Long On", and go for a 'Leg Glance' or a 'Square Cut' and avoid, at all costs the 'Gold Duck'. Your a winner mate :-). ”

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