Who is the modern NZ male shopper? By Nichola Quail

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NZ MALE SHOPPER: Game-changing insights to unlock new revenue streams, supercharge product development and nail your go-to-market strategy     

1.2 million males in NZ aged 15-65 years and 4 in 10 males living in Auckland were NOT born in NZ.  

If men are in your target audience, then understanding their evolving shopping behaviour, rituals and routines is critical. Fresh Focus want to bust open the myths, assumptions and stereotypes and help brands access richer insight into who is the new Kiwi male and how their consumption and shopping habits have changed.

WHY? At Fresh Focus, we are passionate about helping businesses succeed and making sure they have affordable access to local insights delivered by professional consumer and marketing experts.

  • We wanted to break down the cost of a big research project and make it easy and painless to invest in. With the support ofPledgeme’s crowd-funding platform – this is now possible. It allows smaller brands/businesses (and even bigger ones) to purchase the value of a large-scale, commercial research project for a fraction of the total cost. 

HOW? Through the Pledgeme platform and the shared benefit of collaboration, this study will give you previously unavailable insights and information that can be applied to your business today and provide immediate, actionable results. 

Using a mix of digital ethnography and quantitative analysis, we will discover what is really going on inside the minds of Kiwi males today and understand the why. By unlocking how the NZ male shopper has evolved and what his lifestyle looks like today, you can increase relevance, gain the competitive advantage and spot new opportunities.



We will focus on 5 categories across a spread of lifestages ethnicities and ages from 18-64yrs.

  1. personal grooming

  2. grocery

  3. health/fitness

  4. clothes/shoes

  5. DIY/Hardware

  6. technology


 Our promise is that this project will deliver actionable insight to inspire, open doors and create opportunities.

 It is a deep-dive into the psyche and behaviours of this audience, revealing the different types of male shoppers — his values, lifestyle, expectations, and the choices he makes when it comes to shopping for himself, retailers, and brands. 

 1. Explore and understand current male consumer behaviour & motivations…rituals, habits, routines and aspirations

2. Deconstruct the evolving role of men in the household as gender stereotypes change

3. Determine how millennial males behave differently to their older counterparts

4. Explore how they shop – role of online, ideal in-store experience and what they shop for

5. Identify pain points for male shoppers and how purchase drivers differ across categories  

6. Which brands resonate and why?

7. What are their dominant media channels and preferences?   


AD:TECH Auckland special ticket offer: All packages purchased over $97 receive 10% of ad:tech Auckland ticket purchases

Stage 1: Private online research community of 20 NZ males

Up to $15,000 of value

  • Community set up, design
  • Discussion topic design
  • Participant recruitment and onboarding
  • Daily moderation and community management by a professional moderator
  • Incentives for participation
  • Analysis
  • Transcript preparation

Stage 2: Online survey of n=500 males

Up to $19,000 of value. With the generous support of Pureprofile, we can deliver incredible value for money and insights on the different typologies of NZ male shoppers. 

  • Questionnaire design and scripting
  • Recruitment of participants from a professional panel (Pureprofile)
  • Incentives for participants
  • Project management
  • Data tables
  • Analysis
  • Final report writing and design



Start up package

  • Receive a personal thank you in the report, an invitation to the Auckland-based presentation of key findings and a downloadable digital powerpoint report with NZ-specific insights that can be immediately applied to your business, grant or funding applications, inspire new marketing ideas and give you confidence to take the next step. 

AD:TECH Auckland package

Free entry to the ad:tech 'Inside Auckland' session where you will have exclusive access to the latest research insights on the changing face of Auckland presented by Fresh Focus and Ogilvy. You will also receive 10% off any ad:tech Auckland ticket purchases. 

Entry level breakfast session of key findings included

Scale up package

  • Key findings will be presented by the head researcher, Nichola Quail by phone or web. This provides an opportunity to apply the learnings to your business. 
  • Also included are the community transcripts and video vox-pops, which gives you the freedom to mine deeper insights, share stories/personas within your team, dig out content specific to your brand/category and lift relevant quotes for immediate use in sales pitches and marketing material.

Professional package

  • If your brand needs customised research, tailored to your specific business problem then this is the reward for you! Exclusive access to key findings presented in-person by the head researcher, Nichola Quail accompanied by the strategic lead in a 2-hour workshop with yourself and your team.You also receive 2 customised survey questions (valued at $2000) and specific attention to your product/service (valued at $3000) in the qualitative interviews, exclusive to your brand or vertical.
  • You also receive 2 customised survey questions (valued at $2000) and specific attention to your product/service (valued at $3000) in the qualitative interviews, exclusive to your brand or vertical. Nichola will navigate you through the most relevant insights for your business and provide expert advice on how to maximise your marketing budget with this lucrative target audience.
  • Nichola will navigate you through the most relevant insights for your business and provide expert advice on how to maximise your marketing budget with this lucrative target audience.


The People Behind Who is the modern NZ male shopper?

Ff logo blue circle mini Nichola Quail Project admin

Hi everyone,

I’m Nichola – Founder and Research Director at Fresh Focus. We are a NZ collective of senior consumer researchers, strategists and marketers. Because of this, we are lean and agile and can scale based on demand. 

We know that for many businesses, gathering customer insight can be time-consuming and expensive. We want to make it easy for you. Through the Pledgeme platform and the shared benefit of collaboration, we believe there is an exciting opportunity to provide affordable and accessible insights to businesses that do not have the budget or internal capability to commission independent research. The approach and outputs are transparent and businesses collectively own and share the insights.

Our philosophy

We believe that there’s no shortage of data telling businesses what is happening, but you need to dig deeper and understand the why. We believe in real world, real life feedback and getting to understand the customer or user in their own environment. By getting up close and personal with customers in their world, we get to see from the inside how people live, their daily routines, what they find meaningful and why.

Through our work, we have played with dogs and met their owners, accompanied shoppers as they carry out their weekly grocery shop, looked into fridges and pantries, searched through make-up drawers, navigated mobile phones, had morning tea with dairy farmers and eaten pizza with backpackers in hostel kitchens. 

Our insights have been used to help brands i.e. Jucy Rentals, Panasonic, Mons Royale, NZME, TV3 and L'Oreal get to truly know their current and future customers with human-centred insights that optimize marketing budgets, inform business decision-making and ultimately drive growth.


You can check out more about us at freshfocus.net.nz


    The NZ Male Shopper Digital Community up and running

    03:36PM Fri 22/09/17 on Who is the modern NZ male shopper?

    Hi everyone,

    Thought I would send a quick update. We have n=25 males from around NZ discussing their shopping experiences and memorable customer journeys. 

    They are on The Man Cave for 10 days and include a good mix of young and older, different lifestages and ethnicities.

    Other topics we are exploring are:

    • Ideal shopping/retail experience

    • Most memorable shopping experience

    • Inter-generational differences between their fathers and themselves

    • Weekend routines

    • Shopping occasions/moments

    • Media habits and engagement including social

    • Preferred brands and communications

    Look forward to sharing the outputs in the coming weeks.

    Nikki and the Fresh Focus team

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    Time to pivot

    10:18AM Fri 01/09/17 on Who is the modern NZ male shopper?

    Hi everyone,

    Well we are now a lot closer to our pledge target.

    After some negotiation and very generous support from our panel partner Pureprofile https://www.pureprofile.com/nz/ we have been able to scale back the project so that we could give this new consumer insights initiative a real chance to succeed. 

    We have scaled back the digital community to n=20 males and removed the in-depth interviews. The online survey of n=500 remains the same. 

    We have also added in a new package - the ad:tech Auckland package. 

    Thanks again for all your support. We can't do this without your support, belief and entrepreneurial spirit to try something new.

    Will keep you posted, but please share with any start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, brands or business owners you know that need affordable insights on the NZ male shopper!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Nikki, Ryf and Sarah :-)

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    Thank you for your support!

    10:30AM Thu 31/08/17 on Who is the modern NZ male shopper?

    Hello pledgers,

    Thank you so much for your support. We are on the phones today and tomorrow trying to raise support and get this over the line. 

    It means a lot to us that you believe in the concept. We will continue to develop and iterate on this idea so that brands and businesses, big and small, get access to game-changing insights!

    If you know a business that would find this valuable, please send and tell them how to pledge :-)

    Thanks again,

    Nikki, Ryf and Sarah 

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