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I am currently a 5th year Masters Student of Building Science at Victoria University of Wellington, specialising in Construction Management.


I have been nominated to take part in the Aspiring Leaders Forum 2017 The purpose of the Forum is to inspire young people from all corners of New Zealand to a life of leadership based on a commitment to serve others within the community. The annual event discusses the ideas, values and philosophies of leadership. Most of all, it will foster and encourage young leaders to thrive in their field of engagement, be inspired and try something new.

The Aspiring Leaders Forum will be an excellent opportunity to hear from others and be inspired by their values and morals of how they perceive themselves as leaders. It is something I can learn and take upon to grow as a person and as a good role model, whether it be for my career or everyday life. I have always been confident, willing and thrilled to of helped/ influence others but have never completely understood why. To learn and understand values of leadership from a different perspective, I believe that it will bring valuable life lessons on how I will view and approach things. I believe I still have a lot to learn when it comes to becoming a leader, why I want to be a leader and to understand what kind of leader I am today and for the future.

This is an incredible opportunity and I would like to thank Michaela Latimer for the nomination. To be part of this amazing opportunity, each attendee is required to pay $1200 + GST to attend. I have already been granted a sponsorship from the Forum of $690.00 to help subsidise the cost, and require additional support to attend this event. I have been very fortunate for the payment deadline to be pushed back a later date to assist with my financial struggles. Every donation helps and I truly appreciate your support in helping me to attend the Aspiring Leaders Forum 2017.  


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      “Best of luck Nelson, go conquer the world ”

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