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My name is Trent Anderson, and along with my wife Tonelle, are the Shareholders and Directors of Mountain Peak Productions (MPP). We both work full time and work on MPP any chance we get, which is very limited as we have a busy three year old daughter. I am a man of the outdoors; previously working for DOC, as a Commercial Fishman, a high-country farmer and a Professional Hunting Guide.

Our company was born from an idea I had three years ago while out in the mountains. 

I was hunting on Mount Cook at the time and had climbed to 1,000m following a Thar. After a successful hunt I found myself standing above a very large bluff. The thought ran through my mind, that even though I am carrying a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), if I was to fall and become incapacitated, how would I set off the PLB?

Soon after I began to put the perfect device together in my head, and then started the process of talking to the right people.

Three years later we are at the critical stage of development. We have successfully tested our prototypes, now we want to start building the real-deal. So far we have received some investment funding, as well as funding from our own pockets. But now we really need some help to bring our life-saving product together.

The point of difference for personal locating device is that is continually working. With its set and forget system, there is no need to press a button to be found, with a battery life of three months you can head off on extensive trips and know that you can be found.

In the form of a watch the device is sleekly designed and light weight, weighing only as much as a regular watch and costing only a fraction in comparison to other PLBs.

Before you set off on your adventure, you would simply enter your trip details (intentions) into our Intentions App. Details such as where you are going, date and time of entry, intended route, contact details of your next of kin, expected home time and your critical over-due time. The critical over-due time is when emergency services would be alerted.  This information will be sent and saved to our Cloud system.

The system will also send a series of reminders to your mobile device before police are contacted.

Should a search be required our system would ultimately give you a direct line to Search and Rescue, providing a faster and more effective response.

Search and Rescue will have a helicopter device and system that that will enable them to find you using minimal resources, and without putting more people at risk. An area that could normally take days to search using traditional methods can be searched in minutes with our system.

For us, the last three years have been exciting, full of ups, downs and learning experiences. Testing our mock-one prototype was without a doubt one of the most amazing experiences (what’s not to love about playing hide and seek with a helicopter).


Fixing Pin Point to the chopper

Our first milestone involved building a basic prototype and ground testing. Milestone two required adapting the system to work on a helicopter and conducting a full-scale test.

Now we are at milestone three, and at the stage we need more financial input, our aim is to raise $125,000. THis would allow our communication technology development firm to complete the miniaturisation and development of the hardware and our designers to complete stage three of design, which involves engineering the prototype to the final stage.

Ultimately this will ensure our product reaches milestone four, the manufacturing stage. Completing this stage will also allow us to start pre-sales.

A successful PledgeMe campaign would reduce the amount of times we hear about someone who has got themselves lost doing what they love, or even worse, losing their life in our beautiful outdoors, all the while knowing that our system could have been there to protect people in their time of need.

This has made us even more passionate and driven to produce this product.


Wouldn't it be a fantastic sight to see this, if in need


For more information, or to contact us:


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I am passionate about the outdoors, in particular hunting and fishing. Sharing this passion with others and showing-casing New Zealand to visitors is what I enjoy doing, whether this be in the mountains or on the water.


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