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We'd like to thank all our passionate supporters for helping us achieve our main goal in less than two weeks! You’ve pushed us into our stretch goal stage which will help make this film even better. Please see below how more of your pledges will be spent. In return we have come up with some extra rewards that will be available to everyone! Thank you!

After we finish filming in Utah we will start editing the film, and thanks to your support it will end up being a great story that looks good and sounds good. But what if we raise more money than our Pledge Goal? Well, we could make a great story that looks great and sounds great. That’s why we have partnered up with some local talent to provide us with original graphics and music at great rate.


By going above and beyond our main goal you’re helping make this film better. It shows us that you are as passionate about this project as we are. So we want to offer some collective rewards to ALL our supporters. Every time we achieve one of the stretch goals we will release a special reward that's available to everyone, no matter what tier you pledged!



An extra $1,300 gets us to a total goal of $5,780.


This will allow us to commission original music and give the film a professional sound mix. Luis Rodriguez is a Music Producer and Sound Engineer with more than 15 years experience in film and television in South America. He is now based in Dunedin, and is working on a variety media projects.


REWARD: A live Q&A with Mike. You submit the Qs will get the live As back to ya via the Facebook group. If this achievement is unlocked before Aug. 25th we’ll be live from Utah!



An extra $900 gets us to a total goal of $6,680.


This will allow us to add an original graphics package provided by ARL. This will include titles, transitions, baselines, maps and diagrams. ARL has produced 3D animation and special effects for Television since 1990, with their CG work in drama, documentary, commercials and sports garnering numerous international awards. ARL developed the first real time sports graphics for the America's Cup in 1992, and their sports division, Virtual Eye, now provides these services on multiple platforms for several international sports. They also have first hand knowledge of the Bonneville Salt Flats having produced The World's Fastest Indian: The Documentary in 2005.


REWARD: You'll be invited to a meetup event with Mike and The Haast Eagle at Moto Magnet in Auckland with sponsored refreshments from Stoke Brewery. Invitations will be sent after campaign closes and tickets will be limited due to venue capacity. Dates TBC!



We are currently exploring an extra stretch goal to make the film even better paired with a great reward. Watch this space. 

Over 3 years in the making, Take It To The Limit is a half-hour documentary that follows Mike Noonan in his pursuit to set a new landspeed world record at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, in Utah.


In 2013 Mike bought a 1982 Moto Guzzi V35 and his friend Ian Hambly set up the Four 48 Motorcycle Club to support him achieve his goal. By 2015 Mike had rebuilt the motorcycle and aptly named it The Haast Eagle. It was tested at Muriwai beach and Mike registered for that year’s Bonneville Speed Trials. Unfortunately, the salt flats were flooded 10 days before Mike and a group of 24 supporters were set to travel. The event was cancelled, but they had plane tickets and hotels booked. So they went anyways!


Mike put the bike through it’s paces on the Salt Flats and built up confidence riding on the slippery surface. He made it up to 124mph! More than double the current record of 59mph. Mike and the Four 48 club would be back to the salt again.


It’s 2017 and the crew is back together. The Haast Eagle has been checked, tuned up, and shipped. Mike has 28 supporters going along with him this time to watch him break a world land speed record. With your help Kahawai Productions will be there too.


Here's a short clip we made earlier this year:


How much and what for?

We need your help to raise $4,480. Every dollar from your pledges will help cover the costs of flying one person to Utah for the week of the Bonneville Speed Trials to film Mike’s record breaking attempt. This includes travel(airfare, insurance), accommodation(hotel, car rental, meals), rewards(cost of fullfilling rewards), and Pledge Me fees.




But why use Pledge Me?

Kahawai Productions is very passionate about this project and has been self funding this documentary for over 3 years. Pledge me is a great way to include passionate people like you to make this film possible. As a thank you for your generosity we’ve come up with some great rewards to the right. Pick your pledge and come along for the ride!


If you can’t support us with dollars then please share this campaign with friends and family. Spreading the word about the project is just as important. Again, thank you!

Pledge Me Link: http://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/5296

Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/KahawaiProductions/


Here’s a quick breakdown of the rewards with more details to the right.



Brendon Butt - Producer


Since 1986 Brendon has been directing and producing sport, comedy, documentary and drama for TVNZ, TV3, SKY and Maori Television. In 1990 he worked as a studio director for TV3 and eventually became Head of Sport. He has covered rugby for SKY for 7 years including the Lions Tour 2005. In 2000, he started Kahawai Productions. Recent productions include Shovels and Guns(2015) World Forklift League(2015) and Mama Son Learner League(2016).


Michael Henriquez - Associate Producer/Director


Michael has worked in the television and video industry for over ten years. He has experience in all aspects of production, from development to delivery and a particular passion for producing stories that engage an audience. Prior to Kahawai he worked at Natural History New Zealand in Dunedin on a variety of productions. Recent productions include World Forklift League(2015) and Mama Son Learner League(2016). In 2010 he directed Plough! A groundbreaking film about the 57th World Ploughing Championships.


Michael Noonan - Builder & Rider of the Haast Eagle.


Mike has had many off road motorcycles since his early teens, transitioning into road bikes by the age of 20. After completing his A grade exams as an Automotive Machinist, he studied Mechanical Engineering in Christchurch. With 20 years working as a mechanical design engineer, his unique skill set coupled with his passion for engine building has taken him on a journey back to his roots.


Ian Hambly - Founding Member of the Four 48 motorcycle club.


He bought his first motorcycle at 16 and has been riding ever since.  In 2013 Mike Noonan said that he was thinking of building a supercharged Moto Guzzi to take to Bonneville.  Ian immediately said “I’ll be in that” and has been a champion promoter of Mike Noonan's record breaking attempt ever since. He formed the Four 48 Club, knowing that many motorcyclists and others would be interested.  They currently have 186 members in the Club.


 Q. When will I receive my rewards?

 A. We can only give you the estimates below at this time, but we will keep you updated with the status of each reward tier.


20cc Tier

FILM STREAM: We estimate delivery in January 2018.

FACEBOOK GROUP ACCESS: Check the Updates section for how to join the group after you pledge. It'll take about a day to confirm your membership.


44.8cc Tier

FILM DOWNLOAD: We estimate delivery in January 2018.

FOUR 48 CLUB MEMBERSHIP: September 2017. We only receive your contact details after the campaign finishes.


125cc Tier

SIGNED PRINT: We estimate delivery in October 2017.


250cc Tier

FILM CAMERA: We estimate delivery in October 2017.


350cc Tier

FRAMED & SIGNED SPARK PLUG: We estimate delivery in October 2017.


1500cc Tier

ENGINE BUILD MENTOR: TBC. This will be agreed upon between you and Mike Noonan.


The time for this documentary is now and we are committed to making the best film we can and making it available as quickly as possible. As with any creative endeavor, there is always the chance of unexpected obstacles that could result in delays getting this film out. We will keep all backers updated on this post-production journey, and should we encounter any snags that delay delivery of the film, we will let you know. 


The People Behind A Record Breaking DOCUMENTARY

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    You need to pledge to see this update.

    You need to pledge to see this update.

    You need to pledge to see this update.

    $4,285 in 9 days! We're almost there!

    03:47PM Fri 11/08/17 on A Record Breaking DOCUMENTARY

    Thanks to your amazing support we are just $195 away from meeting our main pledge goal. It’s incredible how much you’ve all managed to raise in such a short time! Please keep up the great work sharing the campaign and have a great weekend!

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    $2,390 in one week!!!

    12:13PM Wed 09/08/17 on A Record Breaking DOCUMENTARY

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    $1,375 raised in 24 hours!

    11:16AM Thu 03/08/17 on A Record Breaking DOCUMENTARY

    What a great start to the campaign. Thank you so much for your support!


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      Phil Summerlin
      2017-08-21 09:08:30 +1200

      Phil Summerlin has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Wish I could be there this year guys, good luck!”

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      Blair Mackle
      2017-08-20 17:52:02 +1200

      Blair Mackle has pledged on 1 campaign

      Jack Pecsy
      2017-08-17 22:59:01 +1200

      Jack Pecsy has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “Good luck!”

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      Steve Hanning
      2017-08-15 19:31:39 +1200

      Steve Hanning has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Go Mike - make it this year. Thanks Ian for your emails . ”

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      Steve Kahn
      2017-08-15 14:19:27 +1200

      Steve Kahn has pledged on 2 campaigns

      Matt Clarke
      2017-08-14 21:55:50 +1200

      Matt Clarke has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Go hard Noonski ❤️ Clarkey!”

      Peter Hooper
      2017-08-14 20:10:49 +1200

      Peter Hooper has pledged on 1 campaign

      “GOOOOOOO NOOOONSKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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      Richard Fan
      2017-08-14 15:15:34 +1200

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      Bruce McKenzie
      2017-08-14 15:04:51 +1200

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      Leon Allen
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      chris chitty
      2017-08-14 11:11:36 +1200

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      Chris Hammonds
      2017-08-14 08:00:23 +1200

      Chris Hammonds has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “Just do it, making us kiwi's proud!”

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      Ian Hambly
      2017-08-13 11:54:53 +1200

      Ian Hambly has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “Over the line - and now we'll take it to the limit - one more time.”

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      Rebecca Ogle
      2017-08-12 13:56:18 +1200

      Rebecca Ogle has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Very excited to see the completed documentary. We're so proud of what you've achieved so far. Love from Tim, Rebecca, George and Edward xxxx”

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      John cashmore
      2017-08-12 11:36:25 +1200

      John cashmore has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Good luck see u in bonneville”

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      Suzi McAlpine
      2017-08-11 14:30:20 +1200

      Suzi McAlpine has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “Good luck! FRom Les's Corporate Cab client Suzi :-)”

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      Mark chrystall
      2017-08-11 10:48:31 +1200

      Mark chrystall has pledged on 2 campaigns

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      Sara Pinfold
      2017-08-11 07:18:39 +1200

      Sara Pinfold has pledged on 1 campaign

      “So exciting for you Mike, Rob, Pat and all the others involved!!!”

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      2017-08-10 21:39:01 +1200

      Alex has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “Go Mikesy Tikesy”

      Bill Kusabs
      2017-08-10 18:01:29 +1200

      Bill Kusabs has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “From the Kusabs Twins, burn salt Michael and bring that record home.”

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      Francesca Hosking
      2017-08-10 17:25:25 +1200

      Francesca Hosking has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “Mike all the best! Your passion, courage and determination will be an inspiration to many. Go get it!! Hope to meet you one day.”

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      Anonymous pledger
      2017-08-10 17:16:46 +1200

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      Paul Hume
      2017-08-10 14:02:23 +1200

      Paul Hume has pledged on 4 campaigns

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      Brian Hewitt
      2017-08-10 11:09:49 +1200

      Brian Hewitt has pledged on 1 campaign

      Peter Torr Smith
      2017-08-10 08:07:13 +1200

      Peter Torr Smith has pledged on 4 campaigns

      “Go for it”

      Pep Hart
      2017-08-10 08:05:24 +1200

      Pep Hart has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Praying for your mission, bring it home boys. ”

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      Jo Hill
      2017-08-10 06:57:33 +1200

      Jo Hill has pledged on 2 campaigns

      Geoff Ashenden
      2017-08-09 23:23:33 +1200

      Geoff Ashenden has pledged on 3 campaigns

      “# Powered By Nuzest!!”

      Mike Will
      2017-08-09 22:58:06 +1200

      Mike Will has pledged on 3 campaigns

      “Fly like an Eagle :) ”

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      Michael van Boheemen
      2017-08-09 21:52:53 +1200

      Michael van Boheemen has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Good luck on the Time trial - Top project Brendan - another top man from Taneatua - Cheers Michael van Boheemen”

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