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I currently have a small healing practice that is producing some big time change for the many individuals who have been on my table. I work mainly in the realms of spirit and emotion - however more recently I have been led to examine the relationship between traumatic memories held in the body (both this lifetime and previous lifetimes) - the physical level, that requires more than what my present training safely allows for.  My passion is all about assisting people who are committed & willing to put in the personal work needed to become the greatest version of themselves through a variety of exciting and interactive healing modalities that I am currently able to offer.


Essentially this project is to crowdfund a two week intensive process called Te Rongopae. The training will enable me to fill my kete / basket with practical experience of an ancient Māori bodywork component to greater assist my work in the healing fields.  Te Rongopae is traditional Māori healing  ie Romi Romi and Miri Miri and so much more.  This will also assist me to develop a deeper comprehension of the connection between body-mind-spirit-emotion. Having the opportunity to train and be guided by the Māori Healers installs a fair amount of confidence in me that I will be learning from people who hold a great deal of personal and professional integrity and respect for themselves as well as for the mahi (work) they do.  They are also among the best bodyworkers in NZ.




As a descendant of Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, I bare moko kauae and tiwhana (traditional Māori chin and 3rd eye tattoo work) that allows me to be visible in everything I put my hands to.  I therefore owe it to myself and those who choose to work with me to incorporate a te ao Māori (Māori worldview) healing modality within my work.  I am of a deep belief that lasting change begins with strengthening the individual.  Similar to the ripple effect - an individual can then be better equipped to strengthen their whānau (family) their hapū (sub-tribe), their iwi (tribe).  It begins with just one individual.


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Kia ora tatau - Hi everyone!  Thanks for checking out my PledgeMe project.

To begin let me tell you about my name and why I tend to choose using it in it's entireity.   My name is the story of The Reflective Land Walker and how I came to be involved in the line of projects, workshops and the healing fields that I am most suited to working in. My story is long and extensive.  I felt it right to share parts of my story to allow you to get a better idea as to why I feel so compassionate about this project, people and my life.  

I began this lifetime adopted into a British whānau who moved to NZ shortly after WW2 came to an end.  My dad died when I was 9, my mother when I was around 19.  I was removed out of home around the age of 11 and officially became a child of the State at 13.  I have travelled the pathways that many of us do who have endured prolonged childhood trauma & abuse ie drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence (on both sides of the fence), solo parenting, sex work, suicide attempts, self harm, disordered eating, mental health diagnosis, gender confusion, sexual identity confusion, abortion - all the 'usual delights' of having come from a background like mine.

At 24 I entered a 12 week alcohol and drug rehab programme.  It became obvious that I required a longer duration of rehab so as to continue working through an extensive array of issues in a safe, supportive residential environment.  A few short months later I entered a 12 month rehab programme that gave me the time to change my entire life around.

I returned to volunteer at the latter rehab, eventually becoming a paid staff member. During 1995-96 I trained and recieved a qualification with merit to practice Counselling which was another stepping stone in among many eventually coming full circle in 2016 where I finally felt I'd resolved enough of my own issues to be able to give back more fully and productively to others.  I created a healing practice of my own.  

My work life has been incredibly varied from stapling swatches of materials to card, to being a house manager & programme director for an aftercare facility that assisted adults in early recovery from alcohol and drug abuse back out into the community.  I spent about a year working at a rehab for teenage boys with alcohol and other drug issues and I was an administrator for an iwi based social services organisation for a while.  I struggle to conform to a 9-5 routine so milking cows and raising pigs was actually the best job I'd ever had up until recently.

My interest in spritual and / or energy healings has been something that's been a part of me for most of my life. It wasn't until many years and life experiences later that I then found myself to have the confidence to get out there into the real world and create space which I could hold for others to heal themselves in.  I hold two small clinics in Palmerston North and recently began running a small group dedicated for people to express emotion using sound to do so.  I'm also on the cusp of faciliating my first healing workshop, with plans for many more to come.

In 2016 I trained in what's known as a quantum modality of healing, which has taken a form of it's own with the many individuals I have been priviledged to work with.  Since then I have undertaken studies in Past Life Regression and more recently worked a process to develop two forms of healing that are seeing great clearing and movement in the lives of those who choose them.

My work with people requires me to be connected to the spiritual realm.  Up until a short while ago I was only working through anothers spiritual and emotional energy fields - and then things changed.  I began sensing a need to unlock memories stored deep in peoples muscular & skeletal frame.  This urge I was feeling reflected back to me when my clientele 'suddenly' changed to support what I was sensing I needed to be doing with certain people.  Having no "formal" training for the types of bodywork I was being guided to do, I accepted the challenge of doing what was logically safe to do with people while sourcing appropriate types of training that best matched the type of work I was now being called to do.  It was then only a matter of two days after making that decision that this feed appeared on my FB page - an opportunity to train with the Māori Healers on a 2 week intensive course called Te Rongopae.

And that brings me full circle as to why I'm here crowdfunding.  I very much want to attend Te Rongopae 2017.  As I explained in my project brief,  I am being called to do this work - it is not a "ooooh ya know, I'll give it a go and see what I think" type of gig.  I feel compelled to attend.  I feel in awe of having the possibility of training under the Māori Healers.  I feel so terribly excited that with your pledge I could end up treating and therefore creating so much more well-being and health for so many more people.  

I have big plans.  There is much I want to do over the next 3-5 years beginning right here.  Your support by way of pledging and sharing my project will add value to my mahi (work) which in turn adds value to the lives of the many who are yet to experience the types of healings I provide.

E tū whakaiti nei - I stand in humility


Te Atārangi Whenua Waaka - The Reflective Land Walker.


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