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 The Scruffy Bunny will be the centralized hub of improv in the Wellington area, a dedicated space for witty spontaneous improv entertainment at night as well as enlightening courses during the day. We welcome anything comedic or improv-based! We will promote the positive “Yes, And…” culture of improv to make Wellington and the world a better place for us all!

We’ll be located on Courtenay Place, leasing a unique space in the Reading Courtyard, which affords us a prime spot in regards to attendees traveling by foot/bus/train or car with ample parking outside. Long before falling head-over-heels for improv, I’ve long dreamt of opening a performance space and have over 20 years of entertainment and food industry experience, so it only makes sense to bring the two together for the most fulfilling experience possible(both entertainment-wise and gustatorily)! Therefore, we’ve planned to partner with Puro Pinche Tex Mex for attendees to enjoy delicious food with their fabulous entertainment and education!

A successful funding drive would mean completion of our fabulous one-of-a-kind stage, professional-level sound and lighting for full-scale performances and productions, construction of a fully-operational and thirst-quenching bar as well as green room/sound room/ticketing and coat check areas, shnazzy and hep interior decor to live up to the “Scruffy Bunny” name, further establishment of a wonderful team of instructors(including surprise speciality/celebrity instructors!), curriculum, and class materials for a diverse array of traditional improv courses as well as life-betterment courses to address personal and social limitations! In short, your funding will establish a hep hub for life improvement to truly further improve the already-amazing Wellington area and subsequently the world!


The People Behind Scruffy Bunny Improv Hub

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Richard Hoffman Project admin

My roots may be from the states, primarily Texas, but I've really enjoyed spreading my branches here in my new home of New Zealand! I've always enjoyed the creative process through writing poetry and moral fiction as well as appreciating art of all forms. I've also been known for being quick (and sharp!) witted. I've long been curious about improv and as soon as I took my first class, I was in love! Here was the marrying of the creative process and that quick wit- a match truly made in heaven! I can't wait to strengthen and foster the already burgeoning improv scene here in Wellington, as well as add to the fun!


    New team members!

    05:03PM Wed 11/10/17 on Scruffy Bunny Improv Hub

    Please welcome our core crew:

    Ali Little:

    A master improviser and a Senior Trainer with the Wellington Improvisation troupe, Ali will be bringing her skill set into a collaborative effort with Richard in a brand new training approach that employers and employees everywhere will be clamoring to get access to!

    Clare Kerrison:

    A master improviser and instructor, Clare, will be working closely with Richard to ensure that all performers and instructors have access to this brand new performance space tailored specifically for improv needs!

    Sarah Kirwin:

    A master improviser and instructor, Sarah has recently moved here from Colorado, USA but is happy to be calling Paekakariki her new home. Although she is a recent addition to the Wellington Improv scene, Sarah has 20 years experience with improv and is a fully-vetted and much sought-after instructor! We’re excited to have her come on board the Scruffy Bunny!


    In addition to assisting with the inner-workings of the Scruffy Bunny, Ali, Clare, and Sarah will each be offering magnificent courses for various forms of improv as well as gracing the SB stage with fantastic performances. We’re also on the lookout for more great instructors and performers as we delve deep into the heart of improv to offer all of you the most varied, effective, AND fun education and entertainment around! Stay tuned for the ensuing awesomeness!

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