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Who are We?

Fostering Kids New Zealand provide ‘encouragement, support and training to caregivers and empowering them to provide homes that heal children and young people in their care’. We are a group from Diocesan School for Girls in Auckland, New Zealand hoping to achieve this special goal of putting together and personally gifting 3 bikes to three deserving children aged 4-12 years. We are a group of enthusiastic and compassionate girls who working together, want to achieve our goal and make a difference in someone else's life.

What is our Aim?

Our aim is to raise at least $550 NZD for an organisation known as Fostering Kids New Zealand. With the money we raise we will be buying three bikes, which we will put together and personally gift to three deserving children aged 4-12 years. As a group we will be setting up a crowdfunding page on pledgeme. This page will allow us to enter our goal for people to pledge an amount in the hope that we will be able to raise the full amount if not more!

Why are we doing this for Fostering Kids NZ?

As children growing up, we were all lucky enough to experience what having a bike was like. It enabled us to be independent and seek adventures. It is also a memory that we relate to family and resilience, and we all believe that having a bike is an integral part of growing up and developing as a kiwi kid. Providing foster children with bikes give them something to look forward to and something to enjoy! It provides foster children with additional opportunities to experience the outdoors and to seek new adventures. By having bikes available to the foster families it will encourage the children and their families to create long lasting memories and a childhood the they will remember and want to share later on in their lives. The bikes create a safe and happy environment that enables the family and children to continue to share experiences while also bringing health benefits.


The People Behind PedalPower


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    “Great job girls, good luck :) ”

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    “Well done girls! Great effort! ”

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    David Blakey
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    “Good luck girls. Looks like a great initiative”

    Cath Cearns
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    “What an exciting initiative to be involved in !
    Good luck girls, very proud of you.”

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    “Go Bells”

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    Kate Gill
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