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About Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

Project 2017-04-20 03:57:44 UTC

Bicycle Junction is growing and moving from our Newtown origins to a more central and versatile space at 1 Marion Street! We’re excited to build a bigger and better community… with YOU! With your help, in our new location we will engage and inspire more people to make Wellington a vibrant, cycle-centric city! More space to do more cool stuff! YEAH!


We want to create a friendly and warm home for people on bikes and especially for those who don't yet know they want to ride bikes. A cornerstone of our shop is inspiring people who don't currently ride bikes to join the movement. We do this by creating events that engage the cycling community and inspire new riders to join in, and of course by having beautiful, high-quality bikes that are easy to maintain and a joy to ride.


We will continue to create events that inspire, but also offer workshops that educate, a fleet of bikes that can be borrowed, and we will support community ideas for cycling related projects with funding, equipment and planning support.


We think the corner of Marion Street and Ghuznee is the ideal spot to make all this happen! It's about turning a regular bike shop into a mixed-use cafe, workshop, community venue, and retail space. We want to create more feel-good bike events to boost the cycling "cool factor" in the city but we need your help!


We’re asking for wider funding from our community to support making this space a community asset that we can all feel proud of. We’ve put together some sweet, sweet rewards, including some special services that will make your life so much easier!

Why do we need your help?

We’d like to raise money to offset the costs of fit-out, moving and upgrading the space. We need money to also acquire some much-needed tools to support our community events such as a Bicycle Sound System and PA, Bicycle Generator units for outdoor cinema or performance, and setup a bicycle library so that newcomers may explore the idea of living by bike.


With your help, we can do more for our community. Over the past 4 years we have put tens of thousands of dollars towards supporting community events and organisations. This support has taken the form of creating events, sponsorship, loan of props and equipment and considerable paid time of our team in organizing and delivering these to our community. We certainly intend to continue to grow this community support. Having some community buy-in to help create the props will give us a headstart and allow us to do more in a shorter space of time.


For years we have wanted to build a proper sound system bike, have our own bicycle generator system, build a projector bike and have a fleet of bikes always ready and available to support community events. We have a long wishlist of equipment and event ideas that we would love to bring to life. We would also like to build the new space in a way that it has the flexibility to operate as a community venue for workshops, gig nights, bike movie nights and many other events. Designing and building a space that is versatile as both retail and venue is challenging and more costly than a dedicated retail space. As a small family business we can't always stretch to build these things as soon as we'd like, which is why we are asking for your support to make them happen. 


And now for rewards...

In return for supporting our ambitions we've put together some great rewards. From puncture repairs to forcing Dan to do humiliating stunts. There’s even a way to show your support forever by putting your name on the wall in the new shop! Have you considered a more sustainable way to move your flat? We can do that by bike! Want a new bike for yourself? We've got that too! Have you ever wanted to take a pedicab to the airport instead of Uber? Sorted.


Whether you are a commuter, family, pedestrian, neighbour or new to cycling, we have something for everyone!


BJ storefront

So… what is a community hub?

Four years ago, we chose the name Bicycle Junction because it carried with it the idea that we wanted to be a crossroad between those who ride and those who do not yet ride. A meeting place, a junction point in people's ilves where they are introduced to life by bike.

Bicycle Junction believes a bicycle hub (or junction) should be a place that is open to everyone. A place that brings people together, where ideas can mix and community can thrive. It's quite the opposite of a club because the doors are open to all people, there's no membership and there's no expectation that you ride a bike. After all, riding bikes is about all the other things it enables you to do-- riding a bike is simply a great way to get you there.

We want to create a vibrant cycle-culture in Wellington, one that makes people want to be a part of it. We want to be the spark that catches fire, encouraging other shops, individuals and groups to join in to make cycle-culture something that a new generation of people feel compelled to be a part of. Something that helps share the culture of our beautiful city into one that is bicycle friendly.

Many of us who ride already have our own reasons for riding: we love the exercise, the solitude, or the rush. For many of us, cycling has been a lifetime activity but for the majority, this connection to cycling either stopped at adulthood or was never fostered. To engage our friends and co-workers in the joys of cycling, we need to break down the barriers to engagement by way of education, encouragement and the right bikes for the job. We want to make our events larger than life and full of excitement, joy and camaraderie. Events that get people thinking, "I want to be a part of this."


What else does Bicycle Junction do?

From the start, we've supported our community. From the free air pump that sits out the front of our Newtown store 24/7 to the more than 100 bicycles we have assembled free of charge for local schools in the Bikes in Schools program. We are committed to doing our bit. We also support both local and national cycling organisations in the pursuit of cycling infrastructure.


As one of the small group of businesses that are registered members of the living wage movement we believe in a fair wage for a fair work. We believe in running an ethical business that puts its returns into it's staff, its product and it's community. For that reason we have a minimal spend on marketing, preferring to see this cost go towards events that the community enjoy, and a team that offers a level of service, second to none.


We are very proud of our service, our quality of product and all the things we have done within the community. These are the things that give us satisfaction in our work. But we think we can achieve even more in our new location. Our job most importantly is to encourage as many people as we can to get out and ride for transport and enjoyment. We want to create a new place where people come to meet, talk and have their bike repaired in an environment where they always feel welcome and at home.


Thanks for being part of the community and your contribution to our campaign!

-Bicycle Junction staff-- Dan, Ezra, Stuart, Greg, Ilya, Liz and Catarina


Dan gif



The People Behind Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

Junction round 2017 Bicycle Junction Project admin


    Now Open: Your Neighbourhood Bikery!

    09:47PM Thu 03/08/17 on Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

    Well, we did it! We packed, moved (by-bike!), and set up shop on the corner of Marion and Ghuznee. This is everythig you helped create-- Your neighborhood bikery. Come say hi! Bring a friend who may even be a bit bike-curious.

    Our cafe is open until 3pm everyday except Sunday. We are offering same-day services, a whole new range of products for adventurists, commuters, and the fashion-forward crowd. The neighbourhood just got a bit cooler!

    New shop hours:

    Mon-Fri 730-530pm and Saturday 9-3pm

    We are now serving up delicious Peoples Coffee in addition to teas and juices. We also have a full range of beautiful breakfast sandwiches, pastires and treats on offer. 

    We have some new faces around the shop as well. We can't wait to meet you all!

    An entire calendar of events is scheduled to come out soon as well so be sure to keep up to date with all the haps by liking our Facebook page here and signing up to our newsletter here.

    Thanks so much! We look forward to seeing you on Marion Street.

    Dan, Catarina, Callum, Stuart, Ezra, Greg, Pat and Audrey

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    We Reached Our Target! Thank you!

    03:41AM Tue 13/06/17 on Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

    We're extremely humbled with the result of our Pledgeme campaign and we can't begin to thank you all enough! We won't lie - early on things were looking a bit questionable, but that just made it all the more exciting. Everyone who pledged, whether it was $5 or $500, is investing in what we see as a crucial part of enhancing Wellington's cycle culture. Now that we know we have so many great and generous people behind us, we can't wait to work tirelessly to achieve our vision!

    From now until we're open in the new space (dates TBC), we'll be busy with our heads down and our hands greasy working on fitting out the new shop, and we'll be keeping our Newtown workshop/cafe operating all the while.

    Over the next three weeks we'll be processing the rewards, so please be patient as we work through the huge list of generous pledgers and organize the goods! Watch this space - we'll try our best to keep everyone posted on the fun rewards such as Dan bombing Ngauranga Gorge (nearly) naked and the e-bike raffle.

    Thanks again! 

    The Bicycle Junction team

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    05:40AM Sun 11/06/17 on Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

    We're freaking out by the support in these last 24 hours. It's a wild ride and we couldn't be more humbled by your pledges, pouring in these days few hours! Just under $1,000 to go and less than 4 hours!

    Thank you for believing in us and trusting us! For sharing with others and pushing this project over the line. The words aren't coming to us because well, it's just so overwhelming how awesome this is!

    Cheers to you!

    -Bicycle Junction Team!!!

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    24 Hours To Go!

    02:59AM Sat 10/06/17 on Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

    NEARLY there! We are almost to the finish line! It's a squeeze but we think we can do it! And thank you so much for supporting this campaing thus far!


    Remember, these rewards (and the hub) aren't just for cyclists! We host events for everyone! Who doesn't love peanut butter, chocolate or coffee?



    If you know anyone who isn't following our social media storm, please tag them in a post, share it on your timelines or give them a quick text/call. Don't do it for us, do it for kids like the ones in the photo! ;-)


    The KING of all rewards is still on offer as well. Dan's (nearly) naked ride down the Ngauranga Gorge! Enjoy the Friding Gorilla video to get a taste of what Dan likes to get up to on his bike.


    Remember, crowdfunding campaigns are ALL OR NOTHING! If we don't hit our goal, we don't get anything. And you don't get the sweet, sweet rewards!



    In the next 24 hours, we hope to be sending a celebration email about how we smashed our goal and are bringing the hub to Central Wellington with more fun events and equipment (think a PA Sytem on a cargo bike!)! Thanks for supporting us so far! We are blown away by the love. Cheers to hitting our goal!


    -Bicycle Junction team! Dan, Ezra, Greg, Stu, and Catarina


    Friding Gorilla from Bicycle Junction on Vimeo.

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    The rewards keep flowing!

    12:22AM Thu 08/06/17 on Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

    Love chocolate? Or beer? Maybe both? We're not judging!

    Or considering a more sustainable way to go to the airport? We got your sorted.

    Today, our awesome friend Hannah dropped off these beauties made from innertubes from our shop! Thanks heaps, Hannah! You rock!

    All these, and more could be yours with pledges received these last three days! WOOHOO!!

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    You Got This!

    12:50AM Tue 06/06/17 on Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

    You may recall a day when we delivered beer by bike to some very happy customers! Well that day is back! Check out the beer, juice, chocolate, and peanut butter rewards... All of which we can bring by bike if you're in Wellington!

    You're always welcome to come to the new shop too for a pickup! We'd love to see you there!

    We are planning some goodwill bike riding this week so if you're feeling giving, please share the campaign with others. And pay-it-forward with a service or bell for other bike riders in your life!

    The odds for the e-bike raffle are looking good too! Studies show if you ride an e-bike in the rain, you don't get wet.*

    *not a real study!

    Pedal on, friends! Thanks for giving and sharing with others. LET'S DO THIS!

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    10 Days Away!

    11:38PM Wed 31/05/17 on Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

    We are excited to be over the halfway mark with the campaign and only 10 days left to share and pledge and basically make this thing go VIRAL! (And not the viral kind that's going around *cough*)

    In celebration of hitting the hump, here is a sneak peek into the plans for the new space.

    It's going to be full of versatile furnitute to move around to make it work for everyone-- music gigs, workshops, and anything the community needs it for. Included is a beautiful coffee bar, storage, and seating to share ideas with fellow Wellingtonians. 

    Along with the fit-out, we want to purchase equipment suited for events like bike rides, movie nights, and small music gigs. We love hosting rides and events for our community, but we realise we need to bring it up a notch if we're going to be in the city doing it big time! PA system, bicycle generators, and more! We've made it a goal to host more cool events for you. Check out the ones we've done in the past:

    This is where we need your help! If you know people who would be keen to see this happen, or if you want more yourself, please share with people in your network! Thanks soooooo much for pledging and being a part of something exciting in Wellington!

    -Bicycle Junction team (Dan, Ezra, Greg, Stuart, Catarina, and Pat)

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    Rewards update!

    09:43PM Tue 16/05/17 on Help Build Bicycle Junction’s New Community Hub! 🚲

    Thank you to everyone who has supported the campaign lately! We really appreciate it. We are blown away with the support so far.

    Keep checking the campaign page for updates and new rewards. We'll be adding more and more as the campaign rolls on. Our amazing community has offered some sweet stuff and we are going BIG on some of the stunts and things you can do BY BIKE! So keep an eye out.

    The exclusive print is show below along with the biggest reward of all, a Linus Dutchi 3 bicycle:

     Patrick McDonald print

    Linus Dutchi 3

    More to come from Garage Project, Wellington Chocolate Factory, Karma Cola, and more. 

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