Yoga for children and the young at heart - Aristotle's Journey into Happiness - (A family yoga classic) By bibi devoy

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About Yoga for children and the young at heart - Aristotle's Journey into Happiness - (A family yoga classic)

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Yoga for children and the young at heart - Aristotle's Journey into Happiness - (A family yoga classic)


Hi there, I am planning to get this 78 page classic family yoga book, illustrated and written by myself, self-published. It shows kids and adults (age 5 to 100) how to keep our bodies tuned, healthy and aligned through yoga. Aristotle, the positive and uplifting monkey, shows us how to do the classic postures and sequences in an uplifting and vigorous way. Aristotle won't let the monkey-mind get in the way.

I've approached several publishers but the New Zealand market for this type of book is too small (getting an agent is like getting a full time job). I've used "Aristotle's Jouney into Happiness" in many of my yoga classes both in NZ as well as overseas. Grown-ups, school-teachers, and kids all find juicy bits they can relate to and groove along with. General response from non-yogis is: "I want to have a copy this book, it makes me want to try yoga". This is a joyful and quaint book that translates complex ideas into simple and easy to follow yoga steps. The book is endorsed by some fabulous people who see its vision and world-wide appeal. Danny Paradise, a long-time yoga teacher to many a rising yoga star (Sting, Madonna, Pavarotti . . . ) wrote the foreword, "Bibi's visionary and masterful new children's/family book is full of ancient wisdom, beautiful drawings and the joy, happiness, independence and personal empowerment that Yoga can bring to everyone. What better way to help heal the world and restore the balance than to introduce the teachings of yoga to the youngest generation?" Simply put, this book is meant to inspire and keep a smile on everyone's face! To give you an idea of the book in action, below is an image of the title as well as a Facebook link.


Aristotle the Monkeyogi


About Bibi and Aristotle

I began teaching Yoga to kids and teachers in Tokyo in 2001. Coming from a primary school teaching background and working at international schools, the idea of bringing yoga to kids and teachers was well received by the heads of the schools as well as its staff! In 2003 I completed my White Lotus teaching Certificate - - and began teaching at various schools, studios and Aristotle the monkey came into being. This Book project evolved over 4 years and was well received at the Maui Writers conference. I've taught hundreds of children of many ages and some of them have actually turned into yoga teachers themselves. Parents of children and the children themselves have shown appreciation via stories and letters as well as personal testimonials. As an artist and writer, yoga has always helped ground me and given me balance and inspiration when executing my creativity and dreams. Teaching yoga to kids of all ages has also brought a ton of beautiful, genuine people my way from all over the globe. "Yoga for children and the young at heart - Aristotle's Journey into Happiness" is endorsed by some of the most respected and funky yoga-teachers in the world, including creatives who appreciate my vision, such as David O'Donnell from the Drama Department at Victoria University as well as various other NZ creatives. I'm thankful to all of them and most of all love the kids who bring their ideas and bundles of energy into the class every term. Bringing this book out in paper-back means the world to me and it is the parents who've constantly pushed and encouraged me to publish the book in paperback. I thank you all and enjoy the ride along with Aristotle!!! Love Bibi and Aristotle and the 'team'.

Bibi Yogi and Aristotle the Yogamonkey 




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Breathing Arm-Stretch Pose - PRINT SAMLE TWO




The People Behind Yoga for children and the young at heart - Aristotle's Journey into Happiness - (A family yoga classic)

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    11:18AM Sat 27/05/17 on Yoga for children and the young at heart - Aristotle's Journey into Happiness - (A family yoga classic)

    Want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all you Pledgers for helping make this family children's yoga classic happen! We have reached over a third of the funding and we need all the help we can get to get the book off the ground. Please keep sharing and spreading the info to other parents and friends. Sending much much LOVE and LIGHT.

    Bibi and the Aristotle TEAM! xxx




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      Helen Valentine
      2017-05-26 18:39:05 +1200

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      “I am so thrilled to know this adorable book is now so close to publication.
      Bibi I wish you every are amazingly talented!

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      Bronwyn Tweddle
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      “I love you Bibi!! All my best ❤️❤️❤️”

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      Thijs Mourits
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      “Liebe Gruesse xx”

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      Paul McLaughlin
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      “Good luck Bibi!”

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      2017-05-22 10:36:30 +1200

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      “May there be more families practising yoga!”

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      “So exciting Bibi!!! xox”

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      Pierre simard
      2017-05-21 08:53:14 +1200

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      “She has a very good heart I am happy to support her”

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      Michael Robinson
      2017-05-20 09:20:29 +1200

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      Barry GPledgeMe Staff
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      “Cleanse my monkey-mind!”

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      “So proud of you, Bibi! Love you! ”

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      2017-05-18 13:59:36 +1200

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      “Congratulations Bibi! Can't wait to get our copy! Woooohooo!”

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      Ali kirkpatrick
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      Kathy Lindsay
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      “All the best Bibi, love Kathy and Michael ”

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      Uncle Richard
      2017-05-17 21:06:46 +1200

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      “Tolle Arbeit, Bibi! Viel Erfolg!”

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      Bikram Yoga Wellington
      2017-05-17 11:20:24 +1200

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      “Hi Bibi, Well done! Looking forward to seeing your book finally published. Cheers, Anika”

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      Stefanie Dixon
      2017-05-17 09:15:34 +1200

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      “I am so excited that my children will be able to follow your amazing yoga flow through a picture book!”

      Nicole Rinke Wijngaarden
      2017-05-17 07:30:21 +1200

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      “Congratulations Bibi, so proud of you”

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      Toth Doris
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      Tomomi Iwasaki Sakamoto
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      “I'm looking forward to have your book Bibi!!!
      xxx Tomomi”

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      Lisa Austin
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      “Love you Loads

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