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About My Kids Village: Time to grow

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Gillian with her kidsMy Kids Village

My Kids Village is a social enterprise aiming to help make parents lives easier.  It's a website that started in the Wellington region in August 2016 and has ambitions to go nationwide to help all parents across Aotearoa eventually.

At the moment it is really hard to know what local options there are for your kids activities, childcare etc.  So parents have a hard time working out where to send their kids when they're looking for that kind of support. 

My Kids Village offers providers of childcare, kids activities, holiday programmes and the-like, a free online profile so that there's no barrier to getting all this information in one place; one hub. Parents search their neighbourhood for the types of providers and age-range they're looking for.  And hey presto!  The parent can see all the available options, pick one and contact them to book in their child.

I have personally funded the development of the website so far, alongside some very generous sponsorship from the web-company I have been working with.

My goal for 2017 is to make My Kids Village a roaring success in the Wellington region so I'm ready to move the site to other regions in the country.

So, I'd love for you to join me on my mission to make parents lives easier. Please fund whatever you can.  Thank you!


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