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Needless Cane: Poppies Music Video By Olex Sydor

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About Needless Cane: Poppies Music Video

Project 2017-02-06 16:27:28 +1300


We the Gothic Rock band Needless Cane, Blake Guest (vocals), Morgan Cummins-Hussey (Guitars), Emylin James (Drums) and Cemal Gilmore (Bass) are wanting make our 3rd music video for our song Poppies, a follow up to our 2012 music video “Hemlock Lemonade (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJBEjiLJo6I)”.


Each of our music videos has built upon the last, becoming more elaborate, more cinematic and more complex, a trend that we wish to continue with “Poppies”.


For Poppies we want to tell the story of an innocent world entering a surreal masquerade ball and being seduced by the forces of darkness.  

Still from Hemlock Lemonade Music Video


To make this the spectacle that we want we are looking to have a cast of 20, including lead actress, ball goers and the band that will be playing characters,  as well crew of around 10 people including a producer, director, cameraman, lighting, make up and safety personal 

What will the money go towards?   


Most of the money will be going towards the hiring of equipment. We are looking at hiring a Sony  PMW-F5 camera as our main camera, some cine quality lenses (Ziess T2 Classics), as well as lighting and tripods.


Also we need to hire an indoor location to use as the set; we are aiming to hire the club Threshold as our venue.

We will be purchasing masquerade masks for the actors and covering costs for our makeup artist.    


Also we will need to purchase food and drink for the crew on the day.




The People Behind Needless Cane: Poppies Music Video

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