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Hello,  I'm Rose McMahon a 16 year old professional photographer and filmmaker. I’m on my way to achieving my goal of becoming the youngest ever female Director of a Hollywood film. Right now I’m a professional photographer, Little Miss Rose, and making self-funded short films. Like out of my own pocket self-funded, not from Mum and Dad, but using the profits of my own photography business to make movies. 

I've just wrapped filming my first short film in December 2016. The film is called Implications of Imagination and I totally self-funded the production. The film premiered in front of over 1000 people at Night Owl Cinema in Mount Maunganui on the 5th January 2017. Thanks Night Owl Cinema for supporting local talent, you guys rock. A huge big thank you to the amazing cast and crew that made the film such a fun and rewarding project. 

But, as I said I’m heading to Hollywood to direct major movies, so there’s no time for sitting around basking in the glory of the first film. There’s a lot to be done.  

I'm about to start shooting my second short film - Bleach

What is the film about? It's a boy meets girl kind of story. The boy is Jimmy, he’s cocky, overconfident and more than a little oblivious. He also thinks that the girl in the laundromat is cute, and “totally” into him. The girl? Her name is Faye, she has a dark hobby.

Again it's going to be self-funded, remember from my own pocket. 

The film is set in a laundromat, so I’ll need to hire a laundromat for at least 2 days of filming. To cover some of the costs of hiring the laundromat, I’m reaching out to the crowd for some funding. 

A future big-shot filmmaker thanks you deeply for your generosity, support, and good wishes. So just imagine in 10 years time you’ll be able to look back on this day and say you helped fund one of my early projects. 

The people behind Bleach

You can read more about this incredible crew on Team page. 

Rose McMahon – Director

Holly McMahon – Writer

Jared Dobbs – Director of Photography

Rachel Dobbs – Assistant to Director

Alf Rose – Sound Technician

Rose Allan – Hairdresser and Makeup Artist



Here are the incredible actors in Bleach...



Mikayla Morgan, a graduate of Southseas film and television school with a diploma in onscreen acting. Part time scarer at Spookers haunted attraction and full-time duty manager. Two roles which are totally different to each other, in her everyday life that help her portray the role of Faye in the up coming short film "Bleach". Mikayla has appeared in a hand full of short films during her studies and stage shows such as Steel Magnolias, Caberet, LovePuke, multiple Shakespeare plays and a range of roles from lead to supporting. She hopes to make her mark in the film industry and what better way to do that than with a talented group such as the team at Twinkling Bat Films and the cast of "Bleach".




Matt makes his on-screen acting debut as Jimmy in Bleach. Although this is Matt's first time in front of the camera he does have extensive music performance experience, as a professional DJ and an entrepreneurial streak as a business owner. Matt's natural swagger and confidence made him an instant hit with the entire casting team.




Fletcher is a passionate actor who relishes in the escapism that altering his persona allows. Having performed numerous lead roles over the years, predominantly in musical theatre, melodrama and Shakespeare, he is by all means no stranger to the stage. Fletcher puts emotion above all else in every aspect of performance, be it music or acting, and finds purpose in relaying such emotion to an audience. From a very young age, he has devoted his life to the arts, always with a love for performing and undying future ambitions. Fletcher starred in  Implications of Imagination both as lead actor and musical score writer (Twinkling Bat Films).  Fletcher will also be writing, performing and recording an original soundtrack for Bleach.





A New Zealand born and Australian trained actor, Erroll has worked predominately in the mediums of Film and TV. He consolidated his theatrical beginnings and gained a Bachelor of Theatre Arts with a major in Acting from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia. Beginning his professional career in Sydney, it now spans well over a decade and it includes a variety of impressive industry names and titles, with directors and producers and locations stretching all over the globe. Erroll's diverse body of work has been a reflection of the style and strength he brings to the screen, from feature films to television dramas, comedy to theatre his characters are complex, engaging and leave you wanting more. The role that propelled Erroll into a new league of on screen villains was that of the infamous Mr Big of the Mr Asia Syndicate "Terry Clark" in Underbelly - Land of the Long Green Cloud. Since then he's developed an impressive list of dangerous antagonists, like "Chocka Fahey", who wouldn't have been out of place in Sons of Anarchy, to "Tony Micheals" in "Safehouse" and the latest of the bunch "Karl Riechman" in TVNZ's 20 episode drama "Filthy Rich" which aired earlier this year. 



The People Behind Bleach - Short Film

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Rose McMahon – Director

I’m the 16 year old founder and head photographer of a successful photography and film business, Little Miss Rose. In 2016 I decided to turn my passion for telling stories into a series of short films and established Twinkling Bat Films. I’m on my way to filming a feature length film in 2018, it's a super exciting journey and I’m stoked with the crew of people collaborating with me on the goal of becoming the youngest female Director of a Hollywood film. On 5th January 2017 my first short film, Implications of Imagination premiered in front of approx 1500 people at Night Owl Cinema in Mt Maunganui

Here are some of the amazing people I'm working with on my first two films...

Holly McMahon – Writer

I love words. Particularly if the words are arranged sensibly in a novel involving flawed characters and complex plots. I’m new to writing screenplays but an old hand at inventing and crafting stories. In 2017 I’m moving to Wellington to commence a Bachelor of Biomedical Science majoring in Molecular Pathology. This is my second script to head to screen.  The first being Implications of Imagination which premiered to over 1500 people receiving widespread praise.

Jared Dobbs – Director of Photography

I am a photographer, videographer and general goofball who works as part of Swift and Click. Despite my harsh and terrifying exterior I really like people and also capturing them through cameras. With many years in the industry and a love for film. I’m the Director of Photography (even though I can’t even direct myself to bed on time most nights).

Rachel Dobbs – Assistant Director

I’m the pretty part of Swift and Click and make a wonderful Assistant Director, mainly because I love telling people what to do. As a business manager, organizer and excellent photographer, I provide valuable context and style for all jobs I work on.

Alf Rose – Sound Technician

Sound has been a lifetime passion and a common thread to 40 years (or so) experience in music and radio. ‘Good Ears’ are essential, whether it’s playing Fender bass or broadcasting to the nation. I’ve worked in radio as a host on music and news networks, produced live outside broadcasts, recorded thousands of radio commercials, narrated for Film and TV and produced regional broadcast news. I’m currently a columnist for a monthly magazine and bassist in a jazz trio. Most recently, I worked on The Z-Nail Gang (2013) as Vehicle Wrangler/Music/Foley, and as Sound Recordist on Just 3 Girls (2016) and Chariot Club (2016). With new recording equipment, I’m ready to capture crystal-clear, error-free sound on location.

Tanya Horo – Casting Director

I have been living in Tauranga for 3 years, after returning from New York in 2014 I decided to make the Bay of Plenty my home. I’m the director of the new Actors Agency BOP Actors, an agency focussed on finding talent work in Film and TV here in NZ and also overseas. I have worked in the film industry for 20 years as a successful actress and worked in the music industry for 15 years as a touring artist. And also a member of BOP FILM which was set up to help facilitate the growing Film Industry in Tauranga. I believe everyone deserves a chance to live their dreams and the only way to do that is by doing and believing and doing and believing – put on repeat.

Rose Allan – Hairdresser & Makeup Artist

I have been hairdressing for the past 19 years and recently trained as a makeup artist in fashion, theatre and media makeup. My achievements so far have included coordinating the hair & makeup for a short film, makeup & hair for a music video, makeup & hair for two fashion shows, makeup & hair for weddings/school balls. I am excited to be working alongside Twinkling Bat Films for their upcoming short films. 



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