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I'm Jack, and I have owned a small Indie record label since 2009, based in Wellington, NZ. In the small period we've existed, Southern Collective Music has hit the albums and singles charts on a number of occasions. We recognise, however, that times are changing, and new habits are driven by technology. I looked into where we can innovate, and develop our business with a forward looking ethos.

I have created a new music industry related marketing app. This app will help both fans and musicians alike, and will create jobs in the process. While potentially it could be considered disruptive and innovative, it's benign enough to not threaten, but to enhance, the music industry's existing infrastructure.

I can't go further into the detail, as the very reason for the crowd funding request is to protect the idea. Suffice to say, this is a campaign with the intention of increasing New Zealand's profile as continuing to punch above its weight in innovation and creativity. For me, and Southern Collective Music, it will offer the means to provide potential employment opportunity, both for managing the app itself and for our other intended forays into the technology available to us in the 21st Century.

I have people ready to build. I have a business plan to take it to market. I need to protect it first. Will you please help me to fund the IP Protection?

P.S> I hope you like the vid? This single hit number ONE for six weeks in January 2013 in the Philippines, Jam 883FMs listeners chart. :-)


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