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About Publish PET DAY! - Support Molly and Sam's second book, and help raise awareness of SM!

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I am raising funds to publish Pet Day, the second book in my Molly and Sam series. Please read my page and give me your support so I can share this book with other people too. 



Molly and Sam are the main characters of my first book, Sheep Whistles and Sam, which was published earlier in 2016. Sam has become quite a star, and because of this I have been asked if I have written anymore stories? The good news is YES! Sam is a real dog as well as a character in my book, and every day on our farm there is a story to be told.      


The story of Pet Day is packed with love, laughter and joy.  As a writer, I feel it is important that children are able to enjoy and identify with stories.

Pet Day is not only a tribute to all those hard working organisers and associations that bring this event to our NZ schools each year, it is also a tribute to people who suffer from selective mutism. This condition is often misunderstood, and I hope that Pet Day will help to raise more awareness about it.

Pet Day and Selective Mutism

Pet Day has been praised by Toni Pakula. Toni is the founder and organiser of NZ charity, VOICE for selective mutism. She has encouraged and urged me to continue with my stories from the Molly and Sam series. 

Selective mutism (SM) is a condition that affects both children and adults, and has for many decades been misunderstood. SM is caused by intense anxiety that makes it impossible for the sufferer to speak in certain situations. It can be soul destroying, distressing and depressing for sufferers, as well as friends and family members who often feel helpless in their attempts to support.

VOICE is the first NZ charity bringing this condition to our attention. Ambitiously, it aims to educate and support family, friends and professionals such as teachers and carers to understand and have the tools to be able to set up workshops and offer help for children with SM. I was thrilled to hear from Toni that she gave Pet Day the thumbs up!  

All of us from time to time suffer with anxiety and shyness. For people with SM, these feelings often result in the inability to join in with others and speak. It saddens me to think that children with SM can be often labelled as rude, dumb, unfriendly, and lazy. Children with SM are often left to struggle and fall behind with tasks or school work.

Every book sold from the Molly and Sam series will donate a percentage to help VOICE in its efforts to research and support those affected by SM.

I feel excited that I have written a story which can be relatable to SM, and also shared and enjoyed by everyone. Animals can heal, Sam is a superstar and we love him very much!

PET DAY - The storyline

Molly cannot wait to take Sam to Pet Day at her school. All week long she has encouraged Sam to follow her commands, and 'Speak up!' Sam is aware that Molly is very proud of him. Everyone is excited. Grandma has baked a cake for the baking competition.

Sam has never been to Molly’s school before. There are a lot of people.

Sam notices all the legs seem to be staring at him. He is feeling a little fretful as he sniffs for crumbs under the cake table. He gasps as he notices a pair of hairy monster toes staring back at him!

Sam is scared, and doesn’t like the monster toes. He doesn’t like the legs all staring at him. What will he do?

He doesn’t want to let Molly down, but his new itchy collar feels tight around his throat.

We know we can all lose our voices at times, but did you realise that pets can lose theirs too? Poor Sam has lost his bark!  This is not good.

Molly’s teacher is judging the competition, and Sam is up next. Can he bark? Can he wag his tail? Can he win a prize for Molly? Sam is frozen. All the legs and knees are stamping, and he can hear voices yelling, “What is wrong with that dog?”

But all the Molly and Sam stories have a happy ending, bringing laughter, love, sharing and caring for others. 

Please help me to publish Pet Day by pledging to purchase your copy!

Every book sold will make a difference, not only to me as a writer and NZ for being one of the most awesome places in the world to shout about. (Molly, Sam and I think so anyway!) but also to the children reading them. I have written Molly and Sam stories in easy to follow text. Here's a link to the review by the NZ Book Council, 2016.

Please have a look at the rewards and choose to pledge or share your support to put a little sunshine in your day!

Thank you everyone for reading this pledge!!!    


The People Behind Publish PET DAY! - Support Molly and Sam's second book, and help raise awareness of SM!

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