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We would love for you to be involved in the making of “Spaces” and so it is with great excitement that we invite you to preorder our sophomore album. We believe it is our most honest heartfelt offering to date - and we will be eternally grateful for any support you can give. More details below - we can't wait to get this music to your ears!

Love, Toni and Andy - Eyreton Hall.


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this. We are currently in the midst of recording our second album, SPACES. With the help of our friend and excellent eared producer Ben King and our beautiful band, we have recorded 10 + songs and now are going about the process of adding the finishing touches and setting them free in the world.


This PledgeMe campaign is about giving family, friends and music lovers the opportunity to support us by pre-ordering our limited release physical CD. We also have a collection of rewards for your contribution (to the right) – but any way in which you can support us, will be hugely appreciated.



So why ‘Spaces'? This album is predominantly about hellos and goodbyes. When someone leaves – they are found again in the most curious of places. A moment of quiet, a remembered funny, the face of a stranger, someplace you’ve never been before.  Likewise, when you meet another tiny human for the first time they fill spaces that you never knew you had. The music itself is also more spacious, the songs simpler and the lyrics sparser.


As PledgeMe is an all or nothing platform – meaning if we don’t meet our target we don’t receive any funds, we have set what we hope is a realistic amount to reach in 30 days. This will not cover all the costs associated with recording the album – but it will ensure we can continue to make this thing a reality and mean these songs don’t just remain music in an empty room.



So if after reading this you are able to pledge and pre-order the album, or wish to give more or less to the campaign, please know you do so with our most sincere thanks. If you are unable to pledge but would like to come to our gigs, share the campaign or our songs on facebook, or are able to be involved in another way we would love that too.





Any support you give we take as an endorsement of our music - and that means more than you can know. We are so appreciative! With your help, we hope to launch the album in October of this year - go on! You know you want to!

Much love


Toni and Andy - Eyreton Hall











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    07:42AM Sat 24/06/17 on Eyreton Hall - New Album Spaces


    Here is a little stripped back version of 'Spaces' with the lovely Claudia Gunn. This song is the title track and is dedicated to our beautiful friend Ilse Hull. 
    Much love 
    E.H X


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    Unbelievable. We are utterly amazed!

    02:14PM Mon 12/06/17 on Eyreton Hall - New Album Spaces

    Unbelievable. We are utterly amazed! You have helped us raise $6000 in only 7 days - meaning you will receive that shiny new CD! We are truly beyond grateful and can't thank you all enough for helping make this record a reality.

    We'd like to emphasise that you have not just 'liked', 'shared' and purchased an album, you have gifted us the privilege and opportunity to document music which has become not only important to us on a professional and musical level - but which also has significant personal importance. Thank you. Your endorsement of our music has honestly filled our bucket to overflowing.

    So what now? The funds raised thus far will go towards paying some of the people behind the scenes such as Ben King, our incredible producer. As we mentioned in our PledgeMe write up, this is an all or nothing platform and so we went for the minimum amount that would mean we could move forward with the album, knowing that it wouldn't cover all the costs. Because of you, we are now in the amazing position that the campaign is still live till Sunday the 2nd of July, so if you know of anybody whom you think might like the album there is still time to pre-order copies, and we would really appreciate your continued support in spreading the word.
    With that in mind, we have set a new goal to get to $8000. Any new pledges will go towards all the other things involved in making the record including the fabulous musicians, mixing, mastering, CD production, publicity, cover design and excitingly might actually see us chart when we release the album in October!  

    Again, please know how humbled we are by the support and love we have been shown. We will continue to work hard to ensure that this album is our best work and is in your hands come October - that is our pledge to you.

    Because of your help and generosity, "Spaces" is go! 

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
    Andy and Toni - Eyreton Hall


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    On RadioNZ at 2.25pm TODAY

    02:06PM Fri 09/06/17 on Eyreton Hall - New Album Spaces

    We're talking to Jesse Mulligan at 2.25pm today on Radio NZ. You can listen live online - hear us play some stripped back versions of our new tunes!

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    Full on First Week!

    07:56AM Tue 06/06/17 on Eyreton Hall - New Album Spaces

    Eyreton Hall House Concert
    Well, it has been a fairly full on first few days and we have been completely overwhelmed with the wonderful positive response we have received. We would like to sincerely thank anyone that has followed the campaign, shared the campaign, expressed words of support and kindness, and of course pledged and pre-ordered the CD.
    We are so thrilled that we will be able to get this record finished this year and out to everyone. Still, it's not over yet - we are sitting on 86.5% so we are really close but we still need to get to target or we don't receive any of the funds collected thus far. We were both very anxious about running a crowdfunding campaign but the outpouring of love and the endorsement of our music has totally filled our cups - we are beyond grateful.
    Thank you all so very much.
    Toni and Andy xx


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      2017-06-01 07:46:39 +1200

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      “Yay !! New album. O for awesome”

      Joey Dias
      2017-06-01 07:33:25 +1200

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      “Couldn't be prouder and more excited for you guys than I am today! You two are amazing! ”

      Debbie Elias
      2017-06-01 07:28:53 +1200

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      “So excited for this album 😍”

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