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About Taranaki Retreat - A New Zealand Suicide Prevention Initiative

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Retreat Guest Accommodation - under construction

Taranaki Retreat is a Kiwi initiative (not restricted to Taranaki) which has been under construction since early 2014. We are devastated that every year that goes by; so many New Zealanders are lost to suicide. We believe that making a difference in this happens through giving people options and support when things are going to custard, and expressing the truth that it's ok not to be OK.

THANKS to Pledgeme, we have raised over $12,000 to finish our last building on site and get this sanctuary open for New Zealanders.PLEASE continue to support us until our campaign ends.

ALL that you pledge for Taranaki Retreat will be ploughed into the Charity's fund for support - which provides for food, transport and counselling of families and individuals just like you and me.


Here's one of the teams at work, building the cosy warm guest accommodation which will house up to eleven people at a time, for free:

The cosy accommodation

At this place of safety, people going through crisis - individuals or families - will be able to stay, for up to three weeks, for no cost. Be welcomed, well fed, safe and valued. They will get to know a support team who are committed to making a long-term difference in their situation long-term during and after their stay - whether that counselling; debt-support; therapy or advocacy.

Since we launched this charity in 2014 (watch our video to see how we started - and now look at our photos to see where we've come to!), we have seen incredible generosity in making this a reality for Kiwis. Over $750,000 has been raised. Our remaining funding gap is tiny; we are committed to being open in time for that tricky time of year - this Christmas.

Here's some of the awesome team taking a little time out during the build. We need YOUR support to get this open - PLEASE help us.

Some of the build whanau


We have found the strongest support has come from people who themselves have experienced a loss to suicide, either in their immediate whanau or circle of friends, or more widely.


We know that that is most of us.


We also know that YOU want to see things change and our teenagers who find that they have nowhere to turn to, to know there is a place which cries out how much we all care. Please help us over the last hurdle.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for reading this - you may never know the people who you will support through your pledge - but you can rest assured that lives will be saved by your generosity. Note that any Pledge that you make (if we are successful) will be receipted - and tax deductible.

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...or check out our website here.



The People Behind Taranaki Retreat - A New Zealand Suicide Prevention Initiative

Taranaki retreat logo Jamie Allen Project admin

My name is Jamie Allen - and I am Project Co-ordinator of an AMAZING team at this community hub. 

We are a registered charitable trust with a big heart. Our kaupapa is suicide prevention, and we are passionate about our work.

Our people have all donated significantly to the project ourselves - including gifting the entire plot of land where our residential facility is built.

We have a HUGE support team of volunteers. This includes builders, plumbers, electricians, counsellors, doctors, nurses, therapists, gardeners and great cooks, all of whom are stuck into the build and the long-term life of this expression of how much Kiwis care.

The Retreat was built from the ground-up, entirely through the generosity of individuals and a community that's longing to see a difference in the silent tragedy of suicide.

Our vocation and vision is supporting people with a residential stay (completely free of charge) when things have gone to custard.

We also offer outreach support for people in their own homes; and people come and use our facilities (which include a Gym and a quiet reflective space, facing the mountain) for day visits.

We are intentionally all-inclusive. It doesn't matter where you live, who you are, what your circumstances are, or whether your GP wants to refer you for support. We know that suicide prevention is about all of us - not any specific demographic or group.

Check out our homepage here for loads of photos and information about who we are; what we do; and how all this came to be.

Ngā mihi nui



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    WELL over the half-way stage.... check out our new video!

    09:47PM Wed 16/11/16 on Taranaki Retreat - A New Zealand Suicide Prevention Initiative

    Kia ora dear Support Crew

    Thank you, thank you for making a pledge to support the opening of Taranaki Retreat. You might like to view our awesome animation which tells a little of the kaupapa of this initiative.

    You are AMAZING for supporting us.

    Please spread the word - and help us get over the line.

    With love,

    The Retreat Team

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    THANK YOU - thank you, thank you for your pledge

    12:19PM Fri 11/11/16 on Taranaki Retreat - A New Zealand Suicide Prevention Initiative

    Dear Friend

    Thank you so, so much for making a Pledge for our Campaign to get the Retreat open in time for Christmas. We have just hit the $5000 mark - and that is because of YOU.

    We have a chunky waiting-list for people to come and stay, and it's indescribably encouraging to know that we are edging closer and closer to making that happen.

    I'll get out of your inbox now - I really just wanted to say thanks.



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