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Crafty Brews is an 8-part factual, entertainment web series where beer-guide Ava Nakagawa hits the road to tell the story of the craft of modern beer brewing in Aotearoa.  We will do this by travelling across the country to learn about the history and meet the craft beer brewers who make their region unique. 

Ava runs the famous Pomeroy's Pub in Christchurch, and she also brews beer.  She's not half bad at it, but is by no means an expert, which places her perfectly for curious investigation on behalf of our viewers. She brews her own line under the name 'Beer Baroness' and is the right person to host this series, because she will bring a non-threatening and inquisitive look into an age old practice, therefore broadening our viewing audience.

Each episode will be driven by a theme: water, hops, yeast, malt etc... Ava will visit different breweries and collaborate on a brew to show each part of the process. We believe that this series has a broad enough appeal to a wide audience, as well as those who love craft beer, and there has been no comprehensive video documentation of all the amazing work the craft beer industry is doing in our country - it's about time someone captured it!

The series will be hosted on it's own web-platform and made shareable to all investors as well as marketed independently.  The goal is to eduacte and entertain!

The series is being made by Christchurch video production company Ruffell Productions.  Ruffell Productions is co-owned by Tim McInnes and Harley Williams who have worked together for over a decade.  They are all about telling engaging stories through strong and beautiful pictures.

 These are the fine folks who will be making the series...

Our wonderful host - Ava Nakagawa

Tim McInnes - Director/Producer/Writer

Harley Williams - Editor/Post Production

Rachel Morton - Producer

Jason Hunt - Camera Operator

Nan Sirisamphan - Director's Assistant








The People Behind Crafty Brews - A Web Series

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    Sticker sets just arrived...

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    Hello lovely pledgers!  The Crafty Brews sticker sets just arrived courtesy of Custom Stickers.  Choice!

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      “All the best with this venture, we can never know too much about craft beer! I mean, beer is a big part of the heritage of this country.”

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      “Good luck - sounds like fun. ”

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      “All the best with the series, looking forward to it 🍻Go Ava!”

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      “Good Luck - It's a great idea and we are looking forward to the first in the series - Steve Young - LabwareHouse”

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      “Great idea, look forward to the end product, a bit like Pomeroy's brews!”

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      “Woo yay!”

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      “Great idea... gotta support NZ Beer :)”

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      “Chur! I look forward to watching it :)”

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