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A small shuttle drifts alone through deep dark space. Its captain and only passenger, Tsione, has lost all control of the ship’s systems and if she can’t get them back up and running soon her ship, and she along with it, will quickly drift beyond the reaches of help. Tsione has done everything to save herself and her beloved ship, but after discovering a young girl on board… Is she the reason for all these problems? Or is she the key to solving them?


Heyo! Update: Want to donate but don’t know how?


We've had a few people approach us who are unsure how to actually donate. All good! It's as simple as looking on the right side of the screen (if you're on a computer) or by scrolling back up (if you're on a phone.) We have different donation amounts from $5 to $250, and each 'teir' has its own rewards. Simply click on a reward teir and it'll take you to the page where you can donate.


Jordan Diamond, Tyler Baikie and Shaun Ellis make up Rolling Ridges Productions - we’re enthusiastic filmmakers and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Tyler, the director, often pushes for bigger and better ideas, always testing the team's limits. Jordan, our producer, can get you anything you want, when you want it (the guy is like a wizard.) Shaun, our 1st assistant director and assistant producer basically does all the logistical stuff for us, making sure things tick in a way that doesn’t result in a terrible, terrible explosion.


We’ve been making films in Timaru from the very start of 2013. Each year comes with a new film or project; from a music video for Timaru Glee all the way to a low budget thriller, Desperate Measures, each project we make sets the bar higher. Eventually we’ll be making multi-million dollar films, right?


12-36 will be our 4th film as a team. We’re really looking forward to seeing this story come to life on the big screen. It’s backed up by some other awesome people, too;


Adam Browne, our cinematographer, has worked on countless short films over the last few years. His skill and experience is the perfect match to help this crew out - with the ability to easily click with Tyler, they make a team that will produce tasty images like no other.


Kimble Henderson has helped out in the early stages of Production Design. A strong passion has helped Tyler to get his ideas out of his head and onto the page, resulting in a vibrant and awesome world for this story to exist in. If anyone could make sense of “I want the set to be clinical but homely at the same time,” it’s totally Kimble.


We'll be releasing content in our updates tab - this is where you'll be able to check out media, plans, and all the other fun stuff we're up to.


In the upcoming months we are going to fill in all the gaps. Crew members, actors and all the rest will be contacted and booked for filming in early January. If you’re keen to help out, reach out to us! We’d love to try and get you on board as part of the team. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about, right?



This film has a cast of two female characters, Tsione (pronounced see-oh-nay) and Rerenga.


Tsione is a bubbly, down to earth 20 year old - she owns her own small spaceship (she called it Starstriker!) which she bought when she was 16. Tsione saved up all her money to afford Starstriker - it's her everything; her house, her source of income, and she's almost lost it once before. When Starstriker starts to break down, what do you think would be going through Tsione's head? Is she about to permanantly lose the one thing that's so important to her?


Rerenga is 13. She's found by Tsione in a locker, and at first Tsione thinks that Rerenga is a stowaway - but Rerenga has something strange going on. The young girl doesn't know how she got on the ship. She doesn't know her own name, nor how to eat, and the whole ship seems strangely facinating to her. What's Rerenga's deal? And with Tsione's ship starting to break down among the sudden appearance of Rerenga, it must be Rerenga's fault - right?




We need $6000 from the community to make this film a reality.


So, let's say the Timaru Community is awesome, the stars align, the dance rituals we've been performing for months pay off and we make our goal and we get the full $6000 - where are all of your hard earned dollars going, exactly?


$5400 goes towards production design:


Yep. This 'production design' dude sounds pretty money hungry. He has his reasons, though!


Set construction - $1800

This is the wood and the stuff we need to make the spaceship.


Set lighting - $750

Much like our eyes, the camera needs light to see things. Important! We need flashy ones, colored ones, flicky ones...


Set dressing - $1,250

Make a spaceship a home! Our character can't live in an empty room. She's a person, too!


Costume - $800

Clothes keep you warm and happy. We want our characters to be warm, at least.


Makeup - $300

Ironically enough this will make our characters look dirty, not clean and pretty. Nice.



Hair - $500

Hah. Who knew it would cost so much to keep a persons hair in a mess for a whole week? I'm sure most of us can do that for free.



$600 goes towards PledgeMe, Flo2Cash - and you!

That's right. The cool people at PledgeMe need to be paid thier dues for hosting us, Flo2Cash needs cash to keep processing more cash, and a small part of every pledge goes right back to you - in the form of awesome rewards!


For those that like to scroll instead of read (us included), here is a neat chart that tells you everything way faster:




But wait - there's more! While we're only asking for $6000, the actual film costs much, much more. Luckily we have the support of Creative Communities Timaru who also believe in this project just as much as we do. They have put forward $2000 for the project! That's awesome, we think.


Our short film 12-36 is based on a short story written by South Canterbury author E.G. Wilson (click here for more on E.G. Wilson). After getting the film rights for the project, Tyler began developing 12-36 to suit a short film format. In February, we received funding from the awesome and supportive Creative Communities Timaru team. Since then, pre-production has been in full swing, costumes and sets are being designed and the key crew members have been booked for filming in January 2017. With support from The South Canterbury Drama Leauge, we’ve confirmed a sound stage for  constructing the set and filming come mid January.


The short answer is lots! Don't fear - we have a detailed plan and so far we're on track to achiving it. Here are some core points;

  • Cast two female actors to play the chracters in the film.
  • Have costumes created for the characters.
  • Find volunteers to help build and dress the set.
  • Actually construct then dress the set!
  • Secure further crew members for filming (and if you think you can bring something to the table, contact us at [email protected]!)
  • Sort out the food so people don't starve!


For us the process of making a film isn’t just about telling great stories, it’s about working with great people. In our opinion there’s nothing like the shared experience of producing a film. That’s why with each film we make we try and involve as many enthusiastic filmmakers from the community as possible. We know there’s many keen filmmakers in South Canterbury and there’s not often the opportunity get a hands on filmmaking experience. With 12-36 we want to add to our growing network of filmmakers to create a unique South Canterbury film culture. We want you to be apart of it. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!



If you would like to get involved we would really appreciate it! With the whole purpose of the film to create oppoutunities for filmmakers, when the time comes we need people to help us;

  • Donate time to help construct the set

  • Crew members to fill various roles - pre-production designers, makers, prop masters, craftsman, costume designers, a digital imaging technician/data wrangler, Soundies, production assistants - all sorts of fun stuff from now until the start of next year.

Email us at [email protected] if you think you can help, or even if you're unsure!



The People Behind 12-36 • A South Canterbuy Sci-Fi Drama


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