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Lean Means: A spectacular and reimagined temporary city

Can you help us at FESTA to transform Christchurch by supporting Lean Means, and share in a positive reimagining of the city – full of lights, colours and people?

We want to put community back into the heart of the city on a spectacular night out that brings together thousands of Cantabrians, as well as visitors. This Labour Weekend, we will transform central Christchurch with a large-scale reimagined city called Lean Means, live for one night only, free and open to all, on Saturday 22 October.

FESTA is a vibrant weekend celebration of urban creativity and regeneration. This year's festival is focusing on making the most of the resources (our people and reusable materials) available to us. With all of our wonderful collaborators, we are asking the questions: What if we didn't let reusable materials go to waste? What if we used them to design our cities?

So eighteen student studios from seven leading deisgn and architecture schools from across Australasia will transform the city for Lean Means by transforming materials: they will design and fabricate imaginative and immense installations from reused 'waste' materials.

So not only is this a fun extravaganza, but it makes us look afresh at sustainable ways of regenerating our city. The temporary city will be full of art, events, music, performance, markets, pop-up food vendors, kids activities and more!

We want thousands of people to enjoy and experience this reimagined city, so we are asking you to help us to make Lean Means a reality.

Can you help us to create this spectacular temporary city made from reused waste materials, and transform Christchurch?

What do we need to make this happen?

This is a free and public event that is open to all. We need to raise $20,000, or $1 for every person that we would like to attend. Events of this size don't come for free. The require huge amounts of time, goodwill, infrastructure and organisation.

We have acquired some funding and sponsorship for our costs, but we still need to raise this amount. The $20,000 will go towards crucial behind the scenes costs such as:

  • getting power to sites - power alone costs $10,000
  • portable toilets - approximately $3000
  • creating a safe environment (security, health and safety, traffic management) $16,000
  • the people power that brings it all together - skilled people on the ground, mangaging the logistics $13,000 

A little bit more about us at FESTA

FESTA all starts with a horde of creative people who imagine how Christchurch could be different. These imaginative people, from all different backgrounds, translate their visions of the kind of city they most desire into a live event or project and present it over Labour Weekend.

We have presented three amazing headline events at previous festivals, which have collectively attracted around 50,000 people, who have come into the city to enjoy the spectacle and the buzz, and to experience a reimagined Christchurch.

So much goodwill is involved in Lean Means – so many people come together to bring community and life back in the city’s heart.

We have a core team, led by Jessica Halliday, the FESTA director, and many wonderful volunteers and collaborators. This year the Creative Directors is Jos de Krieger of Superuse Studios (Rotterdam), a leader in repurposing materials through design. Superuse has created a material catalogue system called Harvest Map, which is available for use in both Christchurch and FESTA projects.

Our wonderful collaborators, who all working together to create this spectacular temporary city for Christchurch, include:  Unitec, Department of Architecture; AUT, Spatial Design; Massey University, School of Design at the College of Creative Arts; Ara School of Architectural Studies;University of Technology Sydney Architecture School; University of South Australia, School of Art, Architecture and Design; University of Adelaide, School of Architecture and Built Environment; artist Julia Morison; choreographer/dancer Julia Harvie; Juliet Arnott of Rekindle; Christchurch Art Gallery; COCA Gallery and Life in Vacant Spaces.

We all come together because the response from the public to our large-scale events is always incredible, and the transformation of the city absolutely spectacular.


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The People Behind Lean Means: A spectacular temporary city live for one night only

Festa2016 mailchimp FESTA (Festival of Transitional Architecture) Project admin

All of us on the team at FESTA are committed to delivering this fantastic festival and spectacular transformation of the central city because it is important for Christchurch.

Meet the core team:

Jessica Halliday is an architectural historian and is the co-director and co-founder of Te Pūtahi – Christchurch centre for architecture and city-making. Since 2012 she has been the director of the Festival of Transitional Architecture FESTA.

Creative director Jos de Krieger of Superuse Studios (Rotterdam) is a specialist in urban installations and interventions. Since 2006 Jos has been working in the field of architecture, especially innovative architecture and design made from leftover and waste materials. After his graduation at TU Delft he joined Superuse Studios (former 2012Architecten) to push the boundaries of architecture beyond traditional building methods into cyclical processes.

Chloe Waretini is the newest member of the FESTA team. She is leading the coordination of this year’s major event Lean Means, as well as this year’s visual design. Chloe has a background in community activation, mass collaboration and multi-disciplinary design with the Enspiral Network, and a passion for citizen-led creation of the urban environment.

Erica Austin is a part-time member of the team. She works on special projects, public events and FESTA. Erica is an architectural graduate and is interested in how creative disciplines, businesses, community organisations and individuals can work collaboratively. With a Master’s degree in Architecture and a passion for making Christchurch awesome, she sees Christchurch as a place to experiment and grow creatively.

Emma Johnson runs the communication and publicity for FESTA, with the help of some very able volunteers. FESTA 2016 is her third year in this role. Outside of the festival, she is the editor (and a director) at Freerange Press. She has just finished editing Don’t Dream It’s Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand, Freerange’s next big publication. 



    We did it! Here's to you for supporting Lean Means!

    06:22PM Thu 13/10/16 on Lean Means: A spectacular temporary city live for one night only

    We here at FESTA just wanted to thank you all for supporting this crowdfunding campaign - we could not have done this without you. So here's to you all for helping us to make Lean Means!

    We have released our full programme for FESTA 2016: We Have The Means - there are over 30 events to get involved in, from urban farm open days and home garden workshops, to a disco at the Dance-o-Mat, to a range of speaker sesssions, activities for kids and more. Make sure you check it out here.

    But most of all, if you are in Christchurch on Saturday 22 October (rain date Sunday 23 October), make sure you come along to the spectacular temporary city that you helped create - with its night market of second-hand and upcycled goods, dance, performance, music, a wearable art parade for kids, food, bars, games and much more. Join in Lean Means – Christchurch's biggest, most creative street party!

    Here are a few of the student installations that you will see (there are 18), which are made from waste materials that are transformed into imaginative temporary structures, and are live for one night only. We can't wait to see you there!

    Two-Two-Eight-Zero, University of South Australia


    CLive, Univeristy of Technology Sydney

    Can Flowers, Auckland University of Technology



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    The final countdown - gather your beans for Lean Means!

    11:26AM Sat 08/10/16 on Lean Means: A spectacular temporary city live for one night only

    We are in the final count down of our Pledgeme campaign and need to raise $10,000 in five days to reach our target, which as you know is an all or nothing risk! So please search out your loose change (every little bit helps) and continue to spread the word so that we can hit that number and get on with making Christchurch's biggest and brightest celebration of urban creativity - a street party for Cantabrians and visitors to enjoy.

    We have a new reward up for grabs, courtesy of the wonderful Peanut Productions. They are offering ten on-the-night, rapid fire professional photo shoots at Lean Means - so make a pledge and capture your friends and family in the heart of the temporary city.

    We would also like to introduce Pipe Dreaming, one of the student studios transforming waste into a beautiful installation for Chrirstchurch. These Massey University design students have teamed up with artist Julia Morison to create this structure, which involves a group of cardboard carpet cores suspended in triagular form.

    These cardboard cores function as pavilion and/or folly and/or sculpture and at night they become a three-dimensional cinematic screen for a choreographed sequence of projections derived from experiments re-using and re-thinking waste materials. The process is thus the content, folded-in or convoluted with the final pavilion/artwork.

    Here are some snaps of the studio experimenting with the materials.


    Come and see it live on the night!

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    Eleven days to go, go, go!

    11:43AM Sun 02/10/16 on Lean Means: A spectacular temporary city live for one night only

    We have eleven days to reach our target of $20,000 - and as you know, Pledgeme is an all or nothing risk. We would be most grateful if you could spread the word about Lean Means - Christchurch's biggest, most creative street party - and help us to achieve our goal.

    Everyone who pledges gets to choose from some choice rewards – and we have added some great one-off rewards in the last week: a 6-week drawing course with award-winning artist Hannah Beehre; a foraging tour with expert Peter Langlands. Keep your eyes peeled for a dinner for two in a pop-up restaurant right in the heart of Lean Means!

    And as for the rewards reusing 'waste' materials - we thought you might like to have a look. Here are the cranes fashioned from metal offcuts and the jewellery crafted from repurposed native timber by Alex Armstrong. With rewards like this, pledging is easy!


    Finally let us introduce you to team Hence from Ara's School of Architectural Studies - they are designing and fabricating a series of temporary shelters for Lean Means, which form the Village of Resourcefulness run by Juliet Arnott of Rekindle, where skilled craftspeople undertake high quality crafts that are zero waste in nature.

    Make sure you come to Lean Means, Saturday 22 October, to see it live and buzzing!





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    41 pledgers and a whole lot of thanks!

    07:37AM Fri 23/09/16 on Lean Means: A spectacular temporary city live for one night only

    A big thank you to all 41 of you for your early support for Lean Means – a crowd-created spectacular temporary city – taking us even closer to our goal of $20,000.

    To give you an idea of the efforts and goodwill involved in putting on such a large-scale event, we thought we would take you behind the scenes with the various student studios involved in creating the imaginative installations from waste materials for Lean Means. There will be close to 20 installations live on the night transforming inner city spaces.

    First up here we have the Cumulonimbus studio from the University of Adelaide – they are working with post-consumer plastic bags to create something beautiful for Christchurch.  It is pretty exciting to watch them bringing their concepts to life. See it live and lit at Lean Means!

    We have some great one off rewards coming up in the next week – from dinner for two in a pop-up restaurant at Lean Means to a foraging tour. Keep your eyes peeled!

    So please don’t forget to share and spread the word because if we don’t meet our target, we don’t receive any of the funding. Thank you all for your early support.




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