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Mother Web Series


‘Mother’ is a New Zealand made animated web series about a world where magic exists, that is used by women but men cannot use it. There are also different regions in this world that have conflict with each other. A woman called Aasha has an orphan child, Mikah, from a conflicting region and is bringing her up as her own. Aasha holds onto a secret that could potentially harm her relationship with the child. The first season tells the story of how Aasha and Mikah came to be together and slowly unfolds the secret that Aasha has held close to herself.



‘Mother’ has been influenced by the Maori culture of New Zealand and has some Maori art work, names and designs that feature in it. We are currently in the process of making the first season of this web series. The plan is to have the first episode of the season ready and complete, to accompany a funding proposal that we will be putting in to NZ On Air when we apply for the web series fund that they have on offer.




We need money to pay a composer to compose the theme music for our web series and that is the reason for this crowdfunding campaign. Help us out and pledge some money to make this already epic web series that little bit better!




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    VFX Breakdown

    12:03AM Sun 10/07/16 on Kiwi Web Series Needs Music Composer

    The project is going well. Our Animator/Creator, Jade Patterson and our VFX Supervisor, Sarah Dewbery are hard at work on the first episode of the web series! The video shows some of the visual effects breakdowns that they have completed so far. The series is coming along great and we appreciate your support! Check out more about the project and the people on all our social media sites and blog!





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