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Hello Folks! :)  My name is Madeline Robberts-Andrews, and I'm in my second year of Visual Arts training at New Zealand's School of Arts, in Dunedin NZ. As we head towards our third and final year of training, senior students are given the opportunity to take part in exchange opportunities abroad.

My chosen destination to study abroad is at The HKU University of the Arts, in the Netherlands, Utrecht for 6 months, and I am fundraising in order to support and get myself over there.

My intention is to spend most of that time attending art classes to immerse myself in screenprinting, painting techniques, processes of applications and Art History. I thoroughly enjoy exploring the ideas of text, heart and scale in my own work; how these elements are linked, and discovering what these terms mean to me within my own artistic practice. In my work I continually strive for connections through past and present influences.

Why Utrecht? It is an incredibly enrichening and historically inspiring place to immerse oneself in the creative process. International ties of teamwork as influenced my institution selection, in particular their membership with The European League of Institutes of the Arts, a network organisation of over 300 members in 47 countries; the possibilities arising from engaging with new audiences are amazing!! 

My ultimate goal is to empower young people to transform their futures in rural New Zealand. We can help them develop the skills they need to build confident relationships with each other, their families and their communities.  We can give them a “place to go”, to express positively rather than just hang out on the streets.

The amount I am requesting will cover my last two month’s accommodation, food and Art fees while I am there.  To save costs, I will be bicyling around Utrecht too.  I am actively working doing multi small to medium jobs to gather the funds for the remainder 4 months including doing Raffles and community promotion planning in the next few moths.

I just need a wee bit more of a push to reach my goal line. 

I have added a clip for everyone to see what an awesome place Utrecht is and the amazing opportunities provided.  I hope you enjoy it!  :)

Thank you in advance - I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to put this out there and humbly ask for your help and support.

Hiya :) Putting a face to a name makes it so real!


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