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Project 2016-03-22 18:16:00 +1300

First things first:


We want to keep it a surprise if we can, for as long as we can.

Anna Guenther has done a lot for us all. She’s taught us all about crowdfunding campaigns - she’s shown us how to run them, she might even have exposed you to the idea for the first time.

She’s constantly helping us all get our ideas off the ground - introducing us to each other and trying to make the world a better place by connecting and enabling us all.

Check out what she has done for us:

But Anna hasn’t taken a proper vacation since 2012 when she started PledgeMe. And we think it’s about time that changed. So we’ve crowdsourced a crowdfunding campaign to send her off to a tropical island holiday.

Anna on Holiday, by Kat Jenkins

A holiday on a tropical island is on Anna’s bucket list. And we think her crowd is big enough and awesome enough to throw in a few dollars and make this one happen

The PledgeMe team are all on board with it so work is taken care of. We just need the resources to put her on a plane to Fiji over Easter - forcibly, if we have to (but we really hope it won’t come down to that).

If we raise $2600

We cover her flights and her accommodation.

The Terraces, Fiji

If we raise $4600

We cover all her costs including insurance, cheese, and cocktails. We also send her to a fancier resort.

The Sheradon Fiji Resort

If we raise $5000

We can send a friend with her. Who knows? What are you doing this weekend? Maybe she’ll pick you!

If Anna has helped you, give what you can and pass this on to anyone she’s introduced you to (quietly, of course).

We’ll see you in the updates!

Anna’s Crowd


The People Behind Shh! Surprise for Anna and we need your help!

Logo Emily Tasker Project admin


    You sent me to Samoa :)

    04:59PM Fri 22/07/16 on Shh! Surprise for Anna and we need your help!

    Hey everyone,


    First off, I need to do another round of: you all rock! Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Especially, a big thanks to Emily & my sneaky team for making this happen on the down low (and for making me cry).


    You all raised enough money to send me, and my friend Jen, on holiday in Samoa for ten whole days. And, it was ten days of magic. I probably wouldn't recommend launching a whole new product while you're on holiday for the first time in four years... But I managed atleast a few days without checking my email, got a tan (for me) and met some wonderful new people in a beautiful part of the world.


    Here's a shot of the beach I got to lie on for most of those ten days:


    Here's a shot of me delivering my panda onesie reward (yep, it was embarrasing, but the onesie came in handy for the return trip nap in the airport...)

    And, here's my mea culpa for not getting the postcards out from Samoa... I partly forgot, and partly just never saw any postcards (are postcards really a thing still)? So, instead, I'm gonna get you a card from our office, complete with a panda AND a Haiku about you! Those'll go out sometime in the next week... Promise :)


    If there are any other rewards pending, flick me a note: [email protected]


    I'm so thankful to have you all in my life, and if you ever need anything you know I owe you one :)




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    01:49PM Fri 25/03/16 on Shh! Surprise for Anna and we need your help!

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to say thank you properly for the last 24 hours.

    Driving back from Napier yesterday, I couldn’t believe what you all were doing. I have to admit, I pulled over a few times to tweet, check the total, and have a wee cry at the names and comments coming through on the pledger list (though: note to self, we need to improve the mobile optimisation so it’s not just the latest pledgers that you can see!).

    Everyone from our lawyers (past and present), to my sister, to someone who could be termed as our competitor pledged to get me a holiday.

    Thank you so so so so so much.

    Thank you to Emily, one of the most caring entrepreneurs I know, the team, YOU ALL ROCK! And you’re getting good at punking me, and my friends for scheming to make this happen.

    Thank you to all my friends for pledging to this intervention. And, for pledging to the point that I can bring a friend. I’m planning on waiting a few weeks, and trying to get a whole crowd of you along, who’s keen?

    Thank you for (attempting) to keep this a secret. I think you managed a few hours, which considering my Twitter obsession, is almost unheard of.

    Thank you for your kind words when you pledged. Your words make me feel seen.

    Thank you for caring. It really means the world to this slightly tired entrepreneur.

    Lots of (slightly teary) love,

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    Anna's going on holiday - and she's taking a friend!

    08:20PM Thu 24/03/16 on Shh! Surprise for Anna and we need your help!

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Who wants to have Anna's friends!?

    We've just swept past the $5,000 mark. That means Anna's holiday will be filled with cheese and cocktails AND a precious friend - the big question now is who will she take with her!?

    We're leaving that entirely up to Anna - who, by the way, found out about the project this afternoon.

    So what happens now?

    Well, when we actually talked to Anna we discovered she has a very important board meeting next week, so our original plan to push her onto a plane this weekend will necessarily have to be paused. But we are planning to put her on a plane very soon for a week on the sunny beaches of Fiji.

    Any extra funds pledged in the next 2 hours will be given to her to spend as she wishes while she's there.

    Everyone involved in the organising of this (and it has been a crowdsourced effort with input from her best friends, flatmates, family and the always-awesome PledgeMe team) is STOKED to have seen this work out so well, and we're so happy for your support.

    We'll be in touch for photos and any reward-related enquiries after the campaign closes!

    Anna's Elves

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    Goal 1: Reached!

    12:33PM Thu 24/03/16 on Shh! Surprise for Anna and we need your help!


    We knew Anna had an awesome crowd but we reached the first goal in just ONE HOUR! We're over the moon knowing Anna will be on a plane and sunning herself very soon.

    But anyone who knows Anna knows she won't be happy without a whole lot of cheese, so we're now going for the second goal of $4,600 for a better resort, and as much cheese as we can possibly source...

    There is no such thing as too much cheese

    The hardest thing about this campaign is reaching all the people who love Anna, quietly. We've been busy sending out DMs and Facebook messages, but your help is still needed!

    If you could take a moment to reach out to a couple of mutual friends, and ask them to do the same, we're pretty sure we'll be able to make this something for Anna to really remember.

    This campaign will close at 10pm tonight, so speed is of the essence!

    Thank you for all your support so far - who can't wait to see/hear Anna's reaction?!

    Emily and Kat

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      Emily Mabin Sutton
      2016-03-24 14:31:52 +1300

      Emily Mabin Sutton has pledged on 3 campaigns

      “You deserve this break!! <3”

      Logan Elliott
      2016-03-24 14:06:23 +1300

      Logan Elliott has pledged on 6 campaigns

      “You rock Anna! You are such an inspiration and thank you for the support over the years!”

      Avatar square
      Natasha Lampard
      2016-03-24 14:03:04 +1300

      Natasha Lampard has pledged on 3 campaigns

      “You deserve this, and so much more. xx”

      Stephanie Robertson
      2016-03-24 13:58:32 +1300

      Stephanie Robertson has pledged on 1 campaign

      “You rock, Anna!”

      Chaz Harris
      2016-03-24 13:57:40 +1300

      Chaz Harris has pledged on 18 campaigns

      “Leave the Internet capable electronics at home and take a book or three :) xx”

      Antonia Milkop
      2016-03-24 13:47:20 +1300

      Antonia Milkop has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “You deserve this!”

      Jade Tang
      2016-03-24 13:36:59 +1300

      Jade Tang has pledged on 8 campaigns

      “We <3 Anna, and ALL that she does to make this world a little bit better!”

      Breccan McLeod
      2016-03-24 13:31:09 +1300

      Breccan McLeod has pledged on 6 campaigns

      Lani Evans
      2016-03-24 13:31:06 +1300

      Lani Evans has pledged on 36 campaigns

      “Big big love to Anna! ”

      Marianne Elliott
      2016-03-24 13:20:26 +1300

      Marianne Elliott has pledged on 22 campaigns

      ““Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day ... is by no means a waste of time.” ~ John Lubbock”

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      Adelle Kenny
      2016-03-24 13:14:51 +1300

      Adelle Kenny has pledged on 1 campaign

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      Anonymous pledger
      2016-03-24 13:09:07 +1300

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      Steven O'Meagher
      2016-03-24 13:04:29 +1300

      Steven O'Meagher has pledged on 1 campaign

      “What goes on tour, Anna, stays on tour.....”

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      2016-03-24 12:55:48 +1300

      Dee has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Enjoy it lovely lady!”

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      Lauren Peate
      2016-03-24 12:24:14 +1300

      Lauren Peate has pledged on 5 campaigns

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      James Wigglesworth
      2016-03-24 12:20:26 +1300

      James Wigglesworth has pledged on 1 campaign

      Samantha Piane
      2016-03-24 11:46:13 +1300

      Samantha Piane has pledged on 1 campaign

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      Hayden Glass
      2016-03-24 11:42:50 +1300

      Hayden Glass has pledged on 15 campaigns


      Ben Gleisner
      2016-03-24 11:31:24 +1300

      Ben Gleisner has pledged on 1 campaign

      “GO ANNA GO”

      Alyona Holmberg
      2016-03-24 11:30:58 +1300

      Alyona Holmberg has pledged on 1 campaign

      Anake Goodall
      2016-03-24 11:30:49 +1300

      Anake Goodall has pledged on 146 campaigns

      Vivian Chandra
      2016-03-24 11:28:23 +1300

      Vivian Chandra has pledged on 2 campaigns


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      2016-03-24 11:21:08 +1300

      Judith has pledged on 2 campaigns

      2016-03-24 11:20:46 +1300

      Gina has pledged on 21 campaigns

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      Karl von Randow
      2016-03-24 11:20:41 +1300

      Karl von Randow has pledged on 1 campaign

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      2016-03-24 11:20:40 +1300

      Natalie has pledged on 1 campaign

      “I hope you have an amazing holiday. You are a wonderful, inspirational lady my friend :)”

      Robert Coup
      2016-03-24 11:18:04 +1300

      Robert Coup has pledged on 5 campaigns

      Matthew R. X. Dentith
      2016-03-24 11:16:36 +1300

      Matthew R. X. Dentith has pledged on 7 campaigns

      Kelsey O'Hagan
      2016-03-24 11:16:08 +1300

      Kelsey O'Hagan has pledged on 3 campaigns

      Mohawk media smalien
      Mohawk Media
      2016-03-24 11:15:32 +1300

      Mohawk Media has pledged on 8 campaigns

      “Love your work Anna!”

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