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Hi, I’m Oscar Vandy-Connor - since this is my first time showing off my art to the public, you probably won’t know me from any previous art festivals or conventions such as Armageddon or Overload, Nevertheless I have been a huge fan of art for as long as I can remember and have taken a particular liking to Fantasy related art, but I can also pull off a good portrait/landscape now and again.

As I said in the video; I have a school trip of epic proportions coming up in the next few weeks and would appreciate a little funding so I have a little money to spend while I’m up. You will of course receive a reward if you pledge a bit of cash, and I am happy to do commissioned pieces such as landscapes or drawings of the architecture when I’m over there.



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Img Mhairead Connor Project admin

I didnt chose the skux life.The skux life chose me.

Seriously though....one year ago I was up in Starship hospital recovering from having my old kidneys taken out and a new one put in so the idea that now I'm about to take off to Europe and see art and buildings and crazy shit that Ive been dreaming about since i was a kid is too crazy.

One of the things thats got me through alot of the shittier periods of my life is my drawing so it's kind of cool that it could get me through one of the good periods too. Ive been drawing since before I can remember and even though Im no Nick Keller (yet) I think Im not too bad. Hopefully you'll think that too and cough up some pingers.

nothing but love.



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    01:21PM Mon 11/04/16 on Oscar's Grand Tour

    Hi Everyone

    only a couple of days till i leave and im blown away by how generous everyone has been! thanks guys : )

    pledgeme will send me the names and emails of people so i can follow up about commissions and get some addresses to send stuff too. i'll be doing some sketching and hopefully painting while i'm in europe so will add these to the original works i will send out when i get back.

    thanks again for all your pledges! you guys rock my world!


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