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My name is Melissa Mills and I have the pleasure of work as a Psychic Medium. 

I have teamed up with a TV network to produce a new series of 10 episodes that will showcase my work as a Psychic Medium.  We plan to launch this show in October, after the filming of my live show demonstrations. 
However, there is not enough budget to fund the whole series.  So we need your help!

Here is a video about why I do my shows as a medium.

We want to shine a positive light on the differencce going to a Psychic Medium can make in your life.  The programme itself will have an educational component to it, teaching viewers how to develop their own intuition.  There is no show out currently like this, and we hope that it will help so many people gain peace, clarity and closure as well as leaving them feeling empowered and inspired about life.

Mediumship is a beautiful gift, it's where I help people to connect to loved that have passed and are now in the spirit world.  It is absolutely incredible to watch and experience.  To be able to connect people once again together is such a rewarding part of my job and I want to share this experience with as many people as I can.  To be able to share the memories they have of you, what they are doing in the spirit world, who they are with, how they are still a part of your life is truly the most beautiful thing I can do for another person.  By doing this show I hope to shine the light that will bridge the gap between the spirit world and ours, and share the love that they still have for all of us. 

It's time to embrace modern day mediumship and bring it into the new century.  With my fun and bubbly personality you'll enjoy being able to see the experience of a live show demonstration as well as a more private one on one demonstration.  We want this show to bring about an educational perspective on the benefits of going to see a Psychic Medium and what it can do for you and your family.

As a Psychic Medium I have an international clientelle.  I travel overseas to keep up with my training to ensure I offer the very best service with the people that seek my help.
In January I was fortunate enough to be accredditted by the remarkle Lisa Williams.

Melissa Mills & Lisa Williams

So far, I have featured on national radio, I currently have radio show on an online radio network, I have featured in podcasts, as well as being interviewed on national telvesion.  This show is my next big step, and I'm really excited to bring it to you with your help and support.
Here is a snippet of me on 91.0 ZM giving live readings

Myself (Melissa Mills) and the Televison Network, thank you in advance for your kind generosity and we hope you will find this show insightful and enjoy the connections and love that the spirit world will bring.

Thank you for helping me make my dream happen.  I wish you lots of happiness and abundance in your life :) 

Blessings and love
Melissa Mills xx
Melissa Mills


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I have the pleasure of working as a psychic medium and spiritual educator.  I dream is through the love and guidance of the spirit world that I am able to help you achieve an abundant life.  
Let me help you gain clarity, direction and feel empowered about your life, as well as, letting me help you connect to those you miss dearly that have since passed.
Love and blessings
Melissa Mills x


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