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What’s Penny Black?

Penny Black is the lead character in a feature film that we’re shooting in New Zealand on RED Scarlet in July 2012.

Okay, tell me about the movie.

Sure, It’s about top model Penny Black and her Superhero sister, Alex. They take a trip down the country and team up with a wandering activist named Guy. Guy is charming and persuasive and he encourages Penny to explore his alternative world of non-consumerism. Together they inspire mayhem and adventure as they expose secrets about the biggest corporation on the planet.

I"d like a longer synopsis, please.

Glad you asked :) Have a look here

Who’s making this film?

Director Joe Hitchcock has worked on films such as Avatar and Yogi Bear, Directed Photography on several local feature films and international documentaries, and his short films have screened at festivals around the globe. This is his feature length directorial debut.

Producer Fiona Jackson has many years experience as a stunt performer and directors assistant in Hollywood, and almost 8 years studying film and working in the industry in New Zealand. This is the first feature film she has produced.

We’ll be adding more info about crew here

Are you really going to make a feature film for $2,000?

We wish!  In fact, we’re investing a great deal of our own hard-earned money into the project, a lot of people have agreed to waive their fee, and we have generous sponsors helping out.

What will the money be used for?

Rental of a steadicam which stabilizes the camera making images beautifully smooth, rather than jerky handheld images. And 10 terabytes of additional hard drive space to backup our precious footage (RED footage needs a lot of storage space).

So, what is this Pledgeme thing?

Pledgeme is a new and collaborative way to help fund creative projects.

How do I get on board?

Glad you asked!  It’s easy – just select the reward you’d like, and click on the blue ‘Review and Confirm Pledge’ button.  Enter your information and click ‘Pledge Now’

If we make our goal by the deadline, your credit card is charged what you pledged (but not until then). We make the movie, you get your rewards, and everyone"s happy.

If we don"t make the goal by the deadline (falling even a cent short), your credit card is not charged, we get nothing, and you don"t get your reward(s).

Can you exceed your funding goal?

You betcha.  Our goal is just the minimum. Anything over will go towards making the movie even better!

How can I keep up with the movie’s progress?

Try and

Additional Rewards

If you have a thought for a reward that you don"t see listed, send an email to [email protected] and we will will see if we can include it - and feel free to email with questions, comments, or happy thoughts!

How much is shipping?

Shipping to New Zealand addresses is included in all pledge amounts! Please contact us with international shipping queries.

I am excited about Penny Black! Aside from donating, how can I help?

We would love if you could help spread the word about Penny Black! You can:

  • Tell your friends about us and our project
  • "Like", tweet, and sharing our video at the top of the page
  • Post the link to our Pledgeme page on your Facebook and Twitter
  • Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter
  • And chat with us online! See what we’re up to and tell us your thoughts and ideas! We’d love to hear from you.


The People Behind Penny Black Movie

Picture?type=square&width=50&height=50 Fiona Jackson Project admin



    10:42AM Sat 06/02/16 on Penny Black Movie


    Kia Ora Pledgers!

    Penny Black opens in NZ theatres this month, touring 25 cinemas to raise funds for food rescue charities across the country!

    Wellington’s ‘Kaibosh Food Rescue’ General Manager Matt Dagger explains “Penny Black delicately touches upon important issues of what is a 'want ' and what is a 'need'. It throws a spotlight on the over-consumption and needless waste that we take for granted in the current food system and makes us all stop and think about the small things that we need to consider should we be able to bring about meaningful change”

  describes the film as “quirky, eccentric and sometimes just plain weird. But it’s also quite funny, subtle and typically Kiwi”.

    The New Zealand Film Commission have awarded us funding to drastically improve our sound mix to surround sound with Digital Cinema Packaging for theatrical exhibition!

    The New Zealand tour starts on the 17th of February at The Lido in Hamilton, and will travel 25 New Zealand cinemas over the next month.

    Tickets are now on sale for the following February screenings: 

    HAMILTON Lido Cinema 17th Feb 8pm - Tickets @ The Lido 078389010
    AUCKLAND The Vic Devonport 18th Feb 8pm
    WELLINGTON Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision 24-27th

    More cinemas listed on and the Facebook tour event

    If you'd like to help the film reach a wider audience, please:

    1. Rate the film on IMDB to increase our film festival visibility. 
    2. Click “Want to see it” on (currently at 85%) - this gives us more media interest. 
    3. Follow us on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram 
    4. Buy “Four Trees Away” by The Scorelocks Collective on iTunes for $1.79 - the song is currently #198 on singles charts! (You can also stream Penny BlackSoundtrack on Spotify and our limited edition vinyl is almost sold out on bandcamp!

    Thanks again for your patience and support with this project - all pledgeme contributors names will be in the end credits, so come see your name on the big screen! 

    Twitter: @pennyblackmovie
    Facebook: @pennyblackmovie
    Instagram: @pennyblackmovie

    Please note that our Pledgeme rewards will be delivered after our theatrical run! 

    Thanks again!

    ~ Joe and Fiona


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    Penny Black Premiere

    12:34PM Sat 17/10/15 on Penny Black Movie

    It's just over 3 years since our PledgeMe campaign, which feels like an eternity, but isn't that long in independent feature film time. 
    And not long enough to forget about your faith in us and your generous assistance right at the beginning. We'll ship remaining rewards as soon as we get the DVDs sorted, so if you've moved please send your new address to Joe or me.
    Penny Black premiere is on 30th Oct at Arohanui Film Festival in Te Aroha. 
    If you are keen to come down to Te Aroha to join the party, you can buy tickets here: 
    Use this this discount code for 15% off any tickets: pennyforyourthoughts
    (You can also use this discount for friends and whanau)
    The festival, which allows BYO alcohol is also playing some other cool films which you can find out more about at - If you are planning on staying in Te Aroha there are some accommodation discounts through the festival
    After the screening we'll join The Palace Pub for cheap drinks and Karaoke. 
    IN THEATRES 2016!!!
    We are in the process of confirming theatres for our national cinema tour in February 2016. So far 20 theatres across the country from Russell to Stewart Island, and more to come. 
    The 2016 release will coincide with official trailers, promo clips and a soundtrack release on Vinyl!
    So, thanks again, and do let us know if you are considering coming down to AFF as it would be great to see you there. 
    Fiona and Joe

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    Penny Black Update 2014

    08:51PM Thu 07/11/13 on Penny Black Movie

    Hi everyone!


    It's been over a year since you helped us crowd-fund our feature film Penny Black, but I just wanted to send you a belated message to say your contribution means a lot to Fiona and I. We couldn't have made the film the way we did without your generosity and belief that we could follow through with a feature film, so thanks so much for your pledge! 


    Those of you who follow us on facebook may have seen updates, but those who haven't can check out Penny Black Movie photos on Flickr and We are also on Twitter and use the Instagram hashtag #pennyblackmovie.


    You know how you there are always thousands of names in movie credits? Well, there are only a few people working on the post production of Penny Black Movie, so you can imagine why we are progressing slower than your average 'Wellywood' film.

    We're recording an original musical score with Hamilton composer Jeremy Mayall next month (with musicians from Wellington), and the final sound, colour and visual effects will be completed early 2014. 

    We'll have some videos online before then and update you when we know release dates. 


    For those of you expecting pledge rewards in the mail, we'll be in touch early 2014 to see if you still live in the same house...

    Thanks again for making our year. :)

    ~ Joe (and Fiona)

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    We're Baaaack!!

    04:54AM Mon 16/07/12 on Penny Black Movie

    After an amazing two weeks on the road we are back and ready to dive into the next part of filming. The road trip portion captured about half of the footage we need for the film so from here on we work weekends to create the rest of the story. 

    We had a great time on the road. The actors were fantastic, the crew worked and played well together, it was truly one of the best trips I"ve ever taken, and it was "work"!! As our steadicam operator said "It"s even more fun that 5th form camp!". I think that says it all :) 

    We kept our schedule lose so we"d have the flexibility to shoot at any interesting locations we discovered and this paid off with some great "sets", including a recently logged forest near the Craters of the Moon, a few road signs that caught our eye, and we couldn"t pass up the opportunity to stop at Huka Falls, especially since our youngest cast member had never been there. 

    We have sent out over half of the postcards for PledgeMe rewards, but there are still quite a few addresses we don"t have. If you haven"t passed on your mailing address, or did and didn"t receive a card (I didn"t notice that postage had increased...) please send it through to me at [email protected]


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    Thank you!!!

    05:50PM Sat 30/06/12 on Penny Black Movie

    Thanks you so much to everyone who pledged to our project. We surpassed our initial goal which means we are able to rent an RV to take on the road, so we"ll have a traveling production office (and honeywagon aka toilet) wherever we decide to stop as we make our way down to Wellington. 

    We start filming tomorrow so everyone is a bit frantic and excited at the moment, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you, and when you watch the movie and see a beautifully smooth shot you can take pride in knowing that you helped us achieve that. 

    Thanks again and keep in touch! 

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    Goal reached, and still going!

    12:24AM Thu 14/06/12 on Penny Black Movie

    Thanks so much to everyone who has helped us reach our crowdfunding $2k mark! We were pretty speechless when two Angel pledgerinos pushed us over yesterday, and very grateful to everyone who has pledged so far.

    Crowdfunding is pretty new, and even newer in NZ, so we thought we might struggle to reach that mark. Now that we're reached it, and have secured the rental of the steadicam (Joe and Moe our steadicam operator are pretty relieved about this) we will work towards our next goal. 

    In addition to the 3 awesome vans from Wicked Campers we would also like to rent a small RV so that we have a dedicated production office (and, more importantly to some, a toilet) on set wherever in the country we are. We calculate that this will cost around $650 for the vehicle and petrol down and up the country.

    So fingers crossed that we reach this goal, as we aren't all crazy about the idea of having to find the closest tree or bush... :)

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    20 Pledgers! Thanks so much!!

    05:07AM Sat 09/06/12 on Penny Black Movie

    We have lots of exciting news today! We announced the actors who are playing the heroes of Penny Black, Astra McLaren and Anton Tennet. Both wonderfully talented actors who blew us away at their auditions.

    We also heard from Wicked Campers that they will give us 3 of their vehicles for Penny Black. Wicked are the vans you see with fantastic spray-painted art on the sides. Joe's going to pop down to their office and see if they have one suitable to be the hero vehicle in the movie. Awesome!

    We received a box of chocolate from Whittakers this morning so I've hidden that from myself so I'm not tempted to start nibbling during pre-production.

    We still have a ton to do before filming starts July 1 and it's a bit crazy at the moment, so if you don't get an immediate response to a message please be patient with us :)

    Thanks so much to everyone who has pledged to our crowdfunding project, we are so grateful for your support. And thanks also to everyone who has shared the link and passed on words of encouragement. It all helps :)


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