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About Wellington Wünderbike

Project 2013-12-13 01:28:26 UTC

We are a new bike lending system housed out of the Aro Valley Community Center. The fine folks at Wellington's bicycle collective, Mechanical Tempest, have built and painted a fleet of bikes to resource the new project.

Really, we're aiming to service those who have a short to mid term transportation need and generate more interest and excitement about cycling in Wellington. Wellington Wünderbike is interested in promoting green transport, urban sustainability, building public health, indivudual self-esteem/self-worth, and reducing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. 

We're trying to raise the funds to resource the 5 bikes with helmets, locks and lights, as well help fund a lauch party to thank all our supporters tentatively scheduled for February at the Aro Valley Community Center.


The People Behind Wellington Wünderbike

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    We are throwing a party in your honour!

    01:41AM Tue 18/02/14 on Wellington Wünderbike

    Hey Wellingtonians and people from around the world who supported the creation of this wunderful project!

    We are throwing a party in your honour!

    Join us at the Aro Valley Community Centre (48 Aro Street, Aro ValleyWellington) on February 23rd at 2pm.

    We will make a day of it with food, drinks, music and bike fun. Everyone who donated to the wünderbike pledgeme campaign will get a shout out, a sticker, a poster, or a bike named in their honour!

    The fun starts at 2pm. There will be a bike naming ceremony at 3pm followed by a wee dance party/bike party.

    Sunday afternoon bike polo will be cranking as usual in the basket ball court.

    Slow bike races, track stand comps, you name it, it will be happening.

    Bring your bike or borrow a wünderbike!

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    2 days left! and general updates

    10:47PM Tue 04/02/14 on Wellington Wünderbike

    Hey everyone, Just two days remain in the Wunderbikes PledgeMe campaign, and we wanted to check in again and let you know that we have DOUBLED our goal. We’ve had radio interviews, an article in the DomPost, a donation of a bike from the Mayor, and we wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! It’s all because of your support that we’re going to be able to grow Wunderbikes, add more locations, and enable more people to ride bikes in Wellington in the future. We have two events coming up that we’d like to invite you to! First off is our “soft launch” with Frocks on Bikes and Ciclovia. This will take place on February 16th. You can find more details about this event on our Facebook page! We’ll all be riding bikes to Ciclovia and enjoying debuting our Wunderbikes in a cycle-friendly environment. Second and foremost, is OUR BIG LAUNCH PARTY!!!! We have tentatively set the date for this on February 23rd at Aro Valley Community Centre, and this is our big opportunity to thank you as donors and celebrate the awesomeness that is community support! Come through and enjoy music, food, drinks, and general merrymaking….and of course BIKES BIKES BIKES! We’ll be posting more info about this event on Facebook as the details materialise. Please refer to our Facebook page for all further updates. YOU ARE AMAZING, THANK YOU! The Wunderbikes Team

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    Update on Wunderbikes

    02:25AM Thu 16/01/14 on Wellington Wünderbike

    Hey everyone,

    We just wanted to reach out and let you know that Wunderbikes has reached our goal on PledgeMe! Thank you to each and every one of you who has helped us! We made goal in under a week, and have 22 days remaining to exceed our goal! Once the run is completed, we’ll be holding our launch party (tentatively on February 16th), and distributing your rewards (which are looking awesome!). We can’t wait to see you at our launch party, which is taking the shape of a Sunday picnic/bike ride during the afternoon. We’re also going to be on Wellington Access Radio at 5:15, today (Thursday, Jan. 16), so tune in if you’re interested in learning more about what’s going on.

    Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you on our bikes in the future!

    The Wunderbikes Team

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