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Hi - I'm Milarky, and I'm an addict. 

I'm addicted to painting big walls, and together with BMD, we just painted one of New Zealand's biggest murals.

We communicated with NZShark Alliance and worked with the World Wildlife Fund to paint 190 sharks, representative of the amount of sharks slaughtered, most just for their fins, per minute worldwide. New Zealand is one of the big-bad-guys in this shocking statistic of unsustainable wasteful killing- so we wanted to help bring attention to it. We had less than a week's notice to mobilise and coordinate the project, and with the scale of it there was no time to organise any funding or support, so we approached this on a limb, though we're staunchly supportive of this cause so we went full force.

This being a fully self funded project, with its size it required a lot of resources, it emptied our pockets and depleted our paint stocks.  So this campaign is asking for help - for reverse-funding to get us mobilised again; to pay back the debts this project made [including the loans from our mum's] and primarily to restock our depleted paint supply. We're trying to get back to a position to continue to do what we do - painting big artworks on big walls to improve public space.

To show how serious we are about what we do, and to encourage your support, we're putting the most time invested and hard earned asset we have on the line.  My 5 year grown, fully vegetarian-fueled beard. Most people I know have not seen me without a beard, and I'm very proud of it. Though being able to keep painting big walls and pushing important messages with creative freedom is more valuable. 

..will you help us

video shot and edited by;

..thanks Blake


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You need to pledge to see this update.


11:32PM Fri 29/11/13

..thankyou to everyone who pledged and supported us.

..a week ago my beard was removed. I feel like I lost my strength, though people were nice and my girlfriend said she was very happy. Thank's to my mum for cutting it in her Salon, Headzup, and all the people who took a turn to hack at it, my father for Shaving the last of it off, Andrew for Documenting, and the people that came to watch. the start of next week we should of received all of the fund's and can begin our full replenish, moving forward confidently with our next BigWall endeavours.'d be rad if everyone who pledged [StickerPack, MilarkySketch, AdoptAShark] could email me through their postal address and Name, then we can begin the organisation of sending your rewards out.

..again, much thank's to you, we appreciate your helping's a lot

love from, Milarky and BMD

..last day

11:07PM Sun 17/11/13

..thank's and kinda nonthank's to everyone who helped us, we made our goal, we can pay our mum's back and recover a balance with the debt's from the Shark Wall. And it seem's the wall might of actually helped, it made it into a lot of media, and helped push awareness, weather our wall helped significantly or not we wont know, though the desired result was achieved as since then Shark Finning in New Zealand is officially on it's way to being banned.

..the PledgeMe end's in 8 hour's..  

..obviously anymore help would be appreciated, the more paint the more wall's..  yet just as we've began to organise our paint order's- we've also organised the day of the deed.  Blake Dunlop will be traveling, along with a needed support team, up to my mum Lisa Scott 's Hair Salon in New Plymouth later this week to film and document the removal. We'll release this Video when it's done, though for everyone who pledge'd we'll send an email with a password and let you see it a couple day's before it goes public.

[ is a screen shot from the video by Blake] girlfriend's gonna be very happy.

Daily News

09:20AM Fri 15/11/13

..some of the information's a bit off, more credit due to bmd. though cool they put it in.

..gotta add photo credit to Blake Dunlop

..Shark Finning to be Outlawed in New Zealand

07:13PM Mon 11/11/13

The Full Wall

07:13PM Mon 11/11/13

..we finally got a photo of the whole wall. 190Shark's. Chafer's, Wellington skillfuly by Te Papa's photographer, Norm Heke


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..You're part of it

..this will mean you were part of this whole event, and you'll get Milarky 1/500th closer to shaving his beard. ..we'll also be very thankful, cause right now even we couldn't afford to donate ourselves this much

2 left

..Sticker pack,

..this will get us in the lab making a batch of handmade BMD and Milarky stickers that we'll post out to you personally. Make sure to let us know your postal coordinates.

10 left

..Shared Beard

..if we get the help we need, and Milarky's beard gets shaved, we'll post you a genuine, one of a kind, full length [between 25-35cm], piece of his beard.

6 left

..Milarky Sketch original 1/1 Sketch done by Milarky, on 300gsm paper [7" by 10"], inspired by this event. there's only gonna be 22 of these, cause milarky like's keeping thing's limited. ..examples of previous sketch's can be seen on his website, and if you supply you name he'll put it on the back.

8 left

..Adopt a Shark can choose any Shark on the Mural we painted, Chafer's Street in Wellington Central, and as long as we can reach it [ladder and standing on each other's shoulders hight] you can adopt it. This will mean we will add your name on the Shark itself, and you will also receive a handmade Adoption Certificate, identifying and certifying your adoption. So you'll be able to take your mate's down there and say, "yea I adopted that one, see there's my name, and here's my certificate of proof"

4 left

..paint with BMD get to hang out and paint a wall with us. can meet, plan, colour scheme, and execute a wall or garage door in collaboration. If you have a wall you want us to paint or you wanna join in on our next one. We'll even show you our can spinning tricks. ..obviously this is geographically dependant, so we can coordinate when in your area, and a maximum of about 6 metres squared [negotiable] surface space. [If you have something bigger, sky scraper maby- email us]

1 left

..The Deed

..we'll fly you [within New Zealand] to HeadzUpp Salon in New Plymouth and you can cut Milarky's beard off.