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Project 2013-09-13 07:15:16 UTC
An urban battle of creativity, community and action-packed environmentalism. 7 teams, out on the streets, with three hours to each construct a jumbo junk sculpture out of trash waiting for the council's inorganic collection service.

This is the second year we have thrown ourselves into the Sculpture Clash. Last year's event, although small, was very fun and successful, and we realised there was potential to create an even better Clash this year.

We are a team of two - working hard to pull it all together by the 13th of October. However the sponsorship we were hoping for to achieve our budget goal hasn't surfaced and we need $380 to do the project justice.

The Sculpture Clash - for the winning team, a beautiful trophy (and some other goodies as well); to all the competitors, a very fun, creative afternoon out; to the wider community, a celebration of the benefits of recycling and reuse, and of community connection.


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    01:10PM Fri 04/10/13 on The Street Trash Sculpture Clash

    To save ourselves from being completely swept away in a whirlwind of profundity lets just jump straight to the down-to-earth scribblings of the Clash's income/expenditure accounts ledger.

    Here's what we will be spending our precious PledgeMe funds on:

    • Kick-ass (recycled paper) poster printing.
    • The Winners Trophy in all its glory.
    • Pre-event and on-the-day phone use (that stuff adds up man).
    • Extra bits of audio/video equipment that we need for the film crew on the day.  (We are pretty convinced that 50% of all the good this event brings will come from the promotion of its ideals via our forthcoming doco).
    • A handful of sundries, including batteries for our sound system, fabric for the team accessories etc. 

    ....add the remainder, carry the one,.......

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