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After gaining honours in Food and Process Engineering i’ve decided its time to dedicate the education and social background i've been blessed with to those who haven't been so lucky.

I was brought up in a family where woman are valued, respected and loved. So the idea of any woman, let alone a young girl being used and broken to satisfy a man’s sexual desire strikes a chord in me. As a male, it further provokes me to action, that men, designed to love and protect the vulnerable, are the driving force behind the victimisation of these beautiful children. On the 17th October 2013 I’m heading over to Thailand to give hope to these kids with Destiny Rescue (DR). This NGO focus on rescuing children that have had their child hood stamped out by the sex industry.

How does Destiny Rescue provide hope to these girls?

Rescues them…

A team of guys go out regularly in problem areas posing as potential customers. Once an underage girl is identified they set about building her trust, getting her away from the perpetrators and introducing her to her new loving DR family.

Connects with them….

 A safe environment is provided for the girls where they can connect with each other, receive counsel and be loved by the volunteer staff, often for the first time.

Teaches Them…

Post rescue care includes learning English and a vocation such as hair dressing, café work, tailoring or jewellery making. These skills are used to build confidence so the girls can be reintegrated back into the work force and build a life for themselves, even start their own families!

Prevent Future Cases…

The rescue of a single child from a lifetime of sexual slavery is an amazing thing. However, this child will be replaced with another innocent soul as long as there is supply and demand. DR does a range of prevention work in local communities to cut off the supply as well as convicting perpetrators as to discourage future demand.

My Project

Aside from helping out with the above as much as i can, I will be reviving a coffee plantation and developing maintenance procedures to ensure a good future return on this investment. This coffee will eventually serve as a revenue channel to fund Destiny Rescue operations. More specifically, feeding an educating those who have been rescued as well as funding the rescue of those who are still waiting. The great thing about this project is that packaged beans also serve as a marketing and awareness tool for sex trafficed children. So if you believe in what i'm trying to do here please help me get over there and help change some lives.

I have set up a blog to  document and involve the community back home in the whole experience. I will be updating from the 20th October 2013

God bless,

Oliver Mason


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