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Who I am

I’m Jem Yoshioka. I’m an illustrator living in Wellington. I love to write stories. Sometimes they’re comics, sometimes they’re other things. Nice to meet you!

About Sunshine

When I first had the idea for Sunshine I’d just abandoned a comic story I had been working on for five years. It had been a long-winded fantasy world epic, so I wanted to write something very different. This would be a short story set in Wellington, using the surrounding landscape I knew really well, and over in a few pages. I wrote the script for Sunshine in about 30 minutes. The pictures took a bit longer. I worked on it between my full time job and other freelance illustration commitments, occasionally re-drawing an entire page when I felt it wasn’t working. After six months of that I decided it was time to stop and share it. You can read it online here.

Why a book? It’s free online!

Yes, and I love online, and I love sharing online! But books are also really super awesome. You can’t hold online in your hand in quite the same way. I can’t sign your copy of online for you. Both experiences are valuable and I love that I can share with you online for free, but I also really want to share a printed book with you.

Why Pledgeme?

I have a really tricky time of knowing how many books to print. I genuinely have no idea how many to make. With Pledgeme I don’t have to guess at all, you guys can tell me! If I hit my goal I will make 100 books (even if less are ordered), but if more than this are pledged for the edition will be bigger. It’s entirely up to you guys.

What’s involved?

Well, most of the work’s already done! You can read the comic online already (You should totally go do that if you haven't yet). If you decide you like my project, all you need to do is pick one of the nifty reward tiers to the right here. I’m making a couple of pieces of campaign artwork while the campaign is running. If you pledge, you’ll get backer updates and you’ll get to see the progress. If you order original sketches or paintings, those will be made once you’ve put through your request, so I’ll be painting and sketching for a while after completion.

Reward tiers explained

Have a careful read of the reward tiers to the right. They should be pretty self explanatory, but if you have any questions about what goes in which tier, please do ask and I'll do my best to answer you as quickly as possible.

I do also wield a great amount of power to control this campaign. Like some kind of enchanted campaign wizard. If there is a particular collection of items you'd like and you don't see it on the list to the right, let me know and I'll see what I can do to create a custom tier for you to pledge to!

Campaign Artwork!

Yep, there will be some artwork EXCLUSIVE TO THIS CAMPAIGN. Once the campaign is over, I won’t be reproducing it for sale again. I’m going to design and develop this artwork during the campaign. Sneak peeks will be available first and foremost through backer updates. So if you want the fresh stuff, pledging is the best way to do it!

(This isn't campaign artwork, but the campaign artwork might be kindof like this. Only more awesome. You'll have to wait and see!)

Risks and Challenges

I have printed a small comic book before, so I have a relatively good idea of what will be involved with Sunshine. All the artwork is prepared at the correct resolution already, just waiting for a few changes and additions to make - like adding the name of every backer to a special PledgeMe page.

Have I missed anything?

If you have any feedback or questions or comments, please send me an email to [email protected] or comment below and I'll get back to you!


The People Behind Sunshine comic - first edition

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    You need to pledge to see this update.

    You need to pledge to see this update.

    You need to pledge to see this update.

    You need to pledge to see this update.

    You need to pledge to see this update.

    You need to pledge to see this update.

    You need to pledge to see this update.

    We’re almost done, guys! So close!

    10:24AM Tue 02/07/13 on Sunshine comic - first edition

    Pledgeme’s switched my timer over from days remaining to hours remaining. It’s getting real. Real scary.

    I want to thank you all for being so awesome and for showing your support for me and my little comic over the last month. It means so much to have so many of you sign up for a copy of my little story. Thanks thanks thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve made my book dreams come true!

    I know I’m well over-funded and I’m really happy I’ll be able to deliver a book to you in the coming months. Still, if you can, please please please share the project. Even if you’ve already shared it, share it again. I’m using Pledgeme as a pre-order system and it’ll be the best way to get a hold of a copy for a long while. Once the camoaign is over the comic won’t be for sale until all the backer rewards are delivered and everything here is sorted out, and that might take me a wee while.

    A reminder to all international folks that there’s no charge for international shipping! I don’t care where you live, I will send you your reward at no extra cost!


    I’ve applied for and received Sunshine’s ISBN number! Yep, it's really going to be a real thing. I have to keep telling myself that.

    Also, I have this bowl full of yellow jetplanes. I was planning on doing something to promote the campaign, but I’ve run out of time. Anyone have any ideas? I guess I could/should have a wrap party to celebrate the end of the Pledgeme? and I could serve them there? Would you guys want to come to a party? I promise to serve things other than yellow jetplanes...

    Thanks everyone! You’re all the best and I love you!

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    Print/Postcard Preview, and new Stretch goals

    09:16AM Fri 21/06/13 on Sunshine comic - first edition

    Hey folks!

    Thanks so much for all your generous support! Together you’ve pledged over $1500 towards Sunshine! That’s crazy talk! As of writing this 40/100(ish) Sunshine books have been pre-ordered. I'm so happy!

    Since we’re now over $1500, that means we’ve smashed through three of the stretch goals I mentioned last time. Everyone gets stickers! Everyone gets a bookmark! (This is for all physical rewards $10 and up, the ones I’m sending more than a postcard to) Everyone gets to celebrate!

    We’re pretty close to getting to $1750, which is the level where I’ll up the paper stock! For those who don’t know much about paper and printing, this means it’ll be thicker and the colour will sit nicer, so the whole project will look and feel fancier. I’d really like to hit this one.

    Stretch goals

    I know I said at $2000 I’d make up some new goals, but I think I’ll share them now. Because you're awesome.

    At $2200

    A second sticker set. They will have complimentary designs, but be very clearly two sets. Yay, stickers!

    At $2500

    Everyone I’m sending stuff to will get a random piece of Jem art from my archives. There’s a treasure trove of old work here. Old prints, old originals, paintings and things. I’ll be randomly putting things in with every order. I’ve got postcards, watercolour paintings, sketches, and a few oil paintings. When we get closer to this goal I’ll begin assembling stuff to take a photo and show you the joy that awaits.

    At $2700

    A FIFTH print in the print/postcard series. The more the merrier! Plus this series is becoming really fun to do.

    At $3000 

    I will write an epilogue to Sunshine. That’s right! there will be a bonus mini Sunshine story. And it’ll be just for you guys. Exclusive to backers of this project. It will be digital only and will not be included in the final printed book. I will leave it offline for a year, so no one else will see it, only you backers! This one goes out to every person who pledges, no matter the amount. You guys deserve something really special. <3

    Woo, some awesome stuff here guys! I’d love to be able to unlock these things. If you do too, make sure you let everyone know about Sunshine. Post it on your facebook or twitter or blog, tell your friends and families and co-workers. Tell the people on your bus. Tell strangers on the street. It makes a huge huge huge HUGE difference, and I really super appreciate everything you guys have been doing and continue to do for the project. Thanks heaps everyone!

    Print/Postcard Preview

    And now, a sneak peek at the print/postcard series I’ve been developing. It’s been really fun drawing Sunshine again, like hanging out with an old friend who you haven’t seen for ages but it feels like you’ve never been apart.

    I wanted to show several postcard-y locations around Wellington, and I wanted to use mostly the sun/summery themes, but also hint at the darker wintery times too. I did a bit of research into Wellington postcards, looks like some of the spots they choose to put on cards are still the same! Check out this set I collected on DigitalNZ of old Wellington Postcards.

    These are obviously still roughs, they might change a lot from these. I'm still undecided if I want to go with the same colour scheme as the book or a new one. If you have any feedback on them, let me know!

    Thanks everyone! Keep sharing the project! Thanks for your support and general beautifulness. You’re all the best and I heart you all so much.


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    We're over $1000! Stickers for everyone!

    04:35AM Sat 08/06/13 on Sunshine comic - first edition

    Hooray! Sunshine's reached over $1000! Thanks everyone for your support! You've unlocked stickers! Everyone gets stickers! Now I get to design some stickers!

    If you can, please keep sharing the campaign with other people, it's really making a huge difference to get the project out there.

    Campaign rewards

    In the last update I mentioned stretch goals that will add swag to all the reward tiers. This is awesome for you guys, because you get a shinier prize. However, I want to do something that'll mean more cool stuff for everyone, even those who can’t pledge. I'm going to have little extra celebrations at other milestones. So, to clarify, there are now TWO kinds of extra rewards. Pledge rewards and campaign rewards. The pledge rewards will stay the same as announced in the last update, and the campaign rewards will happen in between them as surprises.

    $900 has been smashed past, but I still want to do a little something to celebrate. So I'm taking sketch requests! Either tweet, facebook, or email me your drawing request and I'll sketch it up for you. I'm happy to draw favourite characters, cats, or portraits. And a bunch of other things too. If there's something you'd like sketched, please let me know! I’ll be taking nine requests between now and the end of the campaign, and anyone can ask for one.

    Progress update

    I’m beginning to collect together everything needed for printing ahead of time so it’ll be ready as soon as possible after closing date. That’s including rummaging through my hard copies to find what I need to re-scan for the behind-the-scenes PDF, and gathering together what other info I can to write up some notes. I’m also going to get a proper ISBN number for the book, so that’s a thing I have to apply for. Exciting!

    I’ve started thumbnailing up some ideas for the postcards, so there should be some sneak peek stuff included in those for the next update.

    It’s been fun working with these characters again, they’re such sweethearts.

    Thanks everyone! Thanks for the love! You guys are the best.

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    05:02AM Wed 05/06/13 on Sunshine comic - first edition

    Oh my GLOB. I’m completely floored. You GUYS! You’re AMAZING.

    My goal of $600 has been completely and utterly smashed by you lot in UNDER A DAY. AMAZING. YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. <3

    Thanks so much! I’m so happy that my little story’s gotten so much support, and I’m really looking forward to making this book into a real book. Which is something I have to do now, because we’ve hit the goal!

    It’d be easy to stop here, dust off my hands and ride out the campaign without doing anything else, but what fun is that? NOT MUCH, I SAY.

    So! There will be stretch goals! That means if we hit certain targets I’ll start adding more cool stuff to the swag. Yep, that’s on top of the swag you’re ALREADY getting.

    IF WE HIT $1000...

    EVERYONE who has ordered a physical reward (That’s something I post to you) will receive STICKERS. Not sure exactly what the design(s) will be yet, but they will be awesome. If you ordered a digital only download, you’ll get the bookmark file so you can PRINT YOUR OWN BOOKMARK.

    IF WE HIT $1250...

    EVERYONE who has ordered a physical reward (That’s something I post to you) will receive a BOOKMARK. If you ordered a digital only download, you’ll get the bookmark file so you can PRINT YOUR OWN BOOKMARK.

    IF WE HIT $1500...

    I’m going to design a FOURTH Print/Postcard for the sets. So, if you’re getting a set of 3, it’s now a set of 4! If you’re getting just one postcard or print, there’s now FOUR options! Coolness!

    IF WE HIT $1750

    NICER STOCK! Yep, that’s right! Sunshine gets an UPGRADE. Higher grade paper stock for the inside and outside for improved *Quality*

    IF WE HIT $2000

    Well, I’ll probably curl up into a ball and giggle helplessly for a while, but after that everyone will get an EXCLUSIVE PDF filled with TOP SECRET INFO about my NEXT COMIC PROJECT. OMG.

    IF WE GO PAST $2000

    ...I will have to think up some more goals at this point. They will be EVEN COOLER than this bunch if we get there.

    That’s the stretch goals, but I do have some other plans over the next month. I’ve got my campaign artwork (and possibly stickers and bookmarks to design, goodness!), and I’m thinking I’ll be drawing a fresh cover. I’m thinking of setting up a livestream so you guys can watch me while I draw, is that something you’d want? Let me know!

    Wow! yay! Can I keep saying yay? I’m gonna keep saying yay.

    Stay tuned for updates because I’ll be posting more cool stuff. yep.

    Thanks so much everyone! You’re all the best! (But especially my Mum, you guys all understand)

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