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Birdsong is an exciting new short film that’s currently being made in Wellington by talented young director Ben Childs, and is set to be processed at Park Road Post.

Ben has invited me, Ewan Clark, to compose the music, and we feel that a score featuring a live professional orchestra will really bring this story to life. But orchestral music is rarely within the budget of small productions in NZ, so I'm using Pledgeme to raise $3000 towards recording an orchestra of 10-15 players. The money will go towards studio costs and player fees. By pledging, you’ll be providing paid work for local musicians and making it possible for Birdsong to have that extra warmth, humanity and power that only a professional orchestra can bring.

About me

I’ve recently returned from the Royal College of Music in London, coming home with an MMus in Composition for Screen. While in the UK I composed and recorded scores for a number of films (shorts, documentaries and a feature), which has lead to my work going to film festivals around the world, including Festival de Cannes. I also provided music for a BBC documentary and orchestrations for an event at Buckingham Palace. Soon after coming back to Wellington, I recorded a score at Park Road Post with 15 members of Orchestra Wellington, for an Indian documentary.

About Birdsong

With Birdsong I’m looking forward to devoting my efforts to a truly kiwi project once again! Birdsong is a quirky coming-of-age film set in a stylized 1991 New Zealand. It follows twelve-year-old Kevin’s changing perception of his eccentric, bird-mask wearing father. It is one of the last movies in New Zealand to be processed at Park Road Post before they close their film lab as the industry moves entirely to the cheaper digital workflow. 


Birdsong & the big picture

I have an ambition to record a score with the full New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in a few years time, but in the meantime, Birdsong and other small to medium sized projects will be an essential way of building towards that goal. I’m passionate about contributing to the growth of the orchestral film music scene here in Wellington and would greatly appreciate your support.

For an audiovisual glimpse into this exciting project, watch this great little video we’ve made:

My website:


The People Behind Film Score for 'Birdsong'

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Birdsong Wins at American Festival

12:01AM Fri 15/11/13

Dear supporters,

Birdsong, the short film which you generously supported, has now screened at two international film festivals and won "Best Foreign Film" at Indie Fest USA International Film Festival in Los Angeles. Your financial support helped to make the film such a success, specifically in terms of its music, so thank you again- your money has gone to excellent use!

This will likely be the last update you'll get from me through Pledgeme, but do choose from the following ways to stay in touch with my musical activities:

Twitter: @EwanClarkMusic

Facebook page:

Quarterly email newsletter: Sign up at


Finally, here is a longer article about Birdsong's recent success:

Thanks again for your kind support.

Best wishes,


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Target reached!

11:24PM Mon 03/06/13

Dear wonderful, generous pledgers,

Hooray!! With your help we've done it!! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It's fantastic news not only for me but for Birdsong's director, Ben Childs, for the recording studio Marmalade Audio and for the 15 or so orchestral musicians who get a paid gig and increased studio experience.

Now it's time for me to focus on writing the music in time for the recording session on the 18th of June, a process which will begin in earnest later this week, once a rough cut of the film is available. Details of the rewards will follow, with mp3s being sent out by the end of June, and the Q&A Screening probably happening in July. We'll be in touch!

Thanks again, I'm blown away by your support!

With lots of love and gratitude,


78% of target raised!

09:49PM Tue 28/05/13

Thanks to your generosity, the end is now in sight, with $2340 of the $3000 target raised and 8 days till the deadline! Of the recent pledgers, I would like to make particularly honourable mention of our second VIP supporter, Vicki Brown, who has pledged a hugely generous $500. I am blown away by the generousity of all of you in helping 'Birdsong' get its orchestral score.

To join a quarterly email newsletter about my ongoing film music work, please follow this link and type your email address into the form:

For those who missed the Radio NZ National interview from Sunday, it can be heard at:

With warm wishes on this cold day and much gratitude,


Interview with Radio NZ National

03:00AM Sat 25/05/13

I'm delighted to say that I'm now over 40% of the way towards my target of $3000, so thank you all so much! In particular, I'd like to thank the most recent pledgers, which include our first VIP pledger, the hugely generous Angela Roestenburg. Together, you've made a huge difference!

If any of you have a spare 5 minutes tomorrow (Sunday) at 12:43, I'll be talking on Radio NZ National about my work, including a little plug for 'Birdsong', of course. I'll also be talking about my newly confirmed role as orchestrator on the upcoming feature film about Sir Edmund Hillary, Beyond the Edge. Please continue to tell friends about my 'Birdsong' campaign, and thanks so much again for what you've already done! The final sprint to the finish line is about to begin. 12 days left!

With HUGE gratitude,


Radio interview now online

08:07AM Tue 21/05/13

A huge thank you to all my generous supporters, particularly those who have pledged since last time I sent an update. Thanks to you all we've now raised $855 of the $3000! Woo hoo!!

Here is the radio interview I did the other day:

Please have a go at convincing one friend to pledge, that way we may double the funds in a couple of days!

Thanks again and have a great evening.



First draft of Birdsong's music

10:50AM Wed 15/05/13

Here's my first concept sketch for the film score for 'Birdsong', mocked-up artificially on my computer, to be replaced later by (hopefully!) a real and far superior orchestra: Ben Childs the director is confident it's heading in the right direction, but it will evolve into something else (perhaps completely different), once I see the rough cut of the film and try out different kinds of music against the picture to see what works best. I hope you enjoyed this little clip. Thanks again for your generous support of the project!

Radio interview tonight!

02:59AM Mon 13/05/13

Hi all,

Thanks so much to the 14 discerning and gererous souls who have pledged since my last update! And thanks to all of you, we've raised $540 so far! Every pledge is HUGEly appreciated!

If you're in Wellington, why not tune into Access Radio (783AM) tonight at 5:15pm. I'm being interviewed about the campaign to spread the word a little.

Ewan :)

Off to a flying start!

09:23AM Wed 08/05/13

Thanks so much to our first 9 pledgers!! Thanks to you we're off to a great start. We're 5% of the way there in 3% of the time. Huge thanks and warm wishes going out to you!


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Q&A Screening (Draw)

Go in the draw to attend an exclusive Q&A Screening of Birdsong with the director, cinematographer and composer, in Wellington. We have spaces for 120 people, so your odds are really good! Whether or not you are successful in the draw, you'll receive a thank you acknowledging your generosity at

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Mp3 download + Q&A Screening

Receive an mp3 download of the music of Birdsong, as well as an invite to the Q&A Screening. These will be sent by email once the score is finished, by the end of June.

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As above, plus go in the draw to attend the recording session of the score for Birdsong, and gain a fascinating insight into how a film score is made. It's a small draw, so your odds are high!

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As above, plus receive a signed copy of the Birdsong poster at the Q&A Screening, or have it posted to you on request.

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