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About Be Intent Youth

BE Intent Youth is in one of the hottest technology spaces for 2015 based on positive psychology, neuroscience and neuroplasticity research. Our technology aims to change the way that schools around the world support their students with issues like bullying, as well as help youth become mindful, motivated and resilient.


BE Intent Youth is a cloud based technology platform and toolbox that delivers positive education and solutions that inspire and support students to meet their potential, increase their well-being and helps them to get more out of their day, their lives, and their study.


Technology has increased the rate and quality of collaboration for students. They are better able to communicate and share information quickly, which can increase productivity and help them learn how to work well in groups. Using technology to support social issues, in combination with social platforms, there is the potential to create social change at a fundamental level.


Our platform, engineering, core web and phone app design is complete as well as all well-being functionality. Our raise is to finalise the research that is specific to youth. This raise will also mean we can implement our marketing and sales strategy as we go global.  

Part of our marketing plan includes exhibiting at global education tradeshows and building relationships with global education providers. 


Our Share Offer


We are offering a minimum of 30,000 shares (to close the offer) and a maximum of 116,053 shares at $5 each. This represents up to 11.7% of BE Intent Youth Limited.

Shareholders wil be given a secure login to an investor portal of the BE Intent Youth Website. This will give investors access to:

  • A quarterly management report
  • Yearly management accounts reported against budgets
  • Press Releases and other PR activity
  • AGM notices and minutes (AGM online or in Auckland)
  • Any other documents that the board believes to be of interest to shareholders


Sales Forecast

One of the great things abut SaaS business is that after initial build it is a low cost to deliver globally.  We are focussing on a realistic sales plan that we are confident in delivering.  We have developed a perform and strong perform revenue forecast. 

More Information

You can download all the detail on our business and opportunity to invest right here by clicking the link below.  Just ask if you have any questions.



About our Team

Governance and Advistory Support Team


Suzanne Hall MNZM - Founder

Suzanne has an establishd track record in successful business creation. In 1987 she founded natural skincare business, Living Nature.  She built this business to become a sustainable enterprise and in 2005 was made a Member of the New Zeland Order of Merit for her services to business. Suzanne has travelled the world talking to top researchers in the areas of neuroscience, positive psychology and neuroplasticity. She studied the work of over 200 researchers on almost 300,000 people gathering insights. This research is the foundation of the delivery platform for Be Intent Youth Limited.



Sarah Rennie - Managing Director

Sarah has vast experience in senior management across multiple industries and brings strong commercial acumen to the Be Intent Youth Lead Team. She has a passion for social change and for driving success. Sarah will support creating a commercial and sustainable board around her that will drive our business goals.  

Dr Travis Kemp - Advisory Board and Shareholder

Travis is widely recognised worldwide as a leader in the area of positive psychology.  He holds numerous academic appointments.  He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, Harvard University.  He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and in 2008 was made an Honorary Vice President of the International Society of Coaching Psychology. 

Ben Walmsley - Ignition Ltd, Advisory Board and Shareholder

Ben has been a successful technology entrepreneur investing in a wide variety of successful start-ups.  Ignition Limited HK is a personal investment vehicle that makes direct investments in early stage and ready to commercialise digital media, internet and moble telecommunication related businesses.

Our Team - The Engine Room

We have a fantastic team covering IT Software development, writing, design, creative, sales and marketing.  We all have all the key skills required to meet our business goals.



What we've done so far

Be Intent has brought positive psychology research to life. BE Intent has spent six years building and testing our technology platform and app which brings the work of 200 researchers and 275,000 people into an interactive tool. We've spent more than $3.6 million building, testing and using it in an adult and corporate environment. We have created a clone for the BE Intent Youth Platform.

The comprehensive backend which provides the unique psycho-social data has been created and can be applied to schools and to youth. So for the first time we'll know how they are responding and feeling about initiatives.

Relationships are already developed in India, Australia and locally in New Zealand which is a strong position as we go live. We have great collaborators in the youth space who are excited to be part of this journey to create social change and a sustainable business model.





What's next?

We are completing our focus groups and developing targeted and relevant content to appeal to specific age groups.  This work is ever-evolving and will continue into the future. 

Next we will be ready to complete building our sales team and strategy to reach all schools globally. Our start line is in NZ, AU, India and the US. We are underway with developing our sales and marketing strategies to deliver into these markets and we have great partners to support us with this mission. 



Risks and Challenges

There is always a risk with providing a technology product that it is dependent on the global internet. If the internet goes down then possibly not having BE Intent might be the least of our worries...

Some of the other risks and challenges are;

Trying to get global attention quickly. Our strategy is utilising global education trade shows/university studies/current networks and global tech celebrities to bring us into the limelight.

That the budget is already taken up with other competitors. We can mitigate this risk because our unique toolset is measurable and value and diversity gives us a distinct advantage. We already have sufficient schools interested to meet our budget targets.

That we expand too rapidly and don’t build a good customer support network. Our system is designed to be able to handle exponential growth which is an advantage.  However, we will need to carefully manage customer support. We are currently looking at the strategy for this in advance so we will be ready to act as we expand.

That there isn't a demand for the product. As our tool is agile we can develop to ensure we have significant benefit for the youth section.  There is also an expectation that this tool may not fit the needs of all however the market is large. We are aiming at a very small sample of the market and have set business goals based on existing feedback.





    You need to pledge to see this update.

    You need to pledge to see this update.

    Calling all concerned parents, experts and social entrepreneurs

    03:47PM Wed 29/04/15 on Be Intent Youth

    HI everyone and our wonderful pledgers.  Here's an update on where we are at.  So love you to send out to your connections far and wide.

    Today is the last day of our campaign and we would love you to join us and make a difference.  

    Talking to a leading schools principal last night, he explained that they had four students commit suicide and one teacher.  In our Western world it is a crisis.  I felt sad after the call because he said that young men are just not talking about what's happening for them and they kill themselves without often ever giving anyone a chance to help.  It makes us even more determined that our technology will be there 24/7 for youth globally and we will create some strong avenues to help youth end up on a different path.  That there will be alerts when a youth is feeling utterly hopeless, so help can be given.

    This Youth campaign has not only given us the format to raise funds to complete our product build, it has also allowed us to reach our market to create exposure for the unique BE Intent technology.  The Pledge me format has opened up doors to collaborators, government agencies and created awareness with schools, which has been a fantastic secondary outcome.  It means that anyone can become a shareholder for even small amounts and feel great about making a difference, but also a smart investment.  Our current shareholders are industry experts, experienced educators and innovative investors, so you'll be in good company.

    BE Intent Youth is in one of the hottest technology spaces for 2015 based on positive psychology, neuroscience and neuroplasticity research. Our technology aims to change the way that schools around the world support their students with issues like bullying, as well as help youth become mindful, motivated and resilient.




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    Offer Details

    Current Valuation 4,500,000
    Raise Minimum 150,000
    Raise Maximum 580,265
    Share Price 5.00
    Maximum Shares Offered 116,053
    Explanation of valuation:

    This is a high growth globally applicable tech business that is poised for exponential growth. Even at low growth expectations the business could be highly profitable after two years. Revenues are expected in the 10 of millions within the first five years and the value of the business will scale accordingly.

    With existing collateral and the platform that the business is based that has cost nearly $4Million, the business is ready to grow fast.

    Financial Summary

    Prev Year Current Year Est. FY 2019 Est. FY 2020
    Revenue $0 $0 $5,800,000 $11,968,000
    Operating Expenses $ $363,000 $690,000 $1,140,000
    EBITDA $ -$363,000 $5,110,000 $10,828,000
    Net Profit $0 -$363,000 $3,679,200 $7,796,160

    Company Details

    Company Name: Be Intent Youth Limited (registered as BE INTENT YOUTH LIMITED)

    Company Number: 5509105

    Companies Office URL:

    Incorporation Date: 16 Jan 2015

    Company Status: Registered

    Entity Type: Registered

    Constitution Filed: No

    Annual Return Filing Month: November, last filed never


    Registered Office Level 1, Gallery 1, 321 Karangahape Road
    Address for Service Level 1, Gallery 1, 321 Karangahape Road

    Company Documents

    Documents no longer available to download, as this campaign has closed

    Director Details

    Name Role Profile URL Invested?
    Sarah Rennie Managing Director

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    Avatar small

    $86500 in 4 pledges. Congratulations.

    In the interests of full disclosure are the Rennie's that have pledged to this campaign a related party? And if so was their investment a significant portion of the current total?

    I only ask as other (possible) investors may want/need/like to be aware of this.

    Posted on 31-03-2015 by Adrian Edge

    Hi Adrian, Thanks for your question, we have campaigned to all of our friends, families and networks and that yes we’re really happy to have the confidence of our family members. The two Rennie’s are relatives, one spent over 30 years in the education sector and one is a keen investor having worked in the finance sector. We’re hoping that even more family may invest. The funds to bring to market so far have been from Suzanne Hall the founder more than $2.4 million and a variety of industry experts and also a few interested friends and family. Pledgeme is a great platform for being able to bring in warm investors.

    Answered on 01-04-2015 by Sarah Rennie

    Is all the IP owned by Be Intent Ltd or is some held by Be Intent Youth?

    What royalties are payable for the IP and for what period is this locked in for?

    Posted on 01-04-2015 by First Heritage Ltd

    Be Intent Youth owns all of its own IP. The licence fee that is paid for the platform is purely for technology improvements, server management and delivery of services. So more than a licence fee it is a service fee. At this stage we are forecasting our model with a 10% fee included which would continue throughout the life of the business and is scalable so would potentially reduce as more users come on board.

    Answered on 01-04-2015 by Sarah Rennie

    Why is this being treated as a separate company than the Adult/Business version?

    How long has the adult/business version been live and how is it performing in terms of customers and financials.

    Posted on 01-04-2015 by First Heritage Ltd

    We actually have split into four businesses with different aims, different customers and different investors. It was all getting unwieldy. BE Intent Ltd (is the platform) is responsible for creating the technology, maintaining it, managing the servers and delivery.
    We then have BE Intent Business Ltd who has it's own clone of the platform as a base line, and delivers services and tools to corporate customers and adults. This requires a different team, has different markets and some different tools that all belong to the BE Intent Business IP. Some of our original investors don't want to be diluted when we need to raise for Youth. We are also creating a BE Intent Mental Health that is for acute mental health. Again this will be a specialised team and tools created specifically for this market.

    The adult version is performing well and has taken six years of development. We have piloted in NZ, Australia and India. We have paying customers in NZ and Australia, that have included ANZ, Spark, Sydney Trains. We have plenty of room to grow and BE Intent Business has it's own team for global promotion. The common link is the generic platform and delivery. The content, marketing and sales are quite different. Separating BE Intent Youth means that someone can invest who is only interested in the education market and not the business market and get to maximise their investment.

    Answered on 01-04-2015 by Sarah Rennie

    Your response to First Heritages first question is in my view incomplete. You mention a 10% fee, but provide no basis on which it is calcualated. Is it 10% of revenues, of the value of the license or some other number. Given the inherant potential conflicts of interest between Be Intent Youth and Be Intent I would have thought being crystal clear on the relationship would be critical. How will the conflict of interest be managed in the future.

    Posted on 02-04-2015 by Ralph Shale

    Thanks for your question. The Platform had dedicated developers and keeps the technology ahead of game (we've already been through software, web app and smart device evolutions as technology changed). The cost of the development team, management of the servers and delivery is what the fee represents. As we've stated in the IM, this will be scalable depending on revenue. We don't see a conflict between BE Intent Ltd and BE Intent Youth at all, as the shared overheads also help the profit margin of both entities. We see it as a great collaboration. BE Intent Ltd is a major shareholder and investor in BE Intent Youth, so wants it to succeed as more than anyone. A 10% license fee for what is delivered is hugely reasonable, especially in the early perform years when it gets no revenue. The whole business model is about all of the businesses succeeding, keeping the costs down and each venture being profitable. As YOUTH succeeds we may choose to take on our own team of developers to do the same job as the Platform. We don't know until we see how the technology world evolves and changes over the next few years. The reason for having the Platform as a separate business is that it can support the three business entities Business, Youth and Mental Health and there is a real gain from applying the same work to multiple entities, rather than each one doing the same and it costing three times as much. Hope that helps you understand our viewpoint more?

    Answered on 02-04-2015 by Sarah Rennie

    In your financial forecasts in the IM for Perform 2018, you have a total of 29 staff listed being paid $1.2 million or $41k each on average, this includes 21 IT staff earning only $100k between them ($5k each). Is this correct?

    Given that you mention that the IT system is largley developed why would 70% of your staff be in IT.

    finally unless I am wrong, the annual totals in your spreadsheets for staff and other costs appear wrong. $35k a month for management salaries for example does not equat to $350k on an annual basis.

    Also the monthly sub totals appear to have ignored the accounting and insurance costs.

    Posted on 02-04-2015 by Ralph Shale

    Thanks for question and also finding the mistakes in our spreadsheets. Myself and the three people who checked it, missed it, I think because they didn't significantly change any of the figures they weren't noticed. Thanks for your eagle eyes. It is fixed now and updated in IM which will get loaded this afternoon. Apologies for the confusion with the 21 IT staff, we have in our pool of IT support of 21 in the team available, but they work on projects that will have an allocated cost of around $10,000 per month. So from an allocation perspective our IT cost is less than a third of the labour cost in the beginning and much less in the future.

    The structure we have put in place means that should we ever need significant IT development we have a team of people who are across the technology and I think they will be essential to staying on top of the global game. We will be employ design staff, marketing, research, content writing, psychologists and mainly sales staff. These have a variety of salaries that we've averaged out as some will only be part time, we have put in a general figure of $1.2 Million to cover all of these and this is a reasonable guess in terms of over cost rather than averaging out. The majority of IT maintenance and service will be done by the service fee paid the the Platform, but our IT development team will be specifically for cool and innovative ideas that specifically relate to engaging youth.

    Answered on 02-04-2015 by Sarah Rennie

    Hi Sarah, appreciate the quick response. Too many years reading the fine print probably. On the 10% license fee can see what it covers and that this might flex but my question remains 10% of what?

    Posted on 02-04-2015 by Ralph Shale

    Thanks Ralph. When we make this reference for Service fee it is 10% of net sales. Net Sales being gross sales less reseller ‘commission’. Hope that clarifies.

    Answered on 08-04-2015 by Sarah Rennie

    Sarah, I have just had a closer look at your financials and found the licence fee number. given the magnitude of the payment i am surprised this is not more clearly spelt out.

    In the 2018 accounts, your licencse fee is shown as $5.67 million. Your total revenues after reseller payments but before this fee is $28m so this payment is closer to 20% not 10% please explain.

    As this is shown as a deduction from sales, is this payable regardless of the profitability of the business. At $5.67m this equates to over 80% of your forecast costs of operating this business and therefore is very significant.

    Posted on 08-04-2015 by Ralph Shale

    HI Ralph - this is a great question. What we know for certainty is that the Platform has funded the Youth business by around $3.4 million, so needs to realise some of that. However the aim is to have a scalable system that makes sense for both businesses. There may well be a huge amount of work as we keep abreast of technology and the Platform would bear the cost of that. As mentioned in previous posts, BE Intent Youth may choose to set up it's own development team. Even paying the service and license fee there is still a 94% EBIT which is pretty amazing. Also in Year 1, the Platform doesn't receive anything if there are no sales, so we have to make a decision, either we have a system where the plaform gets a cut of the downside and upside, or we pay a full fee regardless of sales, or we set up our own development team. We made a decision for a service fee relating to sales, because this makes the most sense for the stat of the business. The service fee of $5M on a $25M revenue is a quality problem. We have purposefully done the accounts with costs as high and revenue as low, so that we are looking at worst case scenario. I can upload later today some scenarios if the service fee is 5%, which it may well end up being in a scalable model.

    Answered on 09-04-2015 by Sarah Rennie


      Kiran Patel
      2015-04-30 14:52:54 +1200

      Kiran Patel has pledged on 10 campaigns

      “Love it - Look forward to talking through how we can work together to deliver this to the world!
      Congratulations on making it this far! ”

      Mandy McGirr
      2015-04-30 13:30:13 +1200

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      Paul Stewart
      2015-04-29 13:03:40 +1200

      Paul Stewart has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Delighted to be participating in this initiative. Leah and Paul”

      Adrianne Sumner
      2015-04-22 09:59:10 +1200

      Adrianne Sumner has pledged on 1 campaign

      “Fanstastic to see that with assistance a difference can be made in how our young children can cope now, but also as my Grandsons grow.

      Denis Hanley
      2015-04-20 13:24:44 +1200

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      Mark Beaven
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      Piki Knap
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      Grant Costello
      2015-04-01 15:40:02 +1300

      Grant Costello has pledged on 1 campaign

      Ben Rennie
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      John & Rachel Rennie
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      Anna GuentherPledgeMe Staff
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