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About The Module Project


The Module Project is a consumer technology company with a singular focus, to design and manufacture a range of consumer technology products with class leading performance and significantly longer service lives. All Module products will adhere to three core company principles, upgradeability, repairability and recyclability.  

We will strive to revolutionise consumer product design. Module intends to design and manufacture products in numerous categories, from home appliances to motor vehicles.

  • Products with highly modular designs
  • Products with significantly longer service lives
  • Products that will not date in regular, frequent cycles
  • Products that are user upgradeable, user repairable and recyclable

Module products will strive to be the best performing, most visually attractive in their category and price range. 

Module’s products will not clog landfills, they will continue to function for decades. At end of service life or when upgraded parts are fitted, previous parts will be either reclaimed, repurposed or recycled. 

Our first product is a mobile wireless speaker, we call it Decibel. We believe Decibel will be the longest lasting mobile wireless speaker ever created.

Our vision

Our beautiful planet needs protection. Drastic change is needed. Module wants to lead that change. A majority of current consumer technology products are designed with intentionally short lifespans. This practice is causing irreparable damage. These products are designed to be rapidly replaced. They are difficult to repair and impossible to upgrade. They are seldom recycled correctly at end of service. These products contain many rare-earth minerals. Extraction of these minerals is extremely destructive, as are the energy-intensive manufacturing processes required to turn them into usable products. These products could be designed to last longer.

So why aren’t they?

Because for many companies, selling you a new version of the same product as rapidly as possible is a higher priority than environmental considerations. It’s profit at almost any cost. It’s disgusting and needs to stop.

Enter Module.  

Module's goal is to design the longest lasting technology products yet created. These products will adhere to our three main company principals.  

Upgradeability, repairability and recyclability.  

Upgradeability allows the customer to upgrade components of any Module product themselves. 

Repairability allows the customer or service agent to quickly and easily repair any fault.  

Modular design and meticulous material selection allows far greater recyclability at end of service. We foresee a change in the consumer market. We believe that the market will eventually shift to a more sustainable model. 

We want to lead the world in long-life consumer technology products and use the profits generated to further protect our beautiful planet.    

For more detailed information please download our IM.


Module Products 


Our first product is a mobile wireless speaker, it’s called Decibel. Decibel’s unique modular design allows it to match or exceed competitors in conventional metrics, but far exceed them in overall longevity. Conventional metrics include size, weight, volume and battery life. We include metrics such as longevity, repairability and recyclability when quantifying the overall quality of a product. When taking these metrics into account we believe Decibel will be the benchmark in its category.

Every major part of Decibel is modular and user replaceable. A supplied, standard size Allen key is all that is needed to disassemble and upgrade your Decibel.  

When a customer wants to upgrade a part or replace a component that has reached its end of service, they simply order or pick up the required part and quickly replace it. 

Most people will easily complete the repair or upgrade themselves. If a customer is unable to do so, trained staff will happily do it for them at a retail location. With virtually no waiting, no leaving your device, we will attempt to complete the job immediately.  

Modular design allows us to keep pace with with advancing technology. For example, when superior battery technology becomes available it will become the new standard. An existing user can simply purchase a new battery and significantly improve the performance of their Decibel. This theme extends across every major component of Decibel.  

Modularity presents the very real possibility of a user owning a single Decibel unit for the rest of their lives. 



Following the successful release of Decibel we will begin rolling out products in numerous categories. The first of these will be Liquid. 

Liquid is an extremely advanced electric kettle. Liquid is designed to last the user a lifetime. Every major component of Liquid can be replaced or upgraded by the user. Our goal is for Liquid to be the most efficient rapid-boil electric kettle available. Liquid can be connected to the internet and offers convenient voice-activated interactions. Liquid can be customised, allowing the user to select the colours or materials that perfectly suit their home.

Future products

Module plans to enter multiple market segments. One of those is the smartphone category. It is important that we enter this category. It is not just the size of the market which makes it important. A Module smartphone holds strategic importance, with many future product integrations relying on the platform. We are confident our smartphone concept features significant innovation. We cannot supply details yet as we have yet to secure relevant intellectual property protection. 

Innovation is a creative and ongoing process. A truly successful product launch is years in the making. Beyond those already mentioned, we have numerous long term projects in the concept stage. 

Our innovative design process is our most valuable asset.


The Offer


We’re raising a minimum of $39,996 and a maximum of $399,960 by selling shares in The Module Project Limited. We are issuing from 121,200 up to 1.21 million shares in the company via PledgeMe at a per share price of $0.33. This represents a 1% to 9% stake in the company. 

Shares will be available in blocks of $999.90. Each $999.90 will purchase 3,030 Module shares.

Potential return 

Our goal is to build a successful company that exists long into the future. 

To Module, long-term success is a strong, profitable company driving positive change. This means that unlike many tech start-ups the aim is not to build a large user base then sell to the highest bidder. Module's goal is to design, manufacture and sell highly desirable goods. Our goal is to build a broad customer base on the back of premium quality, innovative products. Our overriding aim is to be successful and profitable. This success would generate a significant, ongoing return to our shareholders. 


Capitalisation Table


Use of Funds 

Reaching the maximum target will allow us to complete development of a functional, demonstration ready prototype of Decibel. This will be used to develop the retail distribution of Decibel. Funds will still be used to drive ongoing fundraising efforts and to finance continued company operations for a significant period. Our initial sales drive will be in New Zealand and Australia followed by other key international markets.


Rights attached to the shares

The Module Project Limited shares are non-voting but will have the following rights:

Non-voting shares do not give the holder the right to vote at meetings of shareholders. In very limited circumstances (to ensure the shareholder’s core rights are protected) each non-voting share gives the holder the right to one vote. This only occurs where there is a proposal or resolution:

  • that will affect the rights attached to the Investor Shares
  • to put the company into liquidation
  • for the disposal of the whole, or a material part, of the property, business and undertaking of The Module Project Limited

Non-voting shares will give the holders:

  • The right to an equal share in dividends and other distributions made by The Module Project Limited (subject to the rights of any other class of share)
  • The right to an equal share in the distribution of surplus assets of The Module Project Limited.

Investor shareholders have no rights to vote on removal or appointment of directors.



About our Team

Ketzal Sterling - Managing Director

Ketzal Sterling is an entrepreneur who started his first business at age fifteen in New York City. Ketzal then founded Firewire Productions and launched the ‘High Octane’ DVD series in 2000. This went on to be the world’s most popular performance car DVD series. He also wrote and directed the feature film ‘You Move You Die’ which was nominated for Best Feature at the 2007 NZ Film Awards. Ketzal launched a motor scooter website which quickly became the most visited English language scooter site in the world. Ketzal’s achievements show his ability to anticipate consumer trends in art and technology. It is his deep passion for technology and ability to anticipate trends that have lead him to found Module.


Vince Lovrich - Director of Operations

Vince is an entrepreneur with a broad business history that started early and includes a successful exit from The Scooter Review Ltd, a company he co-founded and which produced the world’s most popular English language motor scooter review website and an associated motorcycle review property. Vince negotiated the successful sale of The Scooter Review Limited to Vertical Scope in 2011. Vince also produced a multi-award nominated feature film. He managed production and international distribution via a production company he co-founded. Vince’s strengths lie in sales, research, and creating non-linear solutions to problems.


Nick Jones - Head of Design

Nick’s upbringing in rural Taranaki instilled in him a solid foundation in the art of ‘making do’ with what you have, and fixing things within constraints. A desire to be deeply challenged led Nick to commence a BScTech in physics and electronics. Ultimately, Nick ended up seeking challenges a little more human-centred and completed a BDes with Honours at Massey University. Nick has worked in manufacturing, engineering and consulting industries throughout New Zealand, having received both NZ Best Design awards and an IF award during his career. Nick has worked on more than 100 technology and R&D projects in the last 10 years in industries as varying as renewable energy, medical implants and agriculture. All have required the same pragmatic attention to the problem and user, and the ability to apply creative thinking to get exceptional results. Nick’s role as a father has heightened his sense of the need to respond to the future challenges the world is facing and is active in his pursuit of better, more sustainable ways of inhabiting the earth.


What's next?

Long term

Large corporations often struggle to innovate at speed and bold decisions become harder to make. To solve this problem Module will continue to operate in much the same manner as it does today. Agile and entrepreneurial. This allows Module to retain a streamlined team of product developers and experienced contractors specialising in each new product category. This core team will continue to focus on the launch of further Module products.



Module has a broad and considered business strategy. Initially, this includes ongoing funding. Funding will finance continued development, marketing and global sales activity. 

We have several rounds of funding planned. These will bring Decibel to a market-ready position and enable continued development of future products.  



Decibel will launch online and in physical retail locations. 

In many ways our business model is rather traditional. We are designing products we believe in. We will prototype, develop, test extensively and repeat until they meet our exacting standards. These advanced prototypes will be used to generate global distribution.  

We have been approached by one of New Zealand’s leading electronics retail chains. We’ve also had enquiry from overseas distributors. This initial interest has grown organically. We have yet to market to any retail directly. We intend to build on this early interest, using highly resolved prototypes to demonstrate Decibel to distributors.

We believe Decibel is an incredibly compelling product in person. Decibel’s unique modularity will be on display in stores. These displays could be interactive or mechanised units which demonstrate Decibel’s modularity. This will make it very clear to consumers that Decibel is a unique product.

Our social media reach and engagement is significant. We will continue to foster and grow this online presence. Our audience is not just local. We have thousands of fans across the planet. They will be able to buy Decibel direct from, along with other leading online retailers.



We are targeting a Decibel retail launch in Q3/Q4 2018. The launch will include as much media attention as possible. In the past we have received considerable media coverage both locally and internationally. We anticipate a similar response going forward. 

Our focus will include technology and environmental media with a mix of male and female audiences. Our core demographic is males from 18-35. 

Beyond the launch fanfare it is our intention to strive for true excellence in marketing. We are extremely proud of our products’ vastly improved lifespans. Our customers will be very aware of it through our marketing efforts. 

Online strategy is extremely important to Module’s growth. Our social media reach and engagement is significant. Our followers care. They understand what we are trying to achieve, they support us and want to be involved. We will continue to build this audience.


Risks and Challenges



Note from PledgeMe

We have completed a Veda check on the company and their directors, as well as a Google check. There were no adverse findings.


    You need to pledge to see this update.

    Thank you all.

    06:00AM Mon 04/09/17 on The Module Project


    We wanted to send out a very quick thank you to everyone who invested, shared, followed, liked, commented or otherwise engaged with Module during the course of our campaign.

    We are excited about the progress we will make with the funds raised. 

    If you are an investor, the proud new owner of shares in Module, we understand there are levers being pulled, switches being flipped and cranks being turned. When those all come to rest and your contact details arrive in our hands, we will send you a more comprehensive update. We look forward to keeping you up to date with our plans and progress.

    We again thank everyone for their support throughout this process. 

    Whether you invested or not, you can keep up to date with our progress via our website and social media channels.

    Kindest regards

    Ketzal and Vince

    Comment on this update:

    Final day, wow!

    09:44AM Wed 30/08/17 on The Module Project

    Hello there.

    The old adage would appear to hold true. Time does in fact fly.

    It has been an exciting month and our campaign closes tomorrow. Perhaps today, depending when you read this update. 

    The official closing time is Midnight, Thursday the 31st of August.

    Thanks again to those of you who have already invested, you are superstars. 

    If you have yet to get involved, make the most of the limited time which remains. Take a final look at the campaign. We believe there's a lot to be genuinely excited about:

    We sincerely hope you will decide an ownership stake in Module will be beneficial on multiple levels.

    Thank you as always for your continued support.

    Kindest regards

    Ketzal and Vince 


    Comment on this update:

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    You need to pledge to see this update.

    We are live!

    10:59PM Mon 31/07/17 on The Module Project

    Good morning.

    Our campaign is live!

    You can now invest in Module. Own part of a New Zealand startup creating long life, user upgradable technology products, which respects customers and the environment.

    Thanks in advance for your support


    The Module team.

    Comment on this update:

    Offer Details

    Current Valuation 4,012,500
    Raise Minimum 39,996
    Raise Maximum 399,960
    Share Price 0.33
    Maximum Shares Offered 1,212,000
    Explanation of valuation:

    The valuation for any start-up, including Module, takes into account a wide range of factors. Module’s current valuation was generated using a modification of the Berkus method. The resulting valuation is $4 million. This valuation is based initially around current investment. It takes into account the significant progress made on prototyping of our first product, Decibel. It also takes into account the significant size and value of future market opportunity. This includes the Decibel range and the small home appliance market, starting with Liquid. The
    valuation also takes into consideration early interest from the market, including distributors, retailers and end users.

    Financial Summary

    Prev Year Current Year Est. FY 2019 Est. FY 2020
    Revenue $0 $0 $1,750,000 $7,416,000
    Operating Expenses $171,402 $1,122,000 $1,936,000 $4,698,000
    EBITDA -$173,199 -$1,122,000 -$1,119,000 -$1,011,000
    Net Profit -$173,199 -$1,122,000 -$1,119,000 -$1,011,000

    Company Details

    Company Name: The Module Project Limited

    Company Number: 5566125

    Company details are currently being synced with the Companies Office, please wait.

    Company Documents

    Documents no longer available to download, as this campaign has closed

    Director Details

    Name Role Profile URL Invested?
    Ketzal Sterling Managing Director
    Vincent Lovrich Director of Operations

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    Avatar small

    I have a couple of questions:
    1 - What caused you to miss every projections you made in your previous crowdfunding offer - dates for launch and revenue projections were all missed -
    2 - Why were you not able to proceed with the Indiegogo launch that was a core part of your original crowdfunding offer?
    3 - How much of your own money has gone into this?
    4 - You haven't got a finished product, you've missed all projections given, you have no revenue, you've only spent $60k on R&D and yet you've increased your valuation from $2.5m to $4m in 12 can you justify this?
    5 - do you think it's ethical for an early stage company to spend as much on advertising ($61k) as on product development $62k)?
    6 - Who are you paying rent to? Is this your own house?
    Thanks - Mark Priscott

    Posted on 01-08-2017 by Mark Priscott

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks for your questions. I have tried to answer them as succinctly and clearly as possible.

    1 - We projected a rewards crowdfunding launch in Q4 of 2016 (with delivery following that). We quickly realised that Decibel’s design needed to advance considerably before we could launch internationally. Even so, that campaign went live - albeit delayed by a few months - in Q1 of 2017.

    2 - We launched an Indiegogo campaign in early 2017. The campaign was supported with high quality video content along with significant marketing activity and publicity. Unfortunately the conversion rate was considerably lower than anticipated. Projections showed that, although the campaign would have surpassed our minimum target, it would not have allowed us to complete the activity required and fulfill the rewards we offered. We decided the only ethical choice was to re-consider our options. A new plan was formulated. That plan was to follow a more traditional route to market. Potentially slower, one that played to early interest from retailers/distributors. Essentially, generate further funding, continue development, build demonstration ready prototypes and begin sales activity to local and international distributors.

    3 - This is a genuinely difficult figure to extract. The founders have been working on Module for nearly 3 years, supporting the project with both our time and money. There have also been small, irregular blocks of external investment. Things have been paid for as necessary and as we have had money available. We estimate that $15,000-$20,000 has been invested by the founders since the beginning of Module. We are extremely fortunate to have the support of over 100 shareholders who have funded a significant portion of our journey so far. Particularly the last 12 months where we have made considerable progress.

    4 - We met many of the KPI’s set out in our previous funding campaign and kept spending in line with projections. We created a highly resolved physical Decibel prototype. We have an audio testbed giving extremely promising performance results. These, along with marketing content and activities were built to launch a rewards crowdfunding campaign. Ultimately the execution of that campaign was unsuccessful. So, we learned from it, went back to the drawing board and have created a robust, considered, deliberate plan to bring Decibel to market.
    Regarding the updated valuation, we have made significant strides developing Decibel. We have a highly resolved physical prototype of decibel and audio performance is already excellent. There is a growing movement toward sustainable products and brands. We are being approached by local and international distributors despite not yet beginning any marketing activity in this direction. We have a strong and growing public following. We are confident in the updated value of the company.

    5 - We have previously launched two crowd-focused campaigns. Getting our message to our crowd required considerable marketing. Our R&D and Marketing spend was well in line with projections. We achieved what we set out to with those funds, both with development of Decibel and marketing activity. So we believe the spending was ethical.

    6 - No. While we were building toward the Indiegogo campaign and Decibel development was particularly intense we leased a small office near our design and engineering team. We have since let that space go and have no current rental expenses.


    Answered on 01-08-2017 by Module

    I really love the model of sustainability altho I guess my only question would be if those parts are modular so you can always upgrade your product never having to throw away, Do you have a process in place for possible recycling of those older parts? Perhaps a trade in discount of 10% if the original parts are returned when upgrading? Just food for thought..

    Posted on 01-08-2017 by Luke Berryman

    Thanks Luke.

    Our plan is for replacement parts to come with postage paid return packaging so the part being replaced can be easily returned to us, at no charge for recycling. There may be a more efficient way going forward, but that's the current plan. We have been talking through the best way to induce people who maybe wouldn't go out of their way to send back the component that has been replaced, a discount is certainly an option. Thanks for the suggestion. And thanks for the support.

    Answered on 01-08-2017 by Module

    Hi, I love your idea and think it is something I would support. I have some money to Invest and am very much interested in your answer to Mark Priscotts Questions... All very fair questions for investors to ask. All the best..

    Posted on 01-08-2017 by Craig Drought

    Thanks Craig,

    I'm glad to hear you support what we are trying to achieve.

    I agree, Mark's questions are certainly relevant.

    I took a little longer than anticipated answering as I wanted to streamline the answers as much as possible. It is all too easy to respond to complex questions with novel-length answers. Particularly when the subject matter is something you are passionate about and have been living for such a long time.

    I hope the answers cleared everything up for you. If you need any further clarification please don't hesitate to ask. We try hard to be open about what we do. Our ethos is applied to more than the products we are creating.


    Answered on 01-08-2017 by Module

    "Module’s current valuation was generated using a modification of the Berkus method."

    Please explain how you arrive at $4m pre-money when the Berkus Method is based on a maximum pre-revenue valuation of US$2m.

    Posted on 02-08-2017 by Ralph Shale

    Hello Ralph,

    Thanks for your question.

    Certainly. Although there are many methods to generate valuations we felt the Berkus method was the cleanest. However, because our valuation post our previous funding round was already over 2 million we needed to modify the method. Due to our considerable progress we raised the maximum slightly and applied the same calculations, extrapolating a new valuation.


    Answered on 02-08-2017 by Module

    Another question:
    Have the founders worked full time on Module over the last year or have you earned revenue from another source/job?
    The reason I ask is that increasing valuation from $2.5-$4m is surely predicated upon a 24/7 focus on products and business engineering. To create such value could assuredly not be a part time job.

    Posted on 03-08-2017 by Mark Priscott

    Hi Mark,

    Both founders have been fortunate to be able to work full time on Module since the close of the previous campaign. We have taken on some very occasional contract work to help sustain ourselves financially during that time.


    Answered on 04-08-2017 by Module

    Hi there,

    On behalf of a small investment club who love the concept but have a couple of concerns, I have a some of questions also:

    1) How will your average consumer know how to diagnose which part is faulty in order to be able to order and replace it on an item like a wireless speaker (let alone a smartphone)?

    2) Can you explain the thinking around entering the smartphone market a bit further? Obviously thats a hugely competitive market, and one that some large companies with deep, deep pockets have failed to penetrate. What makes you think that you have the right team and experience to undertake a project of such complexity? Its a bit of a leap from speaker to kettle to smartphone!

    3) If the products do take off, how do you have a plan for the ongoing support required for the many thousands of people wanting to upgrade or repair their items? We suspect this will be a larger issue than is mentioned in your brief (given theres just a couple of exploded diagrams and mention of an allen key).

    4) Do wireless speakers really go bust that frequently?



    Posted on 04-08-2017 by Alex Hatwell

    Hi there Alex and the rest of your investment club.

    We are glad you love our concept and will address your concerns in as much detail as possible (excuse the length, it is difficult to achieve detail and brevity). If there is anything that still needs clarification please don't hesitate to fire through more questions, or get in touch directly.

    1) How will your average consumer know how to diagnose which part is faulty in order to be able to order and replace it on an item like a wireless speaker (let alone a smartphone)?

    A) We predict the bulk of component replacements, particularly with Decibel and Liquid will be for the purpose of upgrade rather than repair. That process will be supported with detailed video and other instructional materials. For the purpose of more complex diagnosis, particularly for repair, beyond the video etc mentioned above, live video support via the accompanying smartphone application (or website) will be available to assist the process. Because there are relatively few major components, diagnosing a fault step by step will be a process most customers will be able to achieve. We have further, more advanced ideas around diagnosis and identification of faults etc. However we would prefer not to make our complete road-map public at this stage as it is part of our strategy that does set us apart. Feel free to get in touch directly and I am happy to discuss in a little more detail.

    2) Can you explain the thinking around entering the smartphone market a bit further? Obviously thats a hugely competitive market, and one that some large companies with deep, deep pockets have failed to penetrate. What makes you think that you have the right team and experience to undertake a project of such complexity? Its a bit of a leap from speaker to kettle to smartphone!

    A) Certainly. The smartphone market is massive, and massively competitive. It is very much a future product for us. It will require substantial R&D to institute correctly. However there is space for someone entering the market with a flagship spec phone with environmental credentials, delivered correctly. Fairphone have had success with a flagship priced smartphone with mid-range specifications. We believe a smartphone which follows Module’s ethos and design framework, cutting edge design combined with modularity for the purpose of lifespan and repairability would gain traction with a similar segment of the market and potentially beyond.

    With all of our future products, the team will need to expand, our goal is to bring in top quality talent in the relevant field for whichever product we are developing, be that a phone or an appliance. For that reason we brought Garry Lambert on-board to work with us on Decibel. He is an audio specialist, and he has worked wonders. We will follow that formula to develop future products. I will however, reiterate, a Module smartphone is a product for the future which we would only consider when the design, engineering and market could be firmly validated.

    3) If the products do take off, how do you have a plan for the ongoing support required for the many thousands of people wanting to upgrade or repair their items? We suspect this will be a larger issue than is mentioned in your brief (given theres just a couple of exploded diagrams and mention of an allen key).

    A) Yes, the level of support, spares etc required rises in line with volume of sales, and generally, over time. Upgrades will tend to follow predictable cycles. There will be a learning curve, particularly there is unlikely to be a large demand for replacement or upgrade parts in the first few years. We have planned to hold stock of all components both in a central, or drop shipping hub for online orders. We will also stock retailers with a small parts supply. We have allocated budget for customer support also. This ensures we can service any queries customers have around diagnosing issues or the upgrade process. One advantage of the way our upgrade cycle works is we won’t need to carry “old” versions of parts. If we have a new version of a battery for example, that is the only version. If a customer needs a replacement battery for their Decibel, the latest version ships, it is the same one that is in a Decibel on the shelf. Stock of parts can rotate as required, we can order small or large quantities based on our experience of how many components are required in any particular time-frame. I hope I interpreted your question correctly. If not, please follow up and I will try and clarify.

    4) Do wireless speakers really go bust that frequently?

    A) The better the quality, the less prone to failure. They can, and do still fail though. More importantly we feel, is the lack of upgradability. Mobile wireless speakers run on rechargeable batteries, which degrade after a surprisingly short period of time. For devices in daily use, battery life would be considered significantly degraded after around 500 full charge cycles. We tend to extend that a touch longer to between 3 and 5 years. When a more advanced battery technology replaces lithium ion the overall performance of your existing conventional speaker will be considerably lower than new specification units. Not so with Decibel, you'll simply fit an up to date battery with the latest technology and carry on enjoying Decibel.

    To extend the lifespan of any electronics product the electronics themselves have to be upgradeable. Many components of a high quality speaker, if cared for should last a lifetime, however the electronics that run the equivalent speaker ten years from now will be considerably more advanced than they are today. The lifespan of a conventional wireless speaker is by our measurement simply not good enough. Beyond these technology changes there will surely be new technologies. Wireless speakers of the future will more than likely have their own direct internet connectivity and an always on voice assistant. These types of features can be easily added to Decibel with a single ECM component upgrade. These are some of the reasons upgradability allows the longevity of Module’s products.

    A final point, I wanted to make it very clear that upgrades will not be iterations, they will only be offered when they offer a definitive and measurable increase in performance or functionality. These could be bi-annually or five years apart. It is extremely difficult to predict what advancements will drive an upgrade and when they might be required, but we do not anticipate them being frequent. They will always be at the customer's discretion, not a requirement for a Module product to function.

    Thanks again for your questions, let me know if you need any further clarification.

    Answered on 04-08-2017 by Module

    I don't understand how you guys managed to get my email incorrect? now I'm unable to access the shares!

    Posted on 25-09-2017 by Chris Joe

    Hello Chris,

    I'm not sure where the mistake has occurred. I can see we do have two versions of your email address on has an "o" and one has a "c" I believe the "o" to be the original and correct version?

    I think this is a data entry issue, I apologise profusely and I will get it resolved as soon as possible. However, I don't want to go changing your contact details based on an assumption. If you can confirm the correct version I will get the matter resolved as quickly as possible. I believe you will be able to reply to this message or to keep your details private you can email directly

    [email protected]

    Again, I apologise for the inconvenience this error has caused.

    Yours sincerely

    Answered on 25-09-2017 by Module

    Thanks for the reply, the correct email is with an "o"
    I've also sent an email from my email to you guys to verify the correct version.

    Posted on 25-09-2017 by Chris Joe

    Thanks Chris,
    This should be all sorted now. I have replied to your email. We'll carry on the discussion over there, but I think it is all under control.

    Answered on 25-09-2017 by Module


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      “Only wish I'd had the funds available earlier to take advantage of the earlybird offer :-)
      Kia kaha”

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      Vijay Kumar
      2017-08-27 04:24:22 UTC

      Vijay Kumar has pledged on 2 campaigns

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      Patrick Mullooly
      2017-08-24 02:10:39 UTC

      Patrick Mullooly has pledged on 1 campaign

      Ollie Wads
      2017-08-23 19:34:40 UTC

      Ollie Wads has pledged on 2 campaigns

      George Ricketts
      2017-08-23 03:07:11 UTC

      George Ricketts has pledged on 2 campaigns

      Rembrandt Gicole
      2017-08-22 08:37:59 UTC

      Rembrandt Gicole has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “Module. 999.90. = 3030 shares”

      2017-08-20 10:42:31 UTC

      Todd has pledged on 3 campaigns

      “Great concept, hope to see it fly :-)”

      Al McDougall
      2017-08-14 23:43:43 UTC

      Al McDougall has pledged on 2 campaigns

      Anaru Tepayeyah
      2017-08-14 23:02:26 UTC

      Anaru Tepayeyah has pledged on 2 campaigns

      2017-08-09 08:11:29 UTC

      Kris has pledged on 8 campaigns

      Krishna Smith
      2017-08-07 23:41:01 UTC

      Krishna Smith has pledged on 2 campaigns

      “Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui e hoa mā. ”

      Corey jonez
      2017-08-06 11:22:47 UTC

      Corey jonez has pledged on 3 campaigns

      This project was successful and got its funding on 31/08/2017 at 12:00 PM.

      This campaign has closed, but this company may choose to do more equity raises on PledgeMe in the future. If you're interested in investing in The Module Project, you can sign up to be notified when a new equity campaign from this company is published.

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      These are Non-Voting shares which give shareholders: The right to an equal share in dividends and other distributions made by The Module Project Limited | The right to an equal share in the distribution of surplus assets of The Module Project Limited | They do not give holders rights to: vote at meetings of shareholders | vote on removal or appointment of directors | Full shareholder rights are explained in the IM

      NZ $1,000+

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      Make an investment before midnight this Sunday, August 6th, along with your shares you will receive a limited edition, numbered, polished aluminum Decibel. These will be released in extremely limited numbers and only to our investors.

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      New Zealand law normally requires people who offer financial products to give information to investors before they invest. This requires those offering financial products to have disclosed information that is important for investors to make an informed decision.

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