PledgeMe.Projects helps Kiwis fund projects, through crowdfunding campaigns. Project campaigns enable anyone to turn an idea into reality. It's really easy to post a project campaign, offer rewards and go out to your crowd to ask for support. If your campaign meets its target, the project is funded and pledgers are rewarded. It’s that easy.

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Get inspired

There are a bunch of folk who have done amazing crowdfunding projects. Here are a few of their stories to inspire you to think outside the box / web page.

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Super Power Baby Project

Sam and Rachel went to their crowd to help create a book on kids with superpowers. They wanted to change the conversation from kids having 'disabilities' to having 'different abilities'. The project was very personal to them, and that inspired people to pledge.

Project bull 3f1805fb0b0fccc4a1c887d89ee66aa6e697c45113e9e4fcae8c9c21c8cca872
Back The Bull

Our biggest project to date was a Cantabrian campaign to bring back the Bull. The Christchurch Art Gallery wanted to buy a Michael Parakowhai sculpture. With the help of their crowd (and some generous matched funding) they managed to do it. In 45 days they raised $206k through our platform. Pledgers ranged from school groups through to little old ladies and men sending in cheques.

Project blueskin 66592594c6083eedf7da294cef77a0a8e3e853884377e1d7d1b3fac84c4bea58
Blueskin Energy

This community group wanted to crowdfund to build a wind measurement tower. They went out to the Blueskin Bay locals and asked for help in the form of rewards. They got offered things like blues lessons and home killing chickens, as well as exceeding their goal. These rewards helped them get their tower but they built a fence too!

Project stu 239e7964f20522356f349d31aa9254596e703e6243edb4e108cefd7c62d8a1a7
Stu Buchanan

Stu is our oldest crowdfunder to date. At the sprightly age of 83 years young, this jazz musician funded his first album. He may not have had Facebook, but his crowd of students did. Three generations of past students pledged to help Stu record his first album of his own compositions.

Project sunshine 960044c791d48a7ce78922dbf6168d467f7b92b330971a7cdee2f5fdc502a060

Jem wanted to get her comic printed. With the help of her fans and friends, she managed to fund her project twice over. The magic in this project was how Jem shared the journey, through hand drawn updates, rocking social media, and traditional media as well.

Project breath 17d99d9cdc1bbbda4f3a249ddef63cefb33417520db6270390d44c41de46fbe3
Hold Your Breath

Alix and Jordan from Candlelit Pictures needed to raise $11,000 in three days to green light their short film about running out of time (that they wanted to shoot on a medium that was running out of time, 35mm). They managed to inspire their crowd to pledge through quirky rewards and quirkier updates.

Creating a project campaign

When you're setting up a project you need to have a set $$ goal, a deadline, rewards to offer and a crowd to connect to. For more detailed info on how to run a project campaign, check out this handy guide. Have questions about setting up your page? Check out our FAQ's below or get in touch.

How do I create a project?

You need to log in, and hit the “Create” button at the top of the website. You’ll need to decide there if you’re going to run a rewards based project, or an equity or lend campaign - this will depend on your set up (are you a company?) and the nature of your relationship with pledgers (a one off project, an ongoing ownership stake in your company, or a loan that you'll pay back to your crowd).

The types of information you’ll need to give will vary - but the underlying COOLNESS of what you’re doing and who you are won’t change. You just need to decide which type of campaign is the best fit for you.


Do I really need a video?

We think you do! A good project pitch video is worth its weight in gold. It doesn’t need to be professional, or long - it should just introduce your project and you, and tell your punters why they should pledge to you. Check out our blog on what makes a good video here. Once created, add the youtube or vimeo link to the 'Media' tab of your project - just make sure they aren't password protected!


What is this update thing?

This is where you can post updates during the project for your pledgers and followers to see. This could be about the journey, new rewards, media coverage, hitting a big funding milestone, how you’re feeling, what you ate this morning... Anything really.


What should I do with my profile?

You should tell us about you. Add your website, location, a blurb about you, and a headline. Come on, you know you want to!


Can I edit my campaign after it's gone live?

You totally can, you can update your description, add photos, and add new rewards as you go. What you can’t change is any reward that has been pledged on, your deadline, and your goal.


What happens if I raise more than my goal?

Wahoo! Go you. You can keep on going until infinity with rewards based projects, and until you hit your cap with equity and lending campaigns. You keep everything you raise, minus PledgeMe's 6.5% success fee.


What happens if I don't reach my goal?

Unfortunately, nothing. PledgeMe is an all or nothing funder, which means you have to reach your target for the project to be successful and us to process your pledges. We do this so you aren't caught out of pocket trying to deliver a project without enough budget, so we suggest setting your budget as the minimum you need to cover the cost of delivering your project, rewards, and fees.  


How do I get a mention on your social media, oh PledgeMe gurus?

Give us something share-able, and we’re happy to show it to our social media crowd. Think: pictures of people (eg. your team) and quotes. Our trending campaigns are automatically generated by campaigns that get a lot of pledges in a short time, so you'll need to get your crowd pledging is you want to trend. 


Do I have to issue receipts?

Since pledgers ultimately give to a campaign owner, not PledgeMe, you are responsible for sending receipts to your pledgers if they request one. This also allows charities to issue tax-deductible receipts. 


What are PledgeMe's fees?

PledgeMe takes a flat 6.5% of the total raised on a successful project campaign. We recommend setting your target as the minimum you need to make the project happen, deliver your rewards (e.g. print tshirts, pay for postage, etc), and cover our fees. If you want to raise more than your target, talk about stretch goals in your project description and in updates to encourage your crowd to help you smash that target. 


Is GST included? Do I have to pay it?

What you raise is what you get, minus our 6.5% success fee - we don't add anything to pledges. PledgeMe isn't able to give accounting advice to campaigns - we have a lot of different types of people, companies, and organisations running campaigns. Tax implications can depend on the nature of your structure as well as your rewards, so it's best to chat to your accountant or finance officer to make sure you're covering all your bases. 

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Pledging on a project campaign

When you pledge on a project, you are supporting them to get to their goal. Have questions? Read more here.

How to pledge

We're here to make it simple to pledge to projects you love.

  1. Sign up (or sign in) by clicking on the "Join Now" button. Use Facebook Connect or create a PledgeMe account.
  2. Find the the project you want to support, enter how much you want to pledge in the $ field or select a reward you want. The reward you're eligible for costs the same or less than the amount you're wanting to pledge.
  3. Click "Review and Confirm" to make sure your pledge looks right. Then, enter your credit card details and add your address. Your card details will be turned into a token by our secure transaction provider, and we'll charge that token if the project meets its goal by the deadline. Your address and rewards details will only be passed on to the creator if the project is successful.
  4. Once you've confirmed your pledge, you will receive an email and you'll be able to see the pledge details in your profile.

Keep in mind that when you pledge on a project the amount is not immediately debited from your credit card. Your pledge is only charged if the project is successful and is charged approximately 24-48 hours after the campaign deadline.

How do I pay my pledge?

You can choose to pay by direct bank deposit or credit card. Paying by deposit (to our NZ bank account) is free, while credit cards have a 2.5% + 25c fee that you'll be charged on top of your pledge amount.


Are my credit card details secure?

Yes - our credit card gateway, Flo2Cash, has the highest PCI compliance known to man. In order to be secure we use a SSL certificate throughout the whole site. That ensures that everything you do using PledgeMe is considered safe. We do not keep your credit card details. All of that is kept within our payment gateway system, Flo2Cash, who must fulfil all credit card security requirements. It also means that PledgeMe has got absolutely no access to this information, we rely on Flo2Cash to confirm whether your pledge was approved or not.


When will the pledge be processed?

If you've chosen to pay by direct bank transfer, when the campaign closes (and is successful) we'll email you with the bank details. If you've gone for credit card then your card will be charged on the first working day after the campaign closes successfully.


Help! My pledge isn't working, what do I do?

There are a few reasons why your pledge might not work, but the main culprit is that your details aren't entered correctly - make sure all the fields are filled out, and triple check your credit card number (no extra numbers, no dashes / spaces?). If you’re having an issue just shout out by emailing us. We'll get your pledge through.


When will I get my rewards?

The project creator will be in touch after the project has met its deadline and was successfully funded. They will organise the delivery of your rewards with you then. If you want to check in with them on reward delivery - leave a comment on their page, or contact them direct.


Can I pledge if I am outside of New Zealand?

Yes, as long as you have a valid Visa or Mastercard. If you’re pledging on an investment campaign, read more on the Equity Campaign page.


What does it mean when I 'follow' a project?

This means you will receive any updates that the project creator sends out about the project.


Can I change my pledge?

If you’ve pledged with a credit card, you can change your pledge up until a project closes.


How do I get a receipt for my pledge?

Receipts are issued by campaigns upon request, not by PledgeMe, since they have different financial structures and needs. If you need a receipt for your pledge, please contact the campaign owner directly. 

Pledge support 08dbd9ea77677352318dbdb5f588653fcc8b49b62ebe8432caef851c5136b457

What does it cost?

Project campaign creators will be charged 6.5% of the total captured, if their campaign meets its goal by the deadline. Pledgers have two ways to pay:

  • By Direct Deposit into our bank account if the campaign is successful, or;
  • By Credit Card (if chosen, pledgers will be charged a 2.5% fee and a $0.25c transaction fee)

A credit card is needed to secure direct deposit pledges, but that will only be used if payment isn’t made within 10 working days of the campaign closing (and three email reminders are sent).


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